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     Crowd (OPEN)

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    Elspeth Armstrong

    Posts : 13

    PostSubject: Crowd (OPEN)   Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:08 am

    Elspeth strolled along the village, appreciating her surroundings. This was the first time she would be spending Christmas at Avalon (...and alone), but she didn't mind one bit. The village was breathtaking. There, at the middle of the square, was the biggest tree she had ever seen. It had several gifts underneath it; for who, she doesn't know.

    Speaking of gifts, she had no one to give anything to this year. At least there won't be a dent in my bank account, she mused as she avoided collision with a stranger who was hand-in-hand with his daughter. Elspeth frowned, realizing that she was probably the only person here who was alone. Everyone here was with someone: a mother, a brother, a friend. As she watched everyone around her having fun with their companions, she realized that she was alone in this crowd.

    Her festive mood slightly dampened by that depressing thought, Elspeth shuffled to one of the stalls and purchased a cauldron cake, trying to blend in.
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    Parker Emery
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

    Posts : 266

    PostSubject: Re: Crowd (OPEN)   Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:01 pm

    Though Parker still had a few hours left on his shift at the tea shop, his boss let him off early on the condition he go and enjoy himself at the winter festival. He originally protested (what’s fun about going to something like that alone?), but eventually gave in. He might as well check it out at least once...

    He tugged his heavy coat on over his work uniform, lazily tossing his grandmother’s knit scarf over his shoulders. The decorations in the shop area of the village were already so beautifully done, but he was caught a bit off guard with how much more grand and over-the-top the festival area was (not to mention how crowded). Weaving his way between families, groups of friends, and couples, Parker felt himself getting more and more overwhelmed. So he made a beeline for the food stands, which were somewhat less full of people than the main area.

    He sighed and ruffled a hand through his somewhat shaggy hair. He looked over his shoulder at the main area, better able to take in the tree in the square; larger, more decorated and more enchanting than even the Hogwart’s main tree.

    Parker's stomach then rumbled loudly. He placed his hand over his stomach, remembering he'd not yet eaten that day. Perhaps he should get a treat while he was here at the food stands? "Hmm, what should I get...?" he wondered aloud
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    Airen Sparrowhawk

    Posts : 51
    Location : U.S.A-Central Time

    PostSubject: Re: Crowd (OPEN)   Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:33 pm

    Airen had taken a break from his studying and had decided to go down to the village of Avalon. He had seen the light of the town from his dorm room and had been meaning to visit the town. After dressing in a pair of jeans, some snow boots, green jacket, a red scarf, and some black gloves, he set a red beanie on his head. Airen made the trek down to the village, not really planning on doing anything, but open to any whim he felt.

    Upon arriving in the town square, he gazed admiringly up at the Christmas tree. The multi-colored lights instilled in him a joyous peace that he always felt this time of year. Drawing closer to it, Airen sat on one side of a lonely wooden bench. Swiveling his head, he took in the sights of people interacting. While he would've liked to have some company, he didn't mind looking around as other people moved about their lives. Remembering a muggle song he liked, Airen began humming the tune to himself and reclined on the side of the bench he had claimed. The words to the song rang in his head,

    "Give me Your eyes for just one second
    Give me your eyes so I can see...
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    PostSubject: Re: Crowd (OPEN)   

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    Crowd (OPEN)

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