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     James Bradley

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    James Bradley

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    PostSubject: James Bradley   James Bradley EmptyThu Dec 11, 2014 5:50 am


    Full name: James Zach Bradley
    Age: 22
    D.O.B: 2 June
    Birthplace: Scotland
    Current location: Merlin’s Academy.
    Blood status: Half-blood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Auror
    Year in University: First


    James (click here)
    Hair style: Usually messy, as though he forgot to comb (he does).
    Body type: Fit, but not slim.
    Dress sense:  Casual; jeans and t-shirts


    - Being in charge.
    - Meeting new people.
    - Being appreciated.
    - Bullies.
    - Being tardy.
    - His own impatience.
    - He taps his fingers when waiting.
    - Nibbles his bottom lip when really putting thought into something.
    - Tends to be a bit of a show off, enjoying the reaction he gets when he does something particularly impressive.
    - Impatient. As mentioned above, James tends to want results fast, and waiting is not his forte. However, he recognizes this and is working to fix it.
    - Over protective; James can tend to be a bit overprotective of those he loves, like his younger sister, although he is getting better at letting her solve her own problems.
    - Learning; he is a very quick learner, picking up on things very fast.
    - Self-improvement; he works very hard to improve anything in himself that he deems as bad qualities.
    - Caring; underneath his tough exterior, he can be very caring and loving and protective, as he is with his younger sister.
    - Generous; he has a lot of money and doesn’t care who or what he spends it on.
    - Laziness; because he is a quick learner, James tends to be lazy in class, not doing work because he ‘already knows how’.
    - Self-improvement; because he works so hard to make himself better, sometimes he gets overly upset at himself when he can’t seem to ‘correct’ a behaviour he sees as not good, even though sometimes that quality isn’t at all bad.
    - Pride; even if he makes a mistake, he does his best to avoid apologizing, because he simple doesn’t like to.
    - Calculative; while he is generous, he usually does so with incentive behind, such as gaining popularity or so he can get favours. This has improved over the years, but he is still capable of this.

    More Information

    James grew up in a less than ordinary family – his mum and dad had been the result of an arranged marriage, but not between two Pureblood. Rather, it was a Pureblood family looking to end their line and as such, a suitable half-blood was chosen to marry Kimberly. All their male sons were also married out to either Muggles or half-bloods, and as such, the line of Bells was ended rather abruptly. Why they did this is a secret each Bell (ex or not) are taking to their graves, having made it an official pledge to never speak of it to anyone, not even inside their family.

    When he turned 6, his mother gave birth to a girl, and James suddenly became an older brother. He loved it, and took on the role with pride. Despite the age gap, James and Siara bonded like no other, and they are incredibly close. It’s almost as though they are twins, because when one is upset, the other can usually tell right away, even if they are not in the same room – even when he was overseas, he could tell when something was wrong instinctively.

    When he was accepted into Hogwarts, he went slightly reluctantly, not wanting to leave his little sister behind. However, being sorted into Gryffindor, and quickly becoming one of the popular kids in his house, he soon forgot about being homesick. Within a term of school he became not just the most popular boys in his house, but in his entire year. Deciding to spend half his Christmas holidays at home – to see his sister; his parents he didn’t much care for – and half at school, he managed his home life and school life well, maintaining his relationship with his sister and his popularity at school.

    Growing up in such an awkward environment where his dad and mum were nothing more than friends-with-benefits, James received a perverse expectation of relationships, where it didn’t matter if there was actual love between a couple. Due to this, throughout his years at Hogwarts, James has had many girlfriends and dates, dumping them as a new prospect came along, not that they seemed to mind; it was considered a privilege to be chosen as James’ new fling, even if only for a week.

    James, unfortunately, was also a bully. When he was made Prefect – his teachers thought of him as nothing but a good student; he was good at hiding his true nature from adults – he abused the power by assigning younger years to do work for him, or risk losing house points. The mates he spent time with always thought of it as a good laugh, and James soaked up the praises coming from both his peers and those in the higher years that approved of his deeds.

    It wasn’t till he entered his 6th year and his sister entered the first that he realized the implications of bullying. His sister, was sorted into Ravenclaw but quickly promoted up a year, because of her genius mind. She was severely bullied by a few Slytherins, but kept quiet for the longest time, until one day James noticed the bruises on her arm and confronted her; he had been feeling odd but couldn’t figure out the reason as Siara had not told him of her problem. It turned out that a group of 3rd years had been pressuring her into doing their work for them, as they knew how smart she truly was. When he asked her why she didn’t come to him at once, she tearfully admitted that she was afraid because he did the same thing, only without the physical pushing around.

    Shocked beyond belief, James realized the truth of her words at once and from that day onwards, tried his best to change, after, of course, confronting the gang of boys and giving them a scolding and such a hard time they never dared look at Siara since. His friends, noticing his rather abrupt switch in attitude tried to tease him about it or raise questions, but he simply ignored them or sent them such a stare that they dropped the subject. Somehow, despite him changing his stance on bullying, he was still respected by his peers and remained popular until the time of his graduation.

    His request from his parents was simple – half of his inheritance. They agreed, and he spent it traveling the world, carefree and avoiding any responsibilities that come with adulthood. Taking part time jobs wherever he went, he managed to support himself, also placing some of what he had gotten into stocks. It was sometime during his fourth year of travel that he suddenly felt very queasy and apparated home to find his sister very badly ill. She almost died, but recovered after what proved to be a very terrifying night for James.

    This was the tipping point and James realized for the first time that he should not be wasting away his life – he wanted to do something to actually help. Looking around, he settled on being an Auror, as it was the only job in which he was paid to apprehend bullies – the very people he swore he would never be like again, and stop if he ever could.

    One afternoon, after having looked around for Universities, he was relaxing in the garden with his still-recovering sister when a black raven landed by his feet, carrying a sealed letter that strangely reminded him of his Hogwarts acceptance letter. Opening it, he smiled to himself; he had been accepted to a University he hadn’t even known existed.

    Because Siera was still in the danger zone of falling back into a potentially deadly state, he wrote and told the Uni that he would go, but only after his younger sister was completely healed. True to his word, the moment the Healers pronounced his sister 100% healthy, he packed his bags and left for the University, a few days into the semester.


    Father: Jordan Bradley
    Mother: Kimberly Bradley (neé Bell)
    Siblings: Siara Bradley (younger sister)
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend: Many over the years, but single currently.
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Red Oak, 11 and a half inches, Pheonix feather.
    Broomstick: Always the latest.
    Pets: An owl
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Why you chose your major: I want to make a difference. I’ve wasted enough of my life on the other side, picking on the weak, because I was the strong. Now I want to be able to protect the weak from those other strong ones - from people like the one I used to be.


    OOC Alias: Melanie
    Best Way To Contact: PM (any of my charries) or email.

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    Teagan Finn
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    James Bradley

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