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     Blake Mason

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    Blake Mason
    Blake Mason

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    PostSubject: Blake Mason   Blake Mason EmptySun Jul 10, 2016 12:49 am

    Blake Mason A327fafd43f1f49e537eb394bc440373


    Full name: Blake Mason
    Age: 31
    Date of birth: 21 July 1986
    Birthplace: Beaufort County, South Carolina, United States
    Current location: Merlin’s academy
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Auror, Professor of Healing in Combat


    Hair style and colour: Blonde with really dark brown patches, usually really messy
    Eye colour: Blue
    Height: 6’
    Body type: He’s average; not exactly slim but definitely not overweight.
    Dress sense: It ranges, depending on what he’s doing. Most of the time, it leans towards the casual side.


    [At least 3 each, with the exception of quirks; please try and give details and not just one or two words.]

    - His job
    - Food
    - Drinking
    - Flying
    - Sports
    - His partner
    - Movies
    - Collecting things, usually posters of old movies (everyone needs something as a hobby)

    - Traitors
    - Shopping
    - Waiting for long periods of time
    - Liars
    - Having to lie (but only to people he cares about)
    - Injustice
    - Vegetables/vegan diets

    - He has a tendency to avoid conversations about personal things, and instead gives sarcastic quips
    - Runs his fingers through his hair when he’s embarrassed, upset, or thinking about something, messing it up even more

    - Untrusting; Blake simply does not trust easily, and avoids positions in which he has to have heart to heart conversations
    - He likes pretending his self esteem is very high, bragging and things like that. In fact, he’s not quite that secure in himself as he lets on
    - Blake can, simply put, resort to petty childish behaviour (he sulks when things go wrong, for example)
    - He is actually quite soft hearted, and easily touched by stories from others; this can sometimes lead to him feeling a need to help people he comes across undercover, when it may not always be a good idea or a smart choice. Put another way, he has somewhat of a saviour complex

    - Loyal to a fault; if you earn his trust, he would rather die than betray those he cares about
    - Trustworthy; while he doesn’t usually share his problems with others, he is a great listener and never gossips about what others have told him
    - Smooth at spinning stories; he is great at being undercover, and is able to make up stories quickly on the spot
    - Organising/paperwork; since he is very mildly OCD, he is great at arranging his desk and completing paperwork and the like. In fact, his teammates would often buy him drinks for filling theirs out for them
    - Observant; he is not only good at spotting things in his surroundings, he is also good at reading body language (although, as a trained undercover agent, this is probably a given for his entire team)

    - His partner; she is one of the few people he has ever trusted fully (although he has yet to tell her his full story, she knows parts of it).
    - A good drink
    - Heart to heart conversations; he can’t stand these
    - Messy things; he has slight OCD and he usually has to clean things
    - A sob story; a person in need

    More Information

    Trigger warning for murder, kidnapping, and bullying!

    Blake was born as Martin Granger to ‘Su’, the only name he was ever given for his birth mother. He never found out the real reason she left, but for as long as he can remember, he was raised by his father, Landon. Martin had a simplistic life in a small town in muggle US; his father used magic on rare occasions around the house, but did not rely on it. Instead, his father worked as a muggle cop, with his hours on the force ensuring that Martin was usually alone at home with whatever sitter that had been hired.

    His dad loved him - he was sure of that - but with his work hours, Landon never really spent much time with his son. Nevertheless, Martin grew up not lacking in a lot, despite their poorer situation; he had food and clothes and toys every now and then.

    When he was 10, his babysitter - a teenaged female by the name of Maison - for the day had taken him to the park, where he witnessed her murder. It had been a normal enough time, with him running around the playground, when a strange man approached him. Luckily enough, Martin had been taught by his father never to follow anyone he didn’t know, and they had a special passphrase that only the pair knew in case Landon needed to ask a police friend to pick his son up. So, when the stranger failed to provide this phrase, Martin ran.

    The stranger caught hold of his arm and was pulling him away when his Maison, having spotted the activity, came rushing over. There was a quick struggle which ended when the stranger pulled out a knife and stabbed the girl. Her last words to Martin were one commanding him to run to a nearby store.

    The shop owners called the cops, and Landon came rushing over to pick up his son. Maison was found dead minutes later, having bled out. The DNA obtained from under her nails were enough for a match; it wasn’t anyone already in the system. A week later, Aurors showed up at Landon’s place with pictures of a male, which Martin positively identified as the man. It was a halfblood wizard. He had been caught with stolen goods and a bloody knife was in his pocket. He was sent to Azkaban.

    Shaken up by all this, Martin withdrew completely. His dad became extra protective - in a bad way, too - and refused to allow Martin outside, becoming extremely paranoid. Overall, it was not a healthy situation for a 10 year old. When the letter came for Salem, his dad decided it was best that he get out of the town for a while, and off Martin went to Wizarding school, although he had no prior access to this world.

    For the first three years there, he was severely bullied, both physically and emotionally. A growth spurt during the Christmas holidays at the end of his third year proved to be the turning point, and Martin came back for his 4th year a different person. Tall and no longer skinny, he wasn’t as easy to push around. In fact, he became a player, flirting with all the girls he could and trying to find worth in the amount he could go to bed with. He became a bully himself, picking fights and getting into all sorts of trouble. In his sixth year, his father passed away from a heart attack.

    Martin became even worse, until a bad breakup and a Professor who loved him enough to be truthful woke him up, and he went through a second drastic change.

    “She didn’t die so you could throw your life away,” he had been told, words that stuck with him.

    Vowing to become better and do better, he worked harder than he ever did before and managed to get enough NEWTS to study to become an auror. A letter from Merlin’s came, to his surprise, and he took off for the exclusive University, where he thrived; the UK, it seemed, was good for him. Graduating almost top of his class, he was assigned to a squad of 4 people, a team specialising in undercover work.

    Dropping his real name, he took on a new one, deciding on Blake Mason, with the last part being a tribute to the girl who died protecting him.

    It was here he met Andi, the female that was to be his partner. They hit it off, constantly bickering and arguing so much that he was often teased by his other team mates of being in love with her. He wasn’t - they were just friends - and for many years, it stayed that way. And then, one day, undercover with her as a couple, he realised that he had developed feelings for her that were definitely not typical of partners.

    Before he had a chance to tell her, though, the unthinkable happened: her cover was compromised, and she was sent away. Secretly communicating with her against direct orders, Blake finally obtained the blessings of his team leader to go in undercover with her, using the excuse that she needed someone who was on her side in case anything else went wrong.

    Deciding not to tell the witch, Blake set off for the University he studied at once upon a time - this time, though, he would be Professor instead of student.


    Name: ‘Su’ (full name unknown)
    Age: Unknown
    Living or Deceased: Unknown
    Blood type/Species: Unknown; either a muggleborn or a muggle

    Name: Landon Granger
    Age: Unknown
    Living or Deceased: Deceased
    Blood type/Species: Muggleborn

    Siblings: Unknown

    Girlfriend: None


    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Alder wood, Unicorn hair, 10 inches
    Broomstick: The latest one, naturally
    School that they went to: Salem
    House they were in: One akin to Gryffindor
    Uni attended: Merlin’s Academy

    Name: Archimedes (or Archi for short)
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Species: Owl


    OOC Alias: Melanie
    Best Way To Contact: PM or catch me in the CB Smile

    ~Even in the worst situations, all a person needs to survive is ONE GOOD THING~
    Blake Mason Tumblr_inline_n0plmuVv5v1qin9jn
    ~You are my one good thing~
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    Codey Ellingston
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    PostSubject: Re: Blake Mason   Blake Mason EmptySun Jul 10, 2016 12:51 am

    Blake Mason Welcom11

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    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Blake Mason

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