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     Ariel Wilde

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    Ariel Wilde
    Ariel Wilde
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Ariel Wilde   Ariel Wilde EmptySat Nov 15, 2014 4:47 pm


    Full name: Ariella Maggie Wilde
    Age: 20
    D.O.B: (Day and month) 01.09
    Birthplace: Isle of Skye, Scotland
    Current location: Drumnadrochit, Scotland
    Blood status: Pureblood, half veela
    Occupation: Works at apothecary
    Major: Potioneering


    Ariel Wilde Tumblr_nepbajq7c61sz6ywfo1_500
    Hair style: Flowy, blonde hair
    Body type: Slender, lean
    Dress sense: Whatever she wants to wear, be it casual, sleazy or classy.


    Likes: Being active, martial arts, centaurs, mythical beings, dragons, quidditch, Kelpies, school
    Dislikes: Complaining people, negative people, scorpions, school, libraries, books
    Quirks: Bites her nails, twirling strands of hair around her fingers.
    Flaws: Might be a bit judgmental. Competetive.
    Strengths: Gives people second chances, spreads motivation (though maybe in a bad manner), competetive, spreads positive energy, laughs a lot.
    Weaknesses: Needs a lot of personal time, can get easily sick of some people. Doesn't like it when people are too close to her. Doesn't trust easily.

    More Information

    Ariel was born to Darcy and John Wilde on the Isle of Skye. She was brought up there, riding around and bathing in the wonderful ponds. She was highly loved by her family, and she was brought up as a very strong person, who will stand for what she believes in, and will not cave to people who thinks they know everything. She doesn't think she knows everything either, but she needs proof to sway her from her own beliefs. She lived on the Isle of Skye until she was seven, when they moved to Drumnadrochit. This is where her interest for kelpies arose.

    The Loch Ness Monster was a kelpie, and she found it to be highly interesting. Her parents kept her away from the loch, but she somehow managed to get down to the loch one night and she saw the kelpie. It was a very dangerous creature, and it tried to attack her. John found her and managed to get her away in time, and she both loves and fears the monster. So she has been studying it eagerly, and every summer until her third year she has tried to get closer to it, though she couldn't do any magic, since she's was underage. She tried to make the kelpie like her the moment she turned 17, but it proved more difficult than she suspected.

    When she attended Hogwarts, she was an all O-student. She hated going to the library and tried her best to keep away. It's not that she hates studying, but she dislikes studying things she doesn't feel like she'll ever need. She has also shown her resourcefulness and cunning side of herself. She has high ambitions and intend to reach her goals. Any means necessary. She has friends, but no one that she actually trusts. And even though they are her friends, the word 'friendship' doesn't mean the same to Ariel as it does to most other people.

    She moved to Knightsbridge in London when she finished school and started working at the apothecary in Diagon Alley. But now she's about to attend Merlin's Academy for Excellence, and she decided it was time to give up the apartment and live with her parents again during the holidays. She couldn't have an apartment in Knightsbridge and a place to live near the academy, so it made sense to give it up.


    Father: John Wilde
    Mother: Darcy Wilde (neé Morstan)
    Siblings: -
    Spouse: -
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: -
    Children: -

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 13'' phoenix feather, elder, supple
    Broomstick: An old Nimbus 2000
    Pets: A cat and an owl, Morgan and Sana
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Ravenclaw
    Why you chose your major: All her life, Ariel loved mythical creatures and had an undying wish to tame the untamable. But even due to her undying love for dragons and kelpies, Potions and poisons and cures have always fascinated her to frightening lengths. She loved potions at Hogwarts and she brewed a lot of potions in her years after Hogwarts. She works at the Apothecary in Diagon Alley, but has been contemplating to stop her work while studying at the academy. She's extremely smart, and she has every intention of becoming a highly sought-out potioneer.


    OOC Alias: Vilde
    Best Way To Contact: PM

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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: Re: Ariel Wilde   Ariel Wilde EmptySat Nov 15, 2014 6:48 pm

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    Ariel Wilde

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