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     Adriano Trapani

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    Adriano Trapani

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    Full name: Adriano Carlos Trapani
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: February 17
    Birthplace: Sardinia, Italy.
    Current location: Merlin’s Academy of Excellence (Scotland during the holidays)
    Blood status: Half-blood.
    Occupation: Student.
    Major: Auror and Healing
    Year in University: 2nd year.


    Adriano Trapani:
    Hair style:
    Body type: Fit and slim.
    Dress sense: Casual, sometimes sloppy; whatever is comfortable and within reach.


    - Reading
    - Being alone
    - Pleasing people, especially his mother
    - Work, because he can get distracted by it
    - His bed
    - Sleep, although this doesn’t come often
    - Long walks

    - Maths
    - Meeting people
    - Having to converse
    - Not being able to sleep
    - Crowds
    - Himself

    - When nervous, he ruffles his hair or rubs the back of his neck
    - He also doesn’t care about what he wears, as long as it is clean and is comfortable; as such, sometimes his outfits don’t match very well.

    - Pushover; he is too afraid of saying no to people, so when they ask him to do something, he does it without complain.
    - Shy; he is the literal definition of this word, not liking to talk or meet with people.
    - Anxious, worrying about almost every little detail.
    - Gullible; Adriano is very easily fooled
    - Meek

    - Non-verbal magic and most spells
    - Independent; works well alone
    - Diligent in all he does
    - Hard worker
    - He is not someone who is prone to making judgements
    - Innocent as a child; he is able to look at the world through pure lenses, but only when he is in an ‘up’ mood.

    - Working in groups or with others
    - Conversations
    - Being completely open
    - Trusting people
    - Lack of self-confidence.
    - Showing any form of emotion

    Adriano has depression. At times, on a good day, he is truly happy, attending classes with a small smile on his face. On the really bad days, he does nothing at all, lying on his bed for hours upon hours just staring at the ceiling. He doesn’t cry, or tear – in a way, he acts like a zombie, not speaking or eating or moving. On most days, however, when he’s neutral, he acts normal, going through the motions without displaying any emotion whatsoever.

    More Information

    Carlos and Susan met when, on a family vacation to Italy, Susan quite literally bumped into Carlos while touring the city. Some might say it was love at first sight, but the two insist it wasn’t – they don’t believe in things like that. As they were both in their late teens, Susan’s parents did not really mind when she ‘abandoned’ them for a few days to hang out with Carlos. Neither of them knew the other was magical, and spent those two days trying their best to hide it; it wasn’t till Carlos caught Susan reaching elbow deep into her purse to find a tissue packet that he realized the truth – she was a witch. After he revealed himself to her, they both shared a long laugh about it, and then exchanged addresses when it came time to say goodbye. They wrote back and forth for many years, eventually starting a relationship and getting married.

    Susan moved to Italy to be with her fresh-out-of-University-Auror-husband, and soon after, had Adriano. Susan herself was a Professor of Muggle Studies (having come from a Muggle background) at the local wizarding school, but took a sabbatical to raise her son. Carlos, too, took leave, not wanting his only child to grow up fatherless. Adriano, therefore, grew up in a very loving environment, having both parents around to give him all the support and attention he needed. Any further attempts for a child proved to be unsuccessful, which came as a disappointment for the whole family – Adriano had always maintained since a young age that he would have liked a younger brother or sister.

    When Adriano started school at the age of 11, both parents returned to work full time. He was sorted into the house ‘Saggio’, which is Italian for ‘wise’, and can be described as a sort of Ravenclaw, where those with a brilliant mind are placed. Lessons were mostly in his native language, although there were options of learning other languages, and he took English at his mother’s request. Growing up in a household where both English and Italian were used – his father knew more English than his mother knew Italian – he had no problem and was very quickly top of the class; as such, Adriano is fluent in both of those languages.

    Having many friends, he was considered the popular kid, and, despite this, still maintained fairly high results in all his tests. Adriano never truly was a talker, but it was due to the fact that his father was highly respected for what he did that Adriano was constantly surrounded by people. Of course, it helped that he was smart; the other children would come to him for tuition. It was here that he first discovered he had inherited his mother’s love of teaching, deciding that this was the line of work he would pursue after he graduated.

    Unfortunately, a few months after Adriano turned 15, there was a ‘mishap while on the line of duty’, as the Ministry of Magic so nicely put it. The details were vague, and it wasn’t till after a thorough investigation had taken place that he and his grieving mother were finally told the truth of what happened. Carlos had been responding, with his partner, to apparent dark wizards that had been going after muggles in an obscure part of the world. It turned out to be an ambush, and both fought long and hard. Diving in front of his partner, Carlos lost his life, saving the life of his friend.

    “He died doing what he was trained to do – saving people,” a representative from the MoM had told him. “You should be proud of your dad.” And he was; Adriano was very proud of his dad, but that did not stop the hurt, and over the next few months, his grades dropped, and he began to stop spending time with his friends, instead locking himself in his room for hours at a time, doing nothing but staring at his ceiling. It didn’t help that his peers didn’t know how to handle the news and instead of comforting Adriano, they kept their distance, leaving him out of all their activities.

    And it hurt. Not the kind of stubbed toes and grazed knees, or even of split lips and broken noses. In fact, it wasn't even a physical pain, and yet it hurt more than any bruise or cut or fracture ever could. It was a slow pain that started in his chest, his heart and spread - inching forward at first and then suddenly crashing all around like a tsunami - into the rest of his body and soul. But he didn’t know how to explain it, and he was never one to express feelings – so he bottled it all away, forcing himself to become an empty shell, unable and unwilling to feel.

    Noticing this, Susan was at a lost, not knowing how to comfort her son, when she herself could not be comforted. Deciding sometime during the 3rd month after the passing of her husband, she made the announcement to a very shocked Adriano – they were to leave Italy and move to her parent’s house in Scotland. This was exactly what they did, and, a few weeks later, they left Italy, helped by a few of Carlos’ co-workers.

    With a letter written by the head of the Auror department himself, Adriano was transferred immediately to Hogwarts, and sorted into Ravenclaw. His mother, stepping down from a full-time teaching position, instead offered her services at a Wizarding orphanage nearby, helping the young children with whatever they needed.

    The new environment caused him to retreat even further and without the comfort of familiarity, he only grew worse. One thing he learnt from his time at Hogwarts, however, was how to hide – both himself and his emotions. He soon became very good at hiding behind a wall of smiles, as meaningless as they were. Over time, his depression only worsened, but as his acting skills increased, nobody noticed this. Most of his nights were spent in his room, lying down on the bed trying to fall asleep, but dreams evaded him and he would be up the entire night. He kept to himself, and would never speak to anyone; he became a wallflower, neither noticing nor being noticed.

    Graduating with high scores, that meant nothing to him, he was indifferent when he received a letter stating that he had been accepted by a University. Nevertheless, his mother was ecstatic, and, in an effort to leave home (and her, because her coddling was the tightening rope around his neck when he was already suffocating) he went. Applying for the Healer course like asked to by his mother, he spent a year in there before coming to the realization that it did nothing for him.

    With the last bit of strength he had left, he wrote his mum a long letter, telling her how much he loved her but that he needed to make this change for himself and hoped she understood. She didn’t. He made the request for doing a double major – now adding Auror-in-training to his title – anyway. The next two letters from his mother were tossed in the fire half-way though reading them, and till now, the words ‘disappointed’, ‘should know better’, and ‘can’t lose you too’ ring in his head.

    But Adriano knew he had to do it, if not for anyone, for himself. In a way, having that term ‘Auror-in-training’ attached to him lifted something off his chest, even if just a little. He couldn’t describe it, but for the first time in a long time, the day he received confirmation that his double major application had been accepted, he slept for 4 hours straight.


    Father: Carlos Trapani (deceased)
    Mother: Susan Trapani (neé Thomas)
    Siblings: None.
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 12 inches, larch, with a phoenix feather core.
    Broomstick: The latest Firebolt.
    Pets: Scrawny, a snowy owl.
    School that they went to: One in his home town before he moved to Scotland, and then Hogwarts.
    House they were in: Saggio, and then Ravenclaw.
    Why you chose your major:I want to make my dad proud, and please my mum.


    OOC Alias: Melanie
    Best Way To Contact: PM (any of my charries), please. Smile

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    Adriano Trapani

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