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     Accidents Will Happen (Adriano)

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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 199

    PostSubject: Accidents Will Happen (Adriano)   Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:34 am

    The writers of Curious George had totally gotten the name wrong because if there was anyone who was a curious person it was Cassana Emalia Rose. She had a knack, or talent for touring over any range of a region that she could with glee, with excitement, with wide eyes. When she woke up that morning she decided she just had to leave her dorms so she pulled on something to keep her warm, black opaque tights for the weather under a grey skirt with a blouse and fuzzy open sweater that ended at her knees to match with grey flats that had little bows on them. Pocketing her phone in the sweater, she pulled her hair into a half-bun, half-down style and stuck her wand through the bun, with another stick to make it look like decorative rather than 'hide in plain sight'. Happily she explored Avalon Village with avid interest before she saw the beach. Knowing it wasn't safe to go down to walk through the waves, she decided to walk along the pier.

    She hummed a little tune under her breath as she walked slowly looking at the bright afternoon sky, clouds littering the blue color of it. She wondered, not for the first time, how her parents were under the same sky somewhere. How her sister was out there too, somewhere she'd never know because Ella tended to just drop in and out as she pleased. She wondered if Ella was happy, if she was having a romance like no other or exploring her magic. Were her parents walking along the streets as they always did in the mid-afternoon after having lunch together? What would she be doing in Boston, would she feel as excited about trekking about as she did now in Boston?

    Completely unaware of her surroundings she was shocked when she realized she had reached the end of the Pier. There weren't many people around and the view was simply spectacular. Looking around she realized one more person in semi-proximity so she spoke up a little, glancing in the male's direction.

    "It's so beautiful, isn't it?" She asked with a tentative voice, directing the question to the male.
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    Adriano Trapani

    Posts : 29

    PostSubject: Re: Accidents Will Happen (Adriano)   Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:43 am

    It was one of those days for Adriano. The ones where things just didn't seem to go right, and even the 'silver lining' was made out of aluminium and not actually silver. It started of with a letter from his mother, telling him that for the upcoming holidays, he would have to stay at the University, because she had something on and would not be at home. There was also something beneath it about a boyfriend and her hoping he would understand.

    As if that wasn't enough, he had gone and misplaced his journal (and yes, Adriano did in fact keep one, though nobody ever knew) and despite turning his room upside down, he hadn't found it. Overwhelmed by it all, he had taken a jacket and just left the campus to get away from it all. There was one thing the man never did and that was cry - not even when he was alone did he let tears come. So instead, he went for walks. Long, long walks.

    Today was no different, and he found himself arriving at Avalon Village before long. Where do I go now? he wondered. Not back, that's for sure. Where would be a nice quiet place? And that was how he came to decide on the beach. Already he had discovered that hardly anyone ventured onto the Pier, and he made his way down there, taking a seat right at the edge.

    The ocean was beautiful and calming and the sea air did wonders for his brain. What is there to understand, mom? Dad's gone, and now you've found someone new, he thought bitterly. Dangling his legs off the edge of the wooden jetty, he let out a sigh. How long he sat there just thinking he didn't know, but then suddenly there was a voice, and he jumped. Turning his head around, he noticed a witch standing there. Just my luck. Ignoring his own thoughts, he nodded slowly. "Y-yes, it is," he replied softly.

    Be polite. Introduce yourself! came the internal voice, and he caved in, knowing it was right. "I'm Adriano," he added. "Do.. do you go to Merlin's, too?" Small talk. It was something he was good at once upon a time, and every so often, when it was needed, he could still force himself to do so.
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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 199

    PostSubject: Re: Accidents Will Happen (Adriano)   Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:37 am

    Cassie was an outgoing person by nature, but that didn't mean she was rude or aimed to overstep boundaries. From that fact about herself sprung her politeness before jumping headfirst into crazy town with her talkative nature. When the guy jumped she felt a bit bad and was about to open her mouth to apologize and then he spoke and she smiled softly in a manner that was aimed to sooth any frayed nerves.

    "Do you mind if I sit too? I've been exploring a bit today and I'm a tad tired." This was a little lie, just a justification for her to sit down and enjoy the view with a possible new friend.

    "I'm Cassana, but please call me Cassie." She said, "I do, I'm a Potioneer in training and what about you? What do you major in?" She asked, clasping her hands behind her back waiting for his permission for her company to join in sitting on the dock.
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    PostSubject: Re: Accidents Will Happen (Adriano)   

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    Accidents Will Happen (Adriano)

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