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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to inactivity, Merlin's Academy is no longer a Harry Potter RP site. It is being used for CASUAL, CLEAN RP of ANY TOPIC among friends. If you wish to join, however, please feel free; we would love to make new friends. Thanks to everyone who made MAE what it was before, and we wish you all lots of love and a great life up ahead. <3

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     Site Plot: The beginning of MAE

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    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Site Plot: The beginning of MAE   Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:06 pm

    Sixteen years after the Second Wizarding War, Britain and the rest of the magical world, are finally at peace again. Hogwarts has been rebuilt, and is thriving more than ever. Blood purity has become a concern of the past, as families have set aside their differences in an effort to look towards the future of the magical world. Creatures have slowly been accepted into the wizarding community, as equals and colleagues, finding homes and jobs amongst their witch and wizard counterpoints. It seems the time of struggle and prejudice has come to an end, and all are happy to move forward as one.

    Out of the ashes of war, the hidden university for the elite, Merlin’s Academy for Excellence, has seen an increase in worthy attendees. Without the danger of recent years looming over their heads, graduates of Hogwarts were earning their place in the invite-only university. They knew first hand of the need for various skill sets: healers, potioneers, aurors, and more. So, it was no surprise that when given the opportunity to study these skills, many chose to attend the Academy. Known only to those who have, themselves, attended, these students have chosen to become a part of wizarding history.

    While many of the recent Hogwarts graduates are making their way to the university, they are still in need of Teachers and Mentors in the very professions they wish to pursue. And what is a wizarding world without those helping to lead, through the Ministry of Magic? There are also strong connections to be had in the creature realms, should you wish to walk on the wild side.

    Join us at Merlin's Academy of Excellence, and come see what this new tale of magic has in store for you!
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    Site Plot: The beginning of MAE

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