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     Late night running. (Humphrey and Thana)

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    Thana Semele
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    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Late night running. (Humphrey and Thana)    Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:59 pm

    After dealing with the stress of her first week of University and her father having a massive stroke Thana needed to get away. When she was at Salem she used to run out in to the forest and think, often in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. So sticking to habits she left hers and Brooke's dorm in the middle of the night, picking up her hooded cloak and walked out. It was a full moon, a night she loved. No doubt several werewolves would be running around, at least that was the rumours anyway.

    She really didn't mind, running with werewolves was a secret hobby of hers. She was a bit reckless at times, but tonight wasn't one of them. Instead she walked to the deep of the forest and sat down against a rock, pulling out her sketch book and beginning to sketch. The moon her source of light, she sketched the forest around her. It was beautiful by night, and she kept at it for a long time. Before hearing a noise near her, immediately she moved quietly and wrapped her spotted cloak closer around her to make her seem invisible. She had her wand in one hand and was ready to summon an orb in the other. Thana remained sitting quietly, if it was human they wouldn't notice her. If it was vamp she could talk, and if it was werewolf....Well that would depend.
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    Late night running. (Humphrey and Thana)

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