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     Lilliana Noel

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    Lilliana Noel

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    PostSubject: Lilliana Noel   Lilliana Noel EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 6:09 am


    Full name: Lilliana Sophie Noel
    Nicknames: Depending on who you ask, she has been called: Lily, Liana, Ana, Lill, and a few others which she does not like being repeated.
    Age: 18 (estimated)
    D.O.B: Unknown; found on Feb 29, 1996.
    Birthplace: Spokane, WA
    Current location: Merlin’s Academy
    Blood status: Unknown, but most likely half-blood.
    Note: Adopted by a half-blood couple.
    Occupation: Student; healer-in-training
    Major: Healing
    Year in University: 2nd year (2017)


    Lilliana Noel 76043

    Hair style: Long and straight, unless she decides to curl it for the day.
    Body type: Slim.
    Dress sense:  Fashionable, but comfortable and casual.


    - Reading
    - Writing poems and short stories about life and her thoughts
    - Choices
    - Freedom
    - Music, but not songs with lyrics; mostly classical stuff
    - Sitting still and just doing nothing
    - Studying/learning
    - Nature
    - Being alone

    - Crowds, because a lot of sudden flashes of their lives tend to flash into her mind and it gets overwhelming
    - Her abilities
    - Being told what to do
    - Feeling caged up
    - Hurting people
    - Causing pain to others
    - Talking, but mostly because she is afraid that she will say something that screws up the future
    - The whole deal with seeing into the future
    - People who are rude

    - She tends to look down a lot when she walks, but this is so she avoids looking at people in case her Inner Eye decides to show her something about them
    - Mumbles a lot to herself, especially when she thinks she is alone.
    - Writes down what she wants to say before she actually speaks most of the time
    - Due to the above, she always has at least two notebooks and a few good pens (yes, pens, not quills) in her handbag
    - Likes using Muggle pens more than quills

    - Shy; Lilliana is what one could consider shy, because she hardly ever initiates conversation and if one is started up with her, she takes a long time to respond. However, this is mainly because she is afraid that if she speaks without thinking she may end up saying something that she shouldn’t and mess up the future.
    - She is very afraid of relationships of any kind, including friendships.
    - Impatient; despite her shy nature and tendency not to talk, she has a rather short fuse when it comes to people who complain about trivial matters. She will show it in her own way, mostly by sighing loudly or rolling her eyes, but usually doesn’t say much.
    - Over-tolerant; while tolerance of things (above notwithstanding) may be seen as something good, Lily takes it to another level altogether, in the sense that she will let people walk right over her and not say a thing.

    - Patient with most things; she is the type of person who can wait for years for the right moment before doing something.
    - Learning; once she commits to studying something, by all means will she learn it. She just doesn’t give up until she has learnt what she has set out to learn.
    - Wisdom; for a woman – teenager – of such a young age, Lilliana has the wisdom of someone who has lived a hundred lives. While she does keep quiet most of the time, when she does speak, it is usually to say something with very deep implications.
    - Keeping quiet; while some people never shut up, Lilliana is the opposite, not saying anything unless absolutely necessary.
    - Listening; she is a very good listener, and a non-judgmental one at that.
    - Magic (she just doesn't know it yet).

    - People; not much to say here – Lilliana just does not like having to deal with them.
    - Her abilities (the inner eye); she cannot control what she sees or when she sees it, and it can sometimes terrify her, especially when it is visions or pictures.
    - Conversations of any kind.
    - Her family; she would do anything for her parents, and loves her younger brothers to bits.
    - Her past; Lilliana has always wanted to know who her biological parents were – and although she considers Miranda and Timothy to be her real mother and father, this is something she has always wanted to know, not because she wants to reconnect, but rather just so she can know why.
    - Her friends, but she doesn't really have any. If, however, one is her friend, she is loyal to a fault. She stands up for them at her own personal risk; she won't let anyone walk over her friends. This is ironic, since she doesn't stand up for her own self.

    More Information

    On February 29, 1998, Miranda and Timothy, boyfriend and girlfriend of 5 years – and both magical folk – found a small child on the side of the road. They had been visiting the Muggle world on holiday when Miranda caught sight of the child, who looked to be around 2 years old, but was unable to walk and severely malnourished. She had been sitting cross-legged in the ditch and staring at the passing people following their movements with wide eyes that looked like they hadn’t seen sleep in days. They were what made Miranda stop, for they were the most unique colour  Miranda had ever seen – they were a mixture of what seemed to be blue, green, and grey in a very, very light shade and had a piercing quality, almost as though the girl was looking into one’s very soul.

    Nudging Timothy, Miranda approached the girl, wondering if she was lost or abandoned. To her surprise, the girl didn’t flinch nor look startled, instead looking up at the witch with those wide eyes. At once the couple fell in love with her, deciding to adopt her if they couldn’t find her parents. Taking her in, they looked around for a few days but found nothing, and as such decided to take her back. During those few days, the girl had not uttered a single word to them, although on occasion, they would catch her mumbling to herself; she would stop the moment one of them came into the room.

    Finally, when nobody stepped forward to acknowledge the girl as theirs, Miranda and Timothy made it official and adopted the young girl. It was on this day that the girl, whom they had named Lilliana Sophie Noel, said her first words to them – ‘Will you leave me, too?’ Much reassurance and a lot of tears on the behalf of Miranda later, Lily went to bed in her new house slightly less upset.

    The next few days passed in a blur as the couple tried to get Lily to open up about herself, and taught her to walk and express herself. It was on one of these days that they realized she was not a normal Muggle girl when she began to prophecy over them. Taking her over to the MoM, they quickly realized that she was a Seer, much to the amazement of the Ministry workers on duty, for most of them had never met a person who possessed true qualities of the Inner Eye.

    After that visit, and more promising from the couple that they loved their daughter and would never leave her, Lilliana became more open and much friendlier. Although only 2, some of the things she said astounded her parents, for they contained wisdom that no two year old should possess. The Ministry had offered their services, but Miranda and Timothy declined politely, instead requesting for only a simple house elf to aid Lilliana. Naming the elf ‘Bella’, she soon because a constant companion for Lily, her main duty being to get Lily to a private place should she randomly start a prophecy, and record it down for the Ministry. She also has a personal ‘handler’ that Bella reports to.

    When Lily was 3, Timothy proposed to his girlfriend, and a year later, they got married, with their daughter as flower girl. It was a small and simply ceremony, with only their closest family and friends attending. Not long after, Lily’s prediction came true, and Miranda gave birth to twin boys. The three siblings are very close, and Lily is very vocal when it comes to talking with them.

    Homeschooled until she reached the age of 11, Lilliana was taught by both her parents as well as a MoM representative – and fellow Seer – so she would know how to better control her abilities. Upon receiving a letter of acceptance to Salem, an American based wizarding school, Lilliana packed her things and left, with the most unusual pet for companion – Bella, the house elf. The years passed by rather quietly, for Lily hardly spoke to anyone, rather spending her time in the Wormwood common room, library, and the edge of the lake.

    One thing Lilliana knew was that she did not want to spend the rest of her life cooped up at home or in the Ministry, doing nothing but giving prophecies. Since a young age, she always wanted to do more, to be able to do something that makes a difference, and not rely on her natural abilities to do so, either. As such, she decided on a path that was quite unique to any Seer – she decided to become a Healer. With the blessings of both parents, she began her search for universities during her 6th and 7th year as she aimed for the N.E.W.S. needed. Passing with flying colours, she graduated Salem only to receive a letter of acceptance from a UK based University, one that she had never even heard of. Nevertheless, it looked like an amazing place and Lily happily packed her stuff to leave, Bella her constant companion throughout.



    Adoptive Mother:
    Name: Miranda Noel (neé Smith)
    Age: 38
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type: Half-blood

    Adoptive Father:
    Name: Timothy Noel
    Age: 38
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type: Half-blood

    Siblings: Scott Noel and Stephen Noel, twin brothers (14)
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Silver lime,
    Broomstick: None
    Pets: An owl.
    Etc: A house elf named Bella.
    School that they went to: Salem
    House they were in: Wormwood (a Ravenclaw-like counterpart)
    Why you chose your major: My abilities give me a way to see into the future, and sometimes even the past. I can tell all sorts of things about people when I see them, whether I want to or not. The Ministry doesn’t see me as valuable, but rather my gift. I do not want to live a life where that is the only thing that defines me. I am not just a Seer. I am a human being.

    One thing I cannot do, one limitation of my power is that I cannot see into my own future; I do not possess the ability to prophecy or see any visions about what lies in store for me. I like that. I like not knowing. I like being unsure and uncertain about when I’m going to die, who I’m going to marry, because that means I am in control. I get to decide who I want to be and what I want to do – I have no recorded words hanging above my head directing me, telling me what is going to happen.

    This freedom of choice is the only thing left for me to embrace, and I intend to embrace it fully. What I do, who I become,,, that is entirely up to me, and nobody else. I am sure the Ministry would love for me to just stay with them and record prophecies, but that is not what I choose for myself.

    If there is one thing these abilities have taught me is that the future is mysterious. Even things I’ve said, things I’ve seen, I don’t fully understand them – nobody truly does until the time comes and it is fulfilled. Well, for the first time in my life I want to be certain. I want to be able to say that this is my choice and my decision and it is what I want to do with my life.

    The sick, the wounded, the helpless... These are the people I want to spend the rest of my life helping. I would say it is my calling, but I don’t know. And that is the best part of it all – that I honestly do not know if this is the best part for me. For the first time, I feel free. If I will fail I know not, but I do not need the Inner Eye to know that choices are what make humans human, and this choice is mine alone to make.


    OOC Alias: Melanie
    Best Way To Contact: PM (any of my charries) please.

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    Lilliana Noel

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