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     First Plot Idea

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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: First Plot Idea   Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:59 pm

    When the Order of the Phoenix triumphed over Voldemort and his Death Eaters, the wizarding world thought the fighting was over. Little did they know, another group of purebloods, one stricter and more demanding than they had ever seen, had developed in the shadows. Consisting of members from various countries, they enlisted the aid of vampires and a select group of werewolf clans, the group was called the Knights of Sacre Sang. These purebloods were appalled by how easily the British purebloods bowed down to a halfblood, and sought to eradicate the wizarding world of all of those that were “unpure”. Having waited on the sidelines as the Death Eaters and the Order battled, they watched closely to see who would come out on top. With Voldemort defeated, and the Order weakened, the Knights struck. They were relentless and ruthless, giving no quarter and taking no prisoners. They systematically wiped out the key members of the Order, leaving no one to lead another uprising.

    With the Knights in power, each country’s representatives returned home to rule as they had always envisioned. They burned all evidence of the Order of the Phoenix from the history records, ensuring that no further Order would ever emerge to challenge them. Having achieved the power that they had fought for, the witches and wizards cast the vampires and werewolves aside, having no further use for them. They were once again relegated to the status of second class citizens, and there has been bad blood between the creature world and the wizarding ever since.

    In Britain, the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts both saw radical changes as all those not of pure blood were cast out from wizarding society. Aurors were now tasked with tracking down half bloods and muggleborns and binding their magic, since, to the Knights, they were not worthy of such power. Hogwarts, now only populated by purebloods, was now geared towards more practical education, with focuses on the darker arts. While it appeared that the Knights were getting what exactly what they wanted, they did not foresee the consequences: students were learning more powerful spells, becoming harder to control and keep in line, and untrained witches and wizards, ones who were not found and bound, became hazards to the secrecy of the wizarding world. But, happy with what they had achieved, the Knights carried on as such for two decades.

    Until a young man names Ralph Ashworth, a cunning young Slytherin, saw another way. Growing up in the chaos that was now Hogwarts, and hearing of the political struggles from his family members, he began to question the world that he knew. Upon graduation, he joined the Ministry and quickly rose to a high ranking position. Through this, he introduced the idea that the wizarding world was better off including half bloods and muggleborns. Laws were changed, and slowly, the outlawed magic users returned to the wizarding streets, and young witches and wizards flooded the halls of Hogwarts. But this change was not the answer to half blood and muggleborn dreams. While they were allowed similar abilities as purebloods, they were still limited. Jobs were restricted from them, positions of power, and they were still very much oppressed.

    And so Britain continued, for the next half century. Today Ralph Ashworth has stepped down, only to leave his two sons in charge of the wizarding community he helped shape. Heir to the Ashworth line, Dorian, is Headmaster at Hogwarts; his second son, Henry, the Minister of Magic.

    How long will the British community continue, divided as it is? What future mishaps will occur? What more must this community endure before peace is finally achieved. Join us, take your place, and see.
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    First Plot Idea

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