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     James Lennox

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    James Lennox
    James Lennox
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    PostSubject: James Lennox   James Lennox EmptyFri Nov 20, 2015 3:23 am


    Full name: Callum James Lennox (he goes by James, though)
    Age: 23
    D.O.B: (Day and month) March 12 1993
    Birthplace: Scotland
    Current location: MAE, Scotland whenever he’s on break
    Blood status: Muggleborn
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Auror
    Year in University: 1st year


    James Lennox Quk5l

    Hair style: Usually quite messy
    Body type: Fit. Very, very fit.
    Dress sense: Depending on his mood, really, but mostly quite sensible and neat. It’s not unknown for him to wear suits and ties “just because”.


    - Sarcastic banter
    - Women
    - Himself
    - Magic
    - Doing the right thing
    - People in general
    - Knowledge
    - Learning new langauges

    - Cowards
    - Idiots
    - People who are selfish
    - Knowing everything; he enjoys the thrill of a mystery
    - Being bored
    - Being confined
    - Routine

    - He has a terrible habit of using the phrase “Bite me” whenever someone outwits him or he has no proper comeback to a statement

    - He doesn’t exactly have very good brain-to-mouth filters, and his words can sometimes get him into a lot of trouble. However, he is usually able to talk himself out of said trouble
    - He has trouble keeping his women around, because he gets bored qute easily, and he likes having things be different and wild often (hence his choice of work)
    - He can be quite the flirt
    - Self-loving and cocky, he can sometimes think too highly of himself and come across as purposely arrogant, when in actual fact he’s just being, well, himself
    - It’s hard for him to not exaggerate his stories; because he enjoys the attention and seeing people react to him and his tales, James has a tendency to stretch the truth.

    - Callum has a rather good ability to be charming; he is smooth with his words (most of the time) and can talk himself out of many a situation
    - Magic in general (with the exception of wandless magic)
    - He was an illegal animagi for quite some time before (finally) registering himself at the age of 22. He takes the form of a coyote
    - Physical combat
    - He’s not shy or afraid to try new things
    - Languages; somehow, he has a talent for learning and picking up languages. He’s not exceptionally fluent in them all, but he knows enough to have at least a decent conversation with a lot of different species and people.

    - Wandless magic; for some reason, he has trouble performing magic if he doesn’t have his wand
    - A good drink
    - Someone in need
    - Opportunities to do good
    - Potions (he’s got no patience for this)
    - Subjects he doesn’t like

    More Information

    Callum had a rather typical life. He was born into a muggle family; his mother was a nurse turned homemaker, and his father owns and runs a small but profitable business. When he was five, it was discovered he had magical properties when his pet fish grew twice its size and began to rapidly change colour. His terrified parents were quickly reassured by the Ministry representative, who arrived within minutes of said incident taking place. They were skeptical at first (as most muggles are) but grew to believe it after some demonstrations.

    This was around the time his mother stopped working to homeschool Callum, who started asking people to call him James; he didn’t like being called his father’s name, wanting to be different. His parents respected that decision, and his father didn’t take any offence. Callum always showed interest in languages, and his mother took the approach of teaching him what he was interested in and only covering other subjects briefly. Callum, therefore, learnt many a language during his childhood, and not so much of science and math.

    When his letter to Hogwarts arrived, he was hesitant at first, not used to crowds and people, but his parents convinced him to accept - they said that it was good for him to meet more of ‘his kind’. So, off to Hogwarts he went, where he discovered his love of being in the spotlight and his natural talent for making friends. He excelled at all the subjects he put his mind to, and failed the ones he didn’t care about.

    Still, he passed and did well enough to go to a University. However, his mentality was that he was still young and had lots of life to live; he didn’t want to immediately go into studies. So, with his parents blessings and a graduation gift of a substantial amount of money from his dad, Callum decided to travel the world. He only used part of the money he got to get himself started, instead choosing to rely more on part-time jobs to get him through a country.

    From England to Australia to Malaysia to Brazil, he went as far as he could and threw himself into the culture, staying for only a few months each time, just long enough to pick up the local language(s). His journeys were both in the muggle world and the magical, and so he not only learnt foreign language, but different species’ languages as well.

    Finally, at the age of 23, his wanderlust was satisfied enough for him to start considering studies once more. Remembering the day a raven delivered him an acceptance letter to some random place he had never heard of before, he decided that it was perfect for him, and set off for a new adventure: an auror course in Merlin’s Academy.


    Father: Callum Lennox
    Mother: Beth Lennox
    Siblings: None
    Spouse: None
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Too many to count; none at the moment
    Children: None

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Apple wood, dragon heartstring, 10 inches
    Broomstick: The latest one
    Pets: An owl, obviously, but also a dog.
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Why you chose your major: Why not?


    OOC Alias: Melanie Smile
    Best Way To Contact: PM please!
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    Codey Ellingston
    Codey Ellingston

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    PostSubject: Re: James Lennox   James Lennox EmptyFri Nov 20, 2015 3:27 am


    James Lennox CODEY_zpsf118e1ff
    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    James Lennox

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