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     Quiet Contemplation (Open)

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    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Quiet Contemplation (Open)   Tue May 06, 2014 10:55 pm

    Teagan preferred this room to the Trophy Room. There, the glass an gold shown so bright, it was hard to believe that anything good could come from such competition. Not that competition was bad, but she just had to wonder where that healthy spirit ended...and the bad side came through. Here, though, it was more about recognition for deeds. Deeds that weren't lain out to be won, but had been rewarded once done. Much more her style.

    It was later in the evening, dinner was over with, and most of the students were enjoying the bit of free time they had at the beginning of the year, when the class work wasn't as heavy. Teagan was lucky that this was one of the few places that most people steered clear of. Not that she would be unwelcome of company, it was just nice to be in a quiet place after a day of classes and crowds.

    Still in her usual heels for teaching, she moved over to one of the benches placed to view the various plaques, toeing off her shoes. They weren't a choice based on vanity, but one to give her that bit of height. When she wasn't much taller than some of her students, and markedly shorter than others, it was a mechanism to keep them in their place. She was used to them, after a few years of teaching, but they still smarted after a long day.

    Her eyes skimmed over the familiar names, from her many other visits, her mind calming. She started to hum a familiar tone softly, something soothing and simple.
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    Quiet Contemplation (Open)

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