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     Meditation (Open)

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    Cerise Devaux

    Posts : 7

    PostSubject: Meditation (Open)   Sun Dec 28, 2014 6:06 pm

    Meditating wasn’t always the easiest thing to do. But, as Cerise figured out, even if it wasn’t easy it was well worth it. She always felt rejuvenated after a meditation session, like she had gotten the sleep that she normally missed out on. The weather was getting colder so she was dressed in dark sweatpants and a grey t-shirt with a warm jacket. Her hair was tied back so it wouldn’t get caught on anything when she went to the spot in the woods that worked well for her meditation purposes.

    The place she was currently meditating at was a little of a trail that led through the Silent Forest. There was a creek not too far away. It was close enough to hear the water, but far enough to not be loud. Cerise always came here when she felt the need to get away from everyone and the distractions of everyday life. It was nice to hear the quiet songs of nature instead of the constant rumble of society.

    Cerise heard a noise and opened her eyes. Looking around, she spotted a squirrel that had just jumped out of a tree. She smiled softly to herself. She always found squirrels to be one of the most adorable animals. They were small but surprisingly sturdy creatures. Cerise watched the squirrel scurry away and then cast a glance around her. She ran a hand through the thick grass beside her and let out another calming breath. She then laced her fingers together and let her hands rest in her lap. Closing her eyes, she returned to her meditation.

    She could feel her shoulders relaxing and the tension in her body slowly fading away. It was a wonderful feeling, one that she wished she could experience more often.
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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 199

    PostSubject: Re: Meditation (Open)   Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:04 am

    Cassana was an adventurer at heart (which she would chalk up to her ridiculous love for the heartwarming and beautiful muggle animated movie Up!). This was a fabulous affinity she had, she decided at a young age, to want to explore and discover new things because it paired in with her love for running. So when she woke up that morning in her dorm room, she decided she was most definitely going on a run. She'd already been at Merlin's for a while, so she decided it was maybe best that she expand her horizons. Looking through maps online she found a perfect forest setting in Britain.

    Glad she was up early she pulled on a pair of leggings that went to her ankles and bring running shorts (you never know what person might find another suspicious, she reasoned), a loose running jacket, and running shoes. She pulled her hair into a taunt ponytail and after deciding it was a good idea to bring along her wand she tucked it into the waistband of her pants and smiled. As she quietly crept out the dorms, she started her morning journey by walking. It was so calm, it was a little piece of home, and then she jogged until she saw a sign that said SILENT FOREST. Taking a deep breath, she stretched a little before beginning a light jog, then she increasing her speed until the world was flying by her in colors and the world was just a slur of green and brown.

    As she reached the creek in a distance she noticed she wasn't alone. Tamping down the fear that it was anyone dangerous when she noticed the person wasn't moving she put her hand to her mouth. Slowing her breathing she tread closely to the blonde woman, but not too close as not to frighten her.

    "Hello," she said from five feet way, hoping it was an appropriate distance. She chanced a smile. "My name is Cassie, do you attend Merlin's Academy by any chance?"
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    Meditation (Open)

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