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     Just a Bit of Hidden Anxiety (Cassana)

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    PostSubject: Just a Bit of Hidden Anxiety (Cassana)   Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:02 pm

    Deke walked into his new classroom and set a jar of salamander blood on his desk. He sighed. For some reason he’s always hated that potions were always done in a dungeon or a basement of some sort. It was a bit too gloomy for him. He shrugged his trench coat off and folded it over his desk chair. Deke was still adjusting to his somewhat new surroundings. Deke had been a student here at Merlin’s Academy a long time ago. At least it’s felt that way. His identical twin Zeke and him had recently gotten professor jobs at the academy. Deke decided to take up teaching the experimental potions class while his brother who is an auror took up teaching the interrogation class. Deke was a bit nervous about his first class. He still didn’t really have a lesson plan and he didn’t have much longer to come up with one. He knew Zeke would be fine. Zeke would just wing it like he does with most things in his life. That has caused them a lot of trouble in the past. Especially when they were students although those experiences did make great stories. Deke smiled a the thought.
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    Cassana Brennham
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    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Just a Bit of Hidden Anxiety (Cassana)   Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:30 pm

    After Cassie had words with Brooke after she'd taken many potions to help her feelings return to normal, feeling confident that she was almost back to how she used to be (maybe a little less energy since she had just gone through a rather long streak without sleeping or eating) she decided a change of life would help. The best way to do so, she thought, was to test her creativity. See if any of her imagination was still what it used to be before that horrendous letter from her sister. It turned out it still was and she had come up with at least four out of six recipes for Potions that worked. The last two exploded and resulted in her having to change the wallpapers of the kitchen and repair the ceiling, but the four that were working she was fascinated to find out if they'd be able to work with others. On another hand, she had brewed them but had no clue whether it was safe for her to try on herself or another person or? She decided the best route was to talk to her Professor.

    Tying her hair in a ponytail and straightening out her black skirt and pink sweater she bounded down to the Dungeons' completely bypassing the professor's office to get to the classroom.

    "Professor Griffin, I've got a couple of questions for you!" Cassie pronounced grinning as she popped in before straightening her clothing again.
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    Just a Bit of Hidden Anxiety (Cassana)

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