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     Healing Potions Lesson 2 Practical (Cassana and Brooke)

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    Brooke Astrid

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    PostSubject: Healing Potions Lesson 2 Practical (Cassana and Brooke)   Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:19 pm

    The moment she heard that it was a group assignment, her head and turned around to look at Cassana, only to find that the witch had done the same. Grinning slyly at her, Brooke tilted her head, asking if they would be working together, although they both already knew the answer. It was only natural that they worked together, especially since Cassie was one of the few people that Brooke could actually work with and not end up damaging them permanently. Thank Merlin her best friend was a Potioneer-in-training.

    She had signed the waiver form without a second thought; there was no way she was about to take such a dangerous potion out from a safe environment. Brooke could only hope that she didn't ruin it while doing it, because, well, it seemed like a tough one to brew. At least with Cassana there, it would be much less likely.

    Removing her notebook in which she had written down the instructions, she moved over to where Cassana was and grinned. "So, let's do this!" she joked. "And try not to blow up the school in the process, eh?"

    Donning the mask and pulling the gloves on tight, she adjusted the mask so it sat comfortably. "This is, without a doubt, far more dangerous than anything I've ever done. How you're still alive I don't know, Cassie!" she said, shrugging since her wide grin couldn't be seen. "Merlin, my mum would flip if she knew I was going to be dealing with such deadly ingredients."

    With a giggle, she motioned to her notebook. "Okay, Miss-Potioneer, what do you suggest the plan is?" Pausing a moment, she winked, and added, "I'll follow your lead, boss!"


    Auror in-training (3rd year) ~ 23 ~ Metamorphmagus
    This masterpiece has been made by the ever-talented Alley! <3
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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 2 Practical (Cassana and Brooke)   Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:48 pm

    When Brooke's head snapped towards hers, Cassie grinned and nodded her head, happy that they were in synch in partners. This was also a good way for them to both to also start tutoring. Truth be told, Cassie wasn't sure how she'd teach Brooke to be a better Potioneer, since she found that brewing was just something that came naturally. Okay sort of naturally. It mostly came naturally, but she screwed up so many times before. Her parents bought her four cauldrons before she got onto her current one that helped her brew the fastest and most efficiently. However once she got into the swing of it she was brewing at an adult's pace. Now she'd reached a level of professionalism with Potions that she was starting to get into the partner of making experimental potions to test their properties. She'd have to talk to the Professor about that.

    "Good point, I don't think that'll get us a good grade," Cassie giggled, grinning widely at Brooke, "nevertheless a passing one either." Cassie pulled on her own protection, after without a pause signing the waiver provided.

    "It'll be fine, Brooke, I've got your back! Besides I've dealt with worse things, like one time to test my durability the head of my house told me the only way to get the ingredient I wanted was to find a way to go the bottom of the lake and get four scoops of sand from the bottom and it wasn't that bad and I'm still alive so," Cassie blabbered carelessly before placing gentle hand on Brooke's shoulder. She paused. "Besides just wait until you are an Auror, you'll be doing deadly things daily and I'll be stuck at the dorms wondering if I'll ever see my roommate again or if Max will get his own place." She put a hand to her head in a woeful way.

    Cassie glanced at the instructions before taking a deep breath and tilting her head to look at Brooke, before realizing they should probably tie their hair up first. She motioned for the witch to do the same thing.

    "First we follow the instructions as carefully as possible," Cassie instructed, "we got the first step out of the way, but the best precaution before we do that would be to cast a sticking charm to our masks to ensure it won't slip." She lifted her wand and murmured it before pulling on the mask after a moment to show it wouldn't leave her face. "We'll unstick it later, but this is best for two klutz like ourselves." She teased.

    "Next is particularly difficult so we'll take it slow, can you cut with precision? I can handle this if not, don't be embarrassed if you can't! I ended up in the hospice the first time I handled Angel's Trumpet." Cassie said, worry filling her voice near the end. She took a few steps away from Brooke to show how to cut the Angel's Trumpet with ease. With a tentative hand, unshaken in anyway, she slid her scalpel vertically from the petals to the stem, releasing the petals from the stem. She then added the petals to the mortar. Quick she lifted the stems that flowed juices and placed it over a Mason jar she had lined up to catch the liquid. She then turned to Brooke and smiled as she put the stem aside. "I'll help when you need it?"
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    Healing Potions Lesson 2 Practical (Cassana and Brooke)

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