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     Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Lilliana & Amerix)

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    Amerix Skye
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

    Posts : 180

    PostSubject: Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Lilliana & Amerix)   Tue Feb 03, 2015 1:53 am

    Amerix listened attentively to the information the professor gave on the potion they were going to make. It was fascinating and Amerix couldn't wait to get started. And then he had to say they had to work in a group. Amerix's heart dropped to the ground. It wasn't that she hated working with other people. No, she enjoyed it. It was the fact that she didn't know many people in the class and every single time she had to pair up and had someone on her mind, other people always snatched up them up first, leaving her with someone she wasn't comfortable with.

    After signing the scroll that appeared in front of her, she glanced around the classroom and her eyes landed on Lilliana. Out of all her acquaintances and friends, she felt the most comfortable with that particular girl. Perhaps it was because of her personality and how they were quite alike. In any case, Amerix hoped that no one would take her before she got there. She hurriedly made her way to where Lilliana was and greeted her with a bright smile. To her relief, the girl hadn't partnered up yet and Amerix rejoiced inwardly.

    "Let's get started!" Amerix said, donning her gloves and face mask.
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    Lilliana Noel

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    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Lilliana & Amerix)   Tue Feb 03, 2015 6:21 pm

    As Professor Holmes began to talk about the potion, Lilliana listened intently, taking in each and every word he said. As she did this, her hand worked quickly to copy down the instructions into her work notebook; while she knew it was on the board, she much preferred having it written down as well, so she could refer to it any time she wanted, especially when outside the classroom. After all, it didn't seem like an easy potion, and she definitely wanted to prepare mentally as well as physically to get it done.

    Then there was the looming question of a partner. Oh dear, she thought to herself, not even daring to look up as she heard people already begin to move. Oh Merlin, please let me get someone tolerable, and someone who I can actually work with, her mind begged; her eyes didn't stray from the suddenly meaningless words in her neat handwriting. What was the point of a partnership if she was too scared to have one in the first place? She was already preparing herself for failure, or perhaps to ask Professor if she could just do it alone. Maybe there was a chance he'd understand that she simply couldn't work with others. It was too dangerous, because if she had any visions or any seer thing happened (she honestly didn't know how to describe it) it could severely mess up her potion.

    But then suddenly there was someone beside her, asking her if she'd like a partner and she looked up in surprise. Amerix.. her brain supplied, and before she knew it she was saying yes. Straight down to business, and Lilliana smiled a little, but shook her head. "No, not yet," she said, tone as soft as ever. "We should plan it out, who does what, and all that," she continued, surprised by her boldness in actually insisting on something else. Normally, she would have just gone along, but Lily supposed she knew the other witch well enough to make suggestions without coming across as rude.

    Potion Instuctions:
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    Amerix Skye
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

    Posts : 180

    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Lilliana & Amerix)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:07 am

    Amerix nodded at Lilliana's statement. Yes, planning it out would be best instead of having a chaotic mess on their hands and the risk of the professor's anger and low grades. One had to be really careful with potions because a wrong step would mean disaster and especially now that two people were working together, the risk of confusion was higher. It was what Amerix found so annoying about the subject. Rushing into it wasn't a good idea and most likely wouldn't help them at all.

    She smiled at Lilliana, grateful for her calm demeanor. "Alright. How about you work on the Angel's trumpet and cacao beans while I work on the root and base?" Amerix suggested. That would cover step 1-5. Consulting the instructions, she continued, "You can do step 6 and I'll work on step 7 and 8. I can crush the cacao beans and add it and after that you can stir it? How does that sound?"

    Amerix looked to Lilliana for confirmation. She never was one to be good at planning things out carefully. Oh, she'd think through her actions and words but when it came to things like organising, she was hopeless.
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    PostSubject: Re: Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Lilliana & Amerix)   

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    Healing Potions Lesson 3: Practical (Lilliana & Amerix)

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