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     Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Rhian & Conner)

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    Conner Bailey
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Rhian & Conner)    Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:32 pm

    'I am screwed' was the first thought that Conner had as Professor Holmes began to explain what they would be doing right now. And the requirements. Holy shit he was definitely screwed. He knew that despite how much crap that Ben gave him about his potions skills...well he was absolutely right. He was not meant to be doing this stuff, especially without Ben. He let him boss him around only because he had nothing to really contribute.

    'But you have a shot at something good' his brain corrected him, and put the image of him working with Rhian as an option. This would work, and if things went wrong...well it wouldn't be too terrible. Smiling her turned over to his friend that looked put out.

    "Hey, do me a favor okay? You see that girl with short brown hair? That's our neighbor, and I need you to do something for me." he wished his voice didn't sound like he was pleading. "I need you to ask her to be your partner."

    He winced knowing that he sounded stupid already. But he wasn't about to just say everything he was thinking.

    "Look, you need a partner and it can't be me and she'll be smarter than two of me put together. Also don't let anyone get near the girl beside her with the blue eyes." his lip twitched, "She's who I'm gonna ask. And I owe you."

    Tugging him forward he smiled brightly reaching Rhian and ignored the nervousness.

    "Care to be my partner Rhian?" he asked trying to be cool.
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    Rhian Kael

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    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Rhian & Conner)    Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:57 pm

    Rhian let out a small smile at Mycroft's acknowledgement of her answer. She wasn't one to chase the approval of professors, like some, but it was good to know she was on the right track. And a bit of approval, even if it was strictly academic, from her best friend's brother was a step in the right direction. The ex-Gryffindor had always felt like the black sheep in Tess's life. It felt good to prove she was more than just her past, even if the elder Holmes' would never see it that way.

    As they were told what this lesson would entail, her smile faded. She'd not been forced to partner with anyone other than Tess in so long, she couldn't quite remember how to go about it. There had just been no question, since all those years ago, who she would be working with. The two brunette's had worked out a wonderful system of give and take, knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses easily.

    Biting her lip in trepidation, she looked around as other students started pairing off. "Guess we're going to have to actually make aquaintences now." She smirked towards her friend.

    Just when she was about to take stock of those left without partners, she heard a familiar voice. Conner. Turning in his direction, she smiled softly at her co-worker. If she had to work with someone new, he wouldn't be a bad choice, she decided.

    "Definitely. At least I know how to make you suffer if you mess this up," her expression grew sly, but there was a hint of lightheartedness there.

    "I'm only teasing," she added as she grabbed a few things to join him at a new desk. "We'll do great." Setting her things out as usual, a notepad to record anything necessary, her scales and cauldron and so forth, she took another look up at the board. "I can get working on the Trumpet, if you want to work on the beans?"

    Figuring that they would dole out the responsibilities as they went, Rhian slipped on her mask and gloves and went to collect ingredients. When she returned to their desk, she began by plucking the petals. She didn't see the harm in doing this step first, and it meant that she wouldn't have to worry about damaging them as she was extracting the fluid from the stem. When she got to that part, her focus became absolute. Potions wasn't usually her strong suit, but with Tess across the room, she knew she had to be on point.

    A few minutes later, and some of the milky white liquid collected in a small phial, she disguarded the rest of the stem to a corner of the desk, out of the way of their work. She looked over at Conner, checking in on what he was working on.

    "How's it going?"
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    Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Rhian & Conner)

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