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     Plants Have Their Own Magic (Thana)

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    Isaac Crenshaw

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    PostSubject: Plants Have Their Own Magic (Thana)   Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:17 am

    Once the first round of lessons had begun, Isaac made it a priority to discover the quickest route to the greenhouse. There was a magic all its own in seeing plants slowly grow and flower, plus the air was wonderfully fresh. It was true some might think it a little odd to wander a greenhouse alone, but he had always been more comfortable with the strange than the more normal 'social' activities people his age liked to do. Also, he'd found it helped him memorize what different ingredients looked like in addition to what their attributes were if he recited as he ambled about. So long as he took a different path every time the order he saw them in was varied, which also helped to make sure he knew the material well.

    On a Tuesday right after dinner Isaac felt himself in need of the comfort of his favorite place to escape. Meals were more of a challenge than lessons most of the time, because different foods would needed to be passed back and forth regularly. He couldn't focus on what he was doing, as he had to pay attention to know when things by him were requested. Issac's goal was simple, if he didn't knock over anything the meal was a success. Which was why as each step took him further from the tables the knot of tension in his stomach relaxed a tiny bit. The fresh air and light breeze once he'd left the castle helped a little more. Finally, upon reaching the greenhouse and entering, the rest melted away like an ice cream cone in summer. For a moment he simply leaned against the frame of the door with a small smile before deciding to walk like usual.

    With no course in mind he let his feet take him where they would, instead focusing on the different plants. Occasionally he would have to veer one way or the other upon noticing a species that could be dangerous if not noticed. Eventually he had covered the length of it, and he paused in thought for a moment. Isaac had gone down the center roughly from the door, so now it was a matter of left or right. He closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath. The left way felt the way to go, and Isaac opened his eyes before setting off again.
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    Plants Have Their Own Magic (Thana)

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