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     Grit (James and Allendra)

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    PostSubject: Grit (James and Allendra)   Tue Dec 16, 2014 5:11 am

    Okay, summer had already finished and sunny days were almost gone, but when she had woken up that beautiful morning and seen the sun shining brightly on the sky, she couldn't help but take her stuff and apparate to Avalon Village. Laguna Beach was famous there, and Allendra really liked it, she liked going there to catch come sun and maybe have a bath, and why not, to check out the men that passed nearby.

    As she arrived there, she shoved her towel over the sand and took off her beach dress, staying with her bikini and sat down on the towel as she put some sun cream on. The sun wasn't shining too strongly but she was quite pale and didn't want to get burnt.

    The day was wonderful, and the beach wasn't too full, which made it even better, she wanted to relax and she felt she was going to get her goal there. Suddenly, someone caught her eye. A young male was walking by her very close, and Allendra couldn't help herself and whistled at the man in admire.
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    James Bradley

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    PostSubject: Re: Grit (James and Allendra)   Tue Dec 16, 2014 5:53 am

    Settling into routine wasn't hard for James, and soon enough he had the layout of the castle memorised like the back of his hand, not needing to think which direction to head towards when he walked. One thing he hadn't done yet was explore the places near and around the University, except for his trips into town to buy supplies, so on one morning, when the weather was not acting up, he left for the beach.

    Wearing a singlet, shorts, and slippers, he made his way along the sand, when suddenly he heard a whistle and turned sharply towards the direction. Was it aimed at him? Noticing a woman nearby, and no one else around him, he raised an eyebrow and started over. As he got nearer, a weird sensation filled his mind, as though he was looking at someone familiar.

    "Was that directed at me?" he asked bluntly, no trace of emotion in his voice, only curiosity.
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    PostSubject: Re: Grit (James and Allendra)   Sun Dec 28, 2014 3:25 am

    Allendra looked over at his attire, it was certainly... interesting. Slippers on the beach was a recipe for disaster, all the sad in the fur. She only had one friend that did that. The sharp turn in her direction and bluntness of his voice, rang a bell in her head. It wasn't long before her mind caught up and recognised his face. James Bradley, one of her best friends at Hogwarts. He wasn't an Adeline but he was certainly close to it. He was in her circle of friends and she in his. They got along like a house on fire and had many memories together.

    The well-known smirk came onto her face and she nodded slowly. She knew who he was and she waited for his mind to tick over to remember her. It had been years since she last saw him and he would've seen her at one of her worst states. 7th year at Hogwarts was mainly killing sprees and hook ups. Nowadays, she restricted the usual tendencies and stuck to her guns with studying. Looking him over again, she spoke up. "It was directed at you." She purred, standing up off her beach towel.
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    PostSubject: Re: Grit (James and Allendra)   

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    Grit (James and Allendra)

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