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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to inactivity, Merlin's Academy is no longer a Harry Potter RP site. It is being used for CASUAL, CLEAN RP of ANY TOPIC among friends. If you wish to join, however, please feel free; we would love to make new friends. Thanks to everyone who made MAE what it was before, and we wish you all lots of love and a great life up ahead. <3

~Lor, Mads, Lyd, and Mel~

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     Memorable CB Moments

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    PostSubject: Memorable CB Moments   Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:11 am

    A great moment, leaving me with the giggles for a while.

    [23:06:59] Codey Ellingston : That's why the M1, M2, M3 thing
    [23:07:03] Allendra Jarraden : Whenever you naughty or rude, thats what you get.
    [23:07:28] Arthur Silverstone : awesome
    [23:08:00] Arthur Silverstone : to the triplets thing. Not to the spanking. No offence if you're into that kind of stuff
    [23:08:10] Allendra Jarraden : When I [s]act[/s] am innocent
    [23:08:20] Allendra Jarraden : Aww whats the strike code
    [23:08:32] Codey Ellingston : (it's strike)
    [23:08:41] Codey Ellingston : like this
    [23:08:43] Codey Ellingston : Wink
    [23:08:43] Allendra Jarraden : OH
    [23:08:46] Arthur Silverstone : [s]act[/s]
    [23:08:57] Allendra Jarraden : I knew that
    [23:09:56] Arthur Silverstone : it didnt work
    [23:10:16] Codey Ellingston : No, alina, it's [strike] put your words here [/ strike]
    [23:10:22] Codey Ellingston : without the space between / and strike
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    Memorable CB Moments

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