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     Peace and Quiet (Amber)

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    Lynn Sohn
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Peace and Quiet (Amber)   Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:17 am

    Stepping over a small fallen branch, Lynn carefully maneuvered his foot to avoid trampling anything important in the forest.  Better to be safe than sorry, he reasoned, watching out for new plants or young saplings; perhaps they would survive being stepped on, but there was no reason to test that.  He hadn't come very deep into the forest yet, having been seeking whatever peace he could find—yes, he could have gone to library, where silence was ever-present, but it seemed much more interesting to venture into the forest, regardless of what it held.  After all, it would be to compose a letter to his mother, and if anyone questioned what meaning the likely unfamiliar shapes of Hangul held, he felt it would be bothersome to explain it—even if it was as simple as saying "it's the Korean alphabet," why bother when he could avoid it altogether?

    Despite how he grew up and the extremely notable absence of his parents, Lynn's mother had still made an effort to bridge the gap following the move to England, perhaps to make amends for the past, or perhaps because she had recognized his need for something familiar.  A new place, strange people, an unfamiliar language to speak day in and day out—it was hardly a question of him needing her presence, and after everything that had happened with his father, perhaps she had needed Lynn as well.  Thankfully, they were closer now than they had ever been, close enough for her to accept Lynn's decision to attend a magic university and for him to hand-write her a letter.  He hummed faintly to himself, finally deciding on a viable spot; it was by no means a clean fallen tree, but the peace of the forest overcame his desire for a proper place to sit.  Pulling out a spare notebook and pen, he took a moment to think before beginning the letter, his hands easily switching from the English alphabet to that of his home country.

    'Mom, are you doing okay?  Make sure to not overwork yourself and take care to rest.  I've been fine, eating well, studying, and making friends; I know you love receiving letters, and I miss writing in Hangul.  Classes are similar to Hogwarts except with more focused subjects, though I still can't help but work outside of class on my own.  I'll definitely make you proud, I promise.  I've made friends—one is married, she's nice—'

    Lynn paused, unsure of where to take the letter next—he could elaborate on how he met Brooke, or classes, or meeting other people, or even how he hadn't yet met anyone who caught his eye in a new way, the way people were "supposed to."  A hand made its way to rub the side of his neck, and he let out a slow breathe and considered the consequences of allowing himself to follow that train of thought.  He wondered about his indifference to relationships often, yet absolutely nothing had posed itself as even a potential reason, let alone the definite cause.  At this point, he supposed there was no other conclusion than him being broken.  It was a harmful conclusion, but his only other option was to leave it open-ended, and that in itself was unsettling—plus, relationships were a typical part of life, not something easy to ignore; they were everywhere.

    Another sigh, and suddenly he was wondering what his mother would think if he never found anyone special, never married a respectable person whether he loved them or not.  Then I'd be a disappointment; he looked blankly at the paper, huffed slightly, and directed his gaze at the disorderly canopy above.  Perhaps that had been his real reason for coming to the forest: to forget, to remove himself from environment he loved despite how certain aspects of it tended to put him in awkward positions and compromised emotional states.  Regardless of reason, though, he was there, and even if he felt bad, he had a task before him that needed to be finished.
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    Amber Carter
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Peace and Quiet (Amber)   Fri Jul 08, 2016 7:17 am

    So far, classes were going well. Professors were understanding - or, most of them were, in any case - and she received the notes either before class or after. It didn't matter to her as much, as long as she got to study the material, and sometimes she would stay back after class to have a Professor explain things in more detail, just because she was curious.

    Raised to be highly independent, Amber relied only on them providing the notes and explanations; other than that, she spent the rest of her time doing things by herself. After all, the only thing Deaf people weren't capable of was hearing. It was one of the first things she had learnt in the Deaf school she went to, with the rest being how to navigate life without this one thing. It was a reason, but never an excuse.

    Having no siblings only strengthened this independence. Some might have thought that being an only child meant she got everything handed to her and that she never needed to share - and, to a certain degree, this was true - but in her case, it meant she didn't have older siblings to protect her or younger ones to protect, and so she learnt that if she wanted something done, she had to do it herself. (Or, sometimes, beg her parents enough that they do it for her if she wasn't capable.)

    Still, she wished for the company of her people - of those who understood her - and her hands itched to sign. Being silent was great, and she knew she could do it for weeks at a time, but not having anyone around to talk to on the odd occasion that she actually did have something to say was irksome. Nevertheless, the challenge of being in a pure Hearing community was...interesting. Nothing she would've chosen on her own, but there was no backing out now.

    Quite honestly, she didn't yet have friends here. Amber was not an extrovert in any sense of the word, and interaction with people was minimal. Perhaps some had tried to strike up conversation and gave up at her lack of response, but she hadn't noticed anyone trying to speak to her - not that she had high chance of doing so anyway, since she preferred to keep her eyes on the floor whenever she walked.

    The grounds were a saving grace, though; she could get away from the claustrophobia of the people-filled hallways and dorms and get out for some fresh air. And that was exactly where the day found Amber: handbag slung over one shoulder, hair up in a messy bun, she made her way down the path that led into the forest. For once, her head was level as she took in her surroundings. It was truly beautiful, especially since it was fall and the trees were beginning to shed themselves of their clothes, making way for a new wardrobe.

    Changing skin, from old to new. Smiling softly to herself, Amber began composing a poem in her head as she walked, allowing the path to lead her. If, at the end of the walk, she still remembered the words, she would pen them down; if she didn't, it wasn't a poem that was meant to see the light of day just yet.

    ~Hope is the drug that helps us forget the odds are always against us~
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    Peace and Quiet (Amber)

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