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     Brooke Astrid

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    Brooke Astrid
    Brooke Astrid

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    PostSubject: Brooke Astrid   Brooke Astrid EmptyThu Nov 06, 2014 12:56 am


    Full name: Brooke Evelyn Astrid (nee Walters)
    Age: 23
    D.O.B: (Day and month) 21 December 1994
    Birthplace: Cornwall, England
    Current location: Merlin's Academy for Excellence
    Blood status: Half-blood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Auror

    Year in University: 3rd year (2017)


    Brooke Astrid Photo

    Hair style: Long and slightly wavy.
    Body type: Tall, fit but not overly sporty.
    Dress sense: Casual but tom-boyish; sticks to jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing overly revealing.


    - The ocean
    - Reading
    - Books in general, but mostly fiction
    - Dark chocolate
    - Meeting new people
    - Making friends
    - Talking
    - Spending time with family and friends
    - Helping people
    - Doing her best
    - Joe Astrid

    - Bullies
    - People who lie to get what they want.
    - Things that are too sweet
    - Wearing dresses (most of the time)
    - Shopping for clothes, shoes, and other ‘girly’ things
    - Fighting
    - Hurting others
    - The quality of having no sense of humour
    - Her clumsiness
    - Showing off

    - When she’s feeling particularly strong emotions, she loses some control of her abilities and begins to have odd changes of appearance.
    - She tends to go on rants when she is excited about something and doesn’t know when to keep quiet

    - She has a rather quick and explosive temper when it comes to things like injustice
    - Brooke has a tendency to be overly open and trusting, although this has reduced by a lot
    - Sometimes, when extremely stressed, she completely shuts down and can’t function
    - Her mind wanders a lot and it can be hard for her to focus on things that are boring to her

    - Magic in general
    - Making friends
    - Standing up for what is right no matter the personal cost
    - Faithful and loyal (she was almost made a Hufflepuff)
    - Wandless magic, although she does not truly know her capacity yet
    - She is able to think outside the box most of the time, coming up with unique solutions to problems
    - Being modest; that is to say, she does not brag or show off intentionally, and makes an effort not to do this. She would not, however, describe herself as such.

    - Potions
    - Flying at quick speeds
    - Things that rely on extreme coordination and precise measurements
    - Boring talks or reading materials
    - Food

    More Information

    Born to Aurelia and Caleb Walters in a Muggle hospital at 11.21pm, it was clear to them that she inherited her great-grandmother’s ability, as she started sprouting bright green hair mere minutes after being placed in Aurelia’s arms. Having gone to visit Caleb’s muggle parents in Windermere, Cumbria, Aurelia’s water broke, and her parents-in-law had rushed her to the nearest hospital despite their protests. After the startled nurse let out a loud yelp of horror, Caleb, being the head of the Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee, quickly performed a memory charm on her and the doctor that came to investigate, and left with Brooke and Aurelia. After explaining what had happened to his parents, they went back to their home in the wizarding area of Cornwall, England. In a quiet countryside cottage, they raised Brooke with lots of love and care.

    Brooke attended a private wizarding school for a year. When she turned 12, she caught a terrible case of Dragon Pox, and her mother, being a Healer, took care of her at home, taking a few months of leave from work. By the time Brooke got better, it was too late in the school term to return, and so Caleb obtained permission from the ministry to home-school her for the remainder of the year. She was a fast learner, and he taught her many things, including the theory of things that were far beyond her level. While she didn’t understand everything he said to her, she kept it in her memory and it helped her a lot when she transferred to Hogwarts for her fourth year.

    The transfer had been due to some disagreements with the methods of the private school, none of which she discussed with anyone outside her family; the Walters’ family agreed it was best not to tarnish the reputation of the school just because they didn’t agree with their methods.

    When Brooke turned 16, her mother came home and announced that she had found a teenage boy on the side of the road dying from loss of blood. She went on to tell them that he was homeless, and that she fully intended on adopting him. Caleb, being the rational one, reasoned with Aurelia and the next day, all three of them went to meet the boy. Brooke fell in love with him (as a brother) at once, fully supporting her mother’s decision. A few days later, it was made official and Tristan became a Walters.

    In Hogwarts, she excelled and grew as a person, meeting her first and current boyfriend, Joe. She met him in the woods when she needed to get away for a breather. While she normally used the lake for that, for some reason, she had gone to the forbidden forest instead - that is why, till this day, Brooke still believe somewhat in fate. Never having had a romantic relationship of any kind before (one could say she was never truly a romantic person) she was quite honestly overwhelmed when he asked her on a date, especially considering that they had just met. Still, she accepted, only for things to go very, very, very wrong.

    Josh Murray, someone she didn't really know (other than the fact that he was a prefect) interrupted her after that first meeting and stole her first kiss, using threats of hurting her family and Joe. Things only got worse from there onwards when the very same boy interrupted Joe and her first date, taking the flowers from Joe and kissing her again.

    A few weeks passed, and she had enough; going over to the prefect bathrooms where she knew the older Slytherin was, she tried to get him to leave them alone. But the plan backfired in the most horrible way - Brooke, having been raised never to harm anybody or anything, couldn't carry out her threats, and on her way out, slipped. And fell. Straight. Into. Josh. Pushing her down onto the damp tiles of the bathroom, he did the worst thing possible, taking from her something more precious than her first kiss.

    Understandably, she fell into a period of depression. Josh, being from a very high up Pureblood family, could not be charged with this; his parents were contributes to the minister of magic, and as such the entire family just could not be touched. Thankfully, after this incident, Josh left her mostly alone, but it was too late, and she was broken on the inside.

    Slowly recovering with love and support from her parents (but not her brother, whom they did not tell), she still felt like she would never mend. And then, one day, in a Muggle Studies class, during which other students were showing videos they made, Josh had gone and shown one of him saving a very distressed Joe Astrid, who had apparently jumped off the Astronomy tower. Panic filled her and she stood up and ran out of class, knowing that it had been his fault, and that he wasn't the hero he just made himself to be.

    Rushing to the hospital wing where she was desperately hoping he would be, she found Joe, and, before she could think, kissed him, trying to tell him what she possibly couldn't say aloud - that she was always, always there for him. How long they spent in there talking, she did not know, but suddenly it was as though her broken pieces had somewhere to fit into - Joe's.

    When she came back from class one day to find the mushiest, sweetest, most amazing letter she had ever written on her bed, she was beyond surprised; never in all her years did she ever imagine anyone could ever feel that way about her. Practically running to the meeting place indicated, Joe Astrid and Brooke Walters became official.

    The N.E.W.T.S took a toll on her, for she was never really exam material, but she pushed through with the support of her family and her boyfriend. After graduating from school, she took a gap year to just enjoy life before entering University. During that time, she got a few odd jobs wherever she could, just for the experience; her family did not need any extra money. It was also during this time that her parents revealed something they had kept hidden from her for a long time: her maternal grandparents had not died in a broom-malfunction accident. They had been killed by her grandfather’s Pure-blood extremist brother. Aurelia was from a long line of pure-bloods, but after the war, there had been a change of heart somewhere down the line and her parents had fully supported Aurelia’s marriage to Caleb. Unfortunately, Brooke’s grand-uncle had not taken too kindly to this; he murdered his brother and sister-in-law to ‘redeem’ the Warren family’s name. He was caught a month later by Aurors and charged. Not wanting 10 year old Brooke, who had witnessed the murder, to have such horrible memories, Caleb had performed the memory charm on his own daughter.

    Wanting to wait until they felt she was ready, her parents had left it far longer than they intended; they felt she was ready two years prior to this, but never got around to breaking the news. However, Brooke took it in stride, realizing and understanding it was for her own protection. The only thing it did was fuel her desire to become an auror.

    (Edit 2015)
    Her first year at Merlin’s was one of the best things she had ever experienced. She met her first kindred spirit and subsequently, her best friend: Cassana Rose. They hit it off almost immediately and got into all sorts of scrapes, such as getting arrested on Brooke’s Hen’s Night when they, in a drunken state, tried to take on an abusive ex-boyfriend of a drag queen they met.

    In December of 2014, Joe Astrid proposed to her, and she accepted without a second thought.

    (Edit 2016)
    They got married a short while later, witnessed by a small gathering of their closest friends and family (which, to be honest, wasn't that small, considering Brooke made a lot of friends, such as the drag queens she met on her Hen's Night), in a forest. It was only apt for them.

    A few months later, Brooke discovered she was pregnant and both her and her husband were absolutely ecstatic, more than excited to start a proper family. Names were discussed, baby-proofing carried out, and then, about five months into her pregnancy, Brooke had a miscarriage. Falling into depression, even more so than with what happened with Josh, Brooke locked herself in her room and refused to move or eat or even smile. She dropped out of classes, without so much as writing a note to her Professors, instead just not showing up. It was a very dark time of her life, and not even Joe could comfort her.

    Finally, Cassana arranged for her to go away on a long vacation along side a therapist, a move that caused Brooke to hate her best friend for a short while, feeling betrayed. But, the trip proved to be exactly what she needed, and Brooke recovered and bounced back with her usual gusto.

    Returning to Merlin's in August of 2016, Brooke went to see all her professors and did all she needed to do to catch up before her next year of studies. But more importantly than that, she mended relationships, especially with Joe and Cassie.


    Father: Caleb Walters
    Mother: Aurelia Walters (neé Warren)
    Siblings: Tristan Walters (adopted)
    Husband: Joe Astrid
    Fiancé: N/A
    Children: 'Baby Joe' (deceased; miscarried)

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Cypress, dragon heartstring, nine and a half inches.
    Broomstick: None.
    Pets: An owl named Snidget.
    School that they went to: Hogwarts.
    House they were in: Gryffindor.
    Why you chose your major: I’ve wanted to be an auror for as long as I remember. This is mostly due to the fact that I would love the opportunity to do some good in the world; I want to be able to say I am one of those who made a difference. While there are many ways of doing this, I personally feel very strongly about this line of work. There is nothing I want more than to become an Auror, and protect both Magical folks and muggles from those who try to use their powers for bad.


    OOC Alias: Melanie
    Best Way To Contact: PM, please! Smile

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    Brooke Astrid

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