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     Healing Potions Practical Lesson 3 (Aria & Ariel)

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    Aria Mallark

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    PostSubject: Healing Potions Practical Lesson 3 (Aria & Ariel)   Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:35 am

    When Aria heard that he would have to pair up with someone, he had a sinking feeling that would be easier said then done, as for most of his classes he found people gave him odd looks. Thankfully through meditation he was able to rise to a higher zen plane where things like that didn't bother him.

    After signing the form, he eyes drifted around the room, he could see many of the students already started pairing up. However Aria noticed a girl who he had spoken to in Alchemy as he approached her he asked if they could be partners, and to the boy's surprise she agreed.

    After he slipped on his gloves and face mask, he looked at the instructions, he had never brewed a potion this difficult before

    "So do you want to start with slicing the Angel's Trumpet or dealing with the cacao beans" Aria asked, he was secretly hoping Ariel would choose the Angel's Trumpet, as for it looked like it required extreme precision and skill, and from what he had gathered she was quite a natural at Potions
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    Ariel Wilde
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Practical Lesson 3 (Aria & Ariel)   Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:17 am

    Ariel was extremely psyched by this potion, and she wasn't disappointed that her partner was Aria either. Because one thing was certain when it came to him: they wouldn't be angry with one another. Now, Ariel did have a temper, she really, really did, but only when people pissed her off, and to piss her off, they had to insult someone she cared about. And she had a feeling Aria wasn't the person who insulted others.

    She followed his lead and took on her gloves and mask. She doublechecked that the mask was placed perfectly, because she would not be excited if she winded up inhaling any of the gases. And she was certainly going to avoid a Troll in potions. Her own subject. No way.

    Ariel grinned at Aria, which probably didn't show other than by her eyes. "I'd like to do the Angel's trumpet," she said, her voice happy. This was so much fun! And such a challenge! She had brewed very advanced potions before, once she'd been caught at Hogwarts brewing liquid luck, and though she'd done everything correctly, she didn't get to finish as she was sent to detention for brewing a potion that could prove lethal if wrongly brewed. But the professor did recognize her hard work.

    She took the Angel's trumpet and picked up her scalpel. She gave a look at Aria. "Here goes nothing," she said, feeling nervous, but a good nervous. She slid the blade vertically from the petals to the stem and, though it wasn't the easiest preparation of an ingredient, she found that she could do this as well. She placed the petals into the mortar and stored the liquid in a cup. To not be confused about anything, she quickly scoped up the leaves and threw them away.

    She turned to Aria again. "How about you do the odd numbers and I do the other ones? Just so we have a strategy on it?" she suggested. And that way, they really got to split the work evenly.

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    Healing Potions Practical Lesson 3 (Aria & Ariel)

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