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     Cole Roiben ( WIP )

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    Cole Roiben

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    PostSubject: Cole Roiben ( WIP )   Cole Roiben ( WIP ) EmptyFri Jun 03, 2016 8:13 pm

    Cole Roiben ( WIP ) LINK HERE


    Full name: Cole Jett Roiben
    Age: 20
    Date of birth: March 2, 1997
    Birthplace: Pembroke, Wales
    Current location: Pembroke, Wales
    Blood status: Half-Blood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Auror
    Year in University: Three


    Hair style and colour: Cole's hair is brown and is generally short, but he likes to have it styled neatly or somewhat like a charming prince. Even though when it is unstyled and just woke up its generally unkempt.
    Eye colour: Hazel Green
    Height: 6.2
    Body type: Tall and Skinny, with some muscle to make himself nice enough.
    Dress sense:  Cole generally wears anything that is preppy, such as formal pants, khakis, botton downs, and leather vintage shoes, although when he feels like he will dress casually which will generally be jeans, t shirts, a jacket, flannels, converse.

    OR THIS: (Delete where appropriate)

    Hair style colour:
    Eye colour:
    Beauty spots:
    Other marks (scars, etc):
    Body type:
    Dress sense:


    [At least 3 each, with the exception of quirks; please try and give details and not just one or two words.]

    - Girls - he thinks he is god's greatest gift, and loves to seduce girls into getting with him, until he decides to go and break their heart, even though when it comes to his younger siblings he will hurt anyone who hurts them.
    - Defensive Magic - Cole loves defensive magic, and he hates anyone who is mean to others and despies others who are mean to others, in which he uses dark magic for.
    -  Himself - Cole is in love with his self and everything that comes from it, and how he likes to stay in shape so he has an excuse to use to why he loves to do what he does, and how he will look at himself in the mirror.
    - His siblings - he loves his siblings their is no denying that and would do anything for them, so he is very loyal to them, and would find someway to make sure there safe and would pound anyone who decides to mess with them.
    - Honesty - Despite his cocky attitude, he enjoys those who are honest and will not bully others and will not lie to get there way out of it even though he may seem like a jerk he still is honest and expects other to do the same.

    - Quidditch - Cole loves quidditch and thinks it is a sport that others should consider it and believes it is a good way to let off steam and also a good way to make friends, and he loves the Montrose Magpies, but not as much as he loves muggles.

    - Partying - Cole loves to party and will try his best to make it to everyone he can and make the most out of that party. As well as loves to hook up with others there, but also loves to hang out with his friends.

    - Dark Magic - he hates anything that has to do with harming others and the stories of how wizards harmed muggles and would do anything to make sure he does not do that so he supports those who are not against them.
    - Uncharming people -Cole hates when he tries to get with girls and when others beat his cockiness and when others try to tell him not to be over-confidant.

    - Wallflowers - Cole hates when others do not socialize and he likes to help others socialize and when he sees someone sitting alone he will go and sit with them and brighten their day up.

    -Snotty attitudes - Cole hates those rich people who want to bully others who are less than them, and when he sees those people he will go nuts and will try to talk some sense into them.

    - He tends to talk to much

    - Cockiness - Cole is very cocky, and sometimes he ends up stirring conversations up to be about himself, and not show any care for it.
    - Over protective - when it comes to his family he tends to be a little bit too over-protective, and wants the best for her.
    - Charmer - He tends to be very charming and sometimes uses that to get girls to like him, and be a prince charming when he really is not. He just loves to flirt.

    - His charm - his charm is his biggest strength and he loves to charm anyone he can and considers his looks to be his thankfulness and how he can get anyone without trying, well he thinks he can.

    More Information

    (Please write at least 2 paragraphs about your character's history. Include information such as their upbringing, family dynamics, friendships, and events that have shaped them, so that other RP-ers can get a sense of what your character is like; the more details the better! There is no limit to how much you write here. If you’re not sure what to include, you can always PM an admin (or catch us in CB) for help.  This step also allows you the first chance to test out your RPing skills in a story-telling aspect.)


    Living or Deceased:
    Blood type/Species:

    Living or Deceased:
    Blood type/Species:

    Siblings: (If any)
    Living or Deceased:
    Blood type/Species:

    Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Fiance/Wife/Husband [delete or fill in as appropriate]:
    Living or Deceased:
    Blood type/Species:

    Living or Deceased:
    Blood type/Species:

    Other (Optional)

    School that they went to:
    House they were in:
    Why you chose your major: (This can be in their 3rd person or 1st and is just a fun way to get to know your character better)

    Living or Deceased:

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    Cole Roiben ( WIP )

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