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     Plot Ideas!!

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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

    Posts : 186

    PostSubject: Plot Ideas!!   Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:41 pm

    [12:36:02 AM] Brian Sollmann: So, I have two
    [12:36:18 AM] Brian Sollmann: One, is to have something go wrong with the department of mysteries
    [12:36:35 AM] Brian Sollmann: Thinking having prophecies start disappearing
    [12:36:39 AM] Brian Sollmann: One by one
    [12:36:50 AM] Brian Sollmann: But, so far as they can tell
    [12:36:53 AM] Tiffany Doan: oo hmm
    [12:36:57 AM] Brian Sollmann: There isn't a pattern to it
    [12:37:18 AM] Brian Sollmann: So, whoever is planning it. Is hiding his real objectives within a mish mash of random ones
    [12:37:25 AM] Brian Sollmann: To conceal what info he is after
    [12:37:29 AM] Brian Sollmann: Or she
    [12:37:36 AM] Brian Sollmann: My second idea
    [12:37:48 AM] Brian Sollmann: And this could either be completely separate option
    [12:38:06 AM] Tiffany Doan: k
    [12:38:13 AM] Brian Sollmann: Is to have somebody start vying for vampire, werewolf, and other creature rights
    [12:38:42 AM] Brian Sollmann: I'd be willing to make Humphrey a werewolf
    [12:38:55 AM] Brian Sollmann: Or somebody new
    [12:39:00 AM] Brian Sollmann: He doesn't have to be in charge
    [12:39:03 AM] Brian Sollmann: But be a part of it
    [12:39:10 AM] Brian Sollmann: And, if we want the two to be linked
    [12:39:26 AM] Brian Sollmann: Have one of the prophecies that are stolen be about a vampire, or werewolf
    [12:39:33 AM] Brian Sollmann: Could even be one that hasn't been turned yet
    [12:39:48 AM] Tiffany Doan: i'll ask ang. not sure but they sound interesting
    [12:40:00 AM] Brian Sollmann: Okies Smile
    [12:40:11 AM] Brian Sollmann: I'm sure I can think of some more interdepartment stuff
    [12:40:13 AM] Brian Sollmann: If we need to


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    Dorian Ashworth

    Posts : 97

    PostSubject: Re: Plot Ideas!!   Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:22 am

    Those needs to be two separate like instances that happen if they do happen. And how will people know that it is happening? Will we make a bulletin board on the front of the site saying that some prophecies are missing? And how does that affect the students anyways? I don't mind it happening, but how will this affect site wide? That's all I was wondering, so maybe think bigger? Maybe notes are dropped or hints or idk.
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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

    Posts : 186

    PostSubject: Re: Plot Ideas!!   Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:40 pm

    so i didn't tell him a yes or a no with his ideas. i figured all ideas are welcome for now, and that we can pick and choose as we go along. maybe i'll change the title of this thread to "plot ideas" for us to just muse for future stuff. we can discuss this stuff at some point and incorporate anything we wish.

    as far as how it works citewide? we can either send out mass pm's with all the info. or make new posts in the plot areas and do a pm directing them to it? that way its there for new users as well as old? and just be like new chapters in the plot
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    PostSubject: Re: Plot Ideas!!   

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    Plot Ideas!!

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