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     Codey Neal Ellingston

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    Codey Ellingston
    Codey Ellingston

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    PostSubject: Codey Neal Ellingston   Codey Neal Ellingston EmptySun Nov 16, 2014 3:25 am


    Full name: Codey Neal Ellingston
    Age: 35
    D.O.B: (Day and month) March 21 1981
    Birthplace: New York City (USA)
    Current location: Wales
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Occupation: Dragon trainer


    Codey Neal Ellingston B09eb0b13c6ce0f2ade7ff7c8a350ea0
    Hair style: Very dark brown and neat, but can be slightly messy at the times, as though he got out of bed and forgot to comb his hair.
    Body type: Extremely fit.
    Dress sense:  Formal; usually suits and ties.


    - Himself, for one.
    - Dragons, too, obviously.
    - Showing off.
    - Money
    - A good glass of wine or other choice alcohol
    - Women
    - Learning new languages (both of Muggle and Magical), although he is not always the most fluent in them.

    - Boring or straight forward people
    - Those with no sense of humour.
    - Young children.
    - Commitment.
    - Idiots.
    - Arrogant people
    - Hypocrites

    - Whenever he is thinking or distracted by something, he tends to play with his tie or his sleeves, adjusting them over and over again.
    - Never apologizes when he's done something wrong, unless it suits what he wants.
    - Enjoys toying with people, and their emotions

    - His very large ego; he holds himself in very high esteem, and as such acts like he's the best (which, in his eyes, he is)
    - Pride; he would never back down from a situation, even if it's blatant that he is in the wrong.
    - Calculative; every move he makes is calculated, to ensure it benefits him.

    - Communication; he is very skilled at being able to convey exactly what he wants, be it verbally or non.
    - His ability to train dragons, obviously.
    - Spell work relating to his job; he is relatively good at non-verbal and wandless magic, but only to spells relating to his job.
    - Reading people; this is something Codey has learnt over the years, and has come to be very good at it. When talking to someone, he can pick up little cues from their body language and make (usually) accurate guesses about what they're feeling.
    - Maintaining his image; Codey is very good at pretending to be one thing while thinking another. As such, he has been able to keep his appearance to most as a kindly gentleman, instead of the calculative arrogant jerk he truly is.

    - Honesty; for the life of him, he cannot truly be honest and open.
    - Commitment; this is definitely something that he is afraid of, not that he would ever admit it.
    - Dragons; what can be said about this? Codey has always had a soft spot for these creatures.
    - Women; although he is afraid of a proper relationship, he often flirts and seduces women - it is almost like a drug to him.
    - A glass of quality red wine.

    More Information

    Raised by his mother and father, he grew up in a slightly different Pureblood setting than most, mainly because both parents did not work. Instead, Codey grew up attending many parties hosted by the couple – it was during these times that a nannie watched over him, while Darrik and Kaitlyn played host to their literally hundreds of guests, not all of whom they knew. As all Pureblood marriages, it had been an arranged one, and as such, there was no true love between his parents. They were friends, but that was all, and they reached a mutual agreement to have a secret ‘open marriage’. It was not unusual, therefore, for both parents to sleep in separate rooms with their respective boyfriends and girlfriends, which was kept secret from everyone else.

    When he went off to Hogwarts at age 11, he was no stranger to his father’s playboy mannerisms, even going so far as to imitate him. School was never a huge problem for Codey, who could master any subject he put his mind to. However, studying was not something he enjoyed, and so he never actually focused enough to get good results. Graduating with an average report card, his parents didn’t really give him much trouble, and he continued living an elaborate lifestyle as he grew older.

    Refusing to marry, he got into a large fight with his family, which ended when a curse accidentally left his mother critically hurt. Luckily, she survived, and they never pressured Codey to find a wife since then, instead focusing on their other son, who was 10 years younger, and not even Kaitlyn’s (not that anyone else knew). Since then, Codey got whatever they asked for, including their property in Wales, which he moved into along with a quarter of the family fortune. Developing an interest in dragons, Codey bough and raised a few, eventually starting a highly-illegal dragon fighting ring in the large open spaces of the Wales land, during which, he quadrupled his money. During this time, he used his money to fund private tutors who taught him many different languages, not all of which he mastered; he grew bored easily, and with his boredom, came a change of language interest.

    Being a huge playboy, Codey has had many flings over the years, none of which ever progressed into anything more. When he turned 23, he decided that the excitement of dragon fighting was beginning to become dull, and he decided to take things up a level and become a legal dragon trainer. The fact that one could die doing the job was like a drug to Codey, who soon became very skilled in what he did. Rising in ranks rather quickly to become a world famous dragon trainer, his ego was fuelled, and he became even more self-absorbed than ever. When he was asked to teach, he took the opportunity to impart his knowledge to other people, trusting that he would not have to interact with people below the age of 15.

    Still very arrogant, he thinks of himself in the highest esteem, and it shows in his daily interactions with people. He classifies almost everyone else as ‘below’ him, although he doesn’t usually show it. Instead, he tends to be very gentlemanly in his movements and speech. This also means that he takes his appearance very seriously, and as such, wears only the best quality suits and ties, even when on the job. When he does go casual, it is usually on the rare weekend that he wishes to do nothing but relax.


    Father: Derrik Ellingston
    Mother: Kaitlyn Ellingston (neé Byrne)
    Siblings: Clifton Ellingston
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend: (Edit 2015) Aria Song
    Children: N/A (He says: Never.)
    (edit Summer 2015 ) A daughter named Adrienne, that he didn't know about until recently, when she showed up at Merlin's to study at 18. He was 17 when he had a one-night stand with her mother.

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Elm, 12”, dragon heartstring.
    Broomstick: Whichever the latest and best model is.
    Pets: A large barn owl named Opaleye, after his favourite dragon.
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Slytherin, naturally.


    OOC Alias: Melanie/Mel
    Best Way To Contact: PM or email, please. Smile

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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Re: Codey Neal Ellingston   Codey Neal Ellingston EmptySun Nov 16, 2014 4:57 am

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    Codey Neal Ellingston

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