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     Eleni Annaliese Griffin

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    Eleni Griffin
    Eleni Griffin
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Eleni Annaliese Griffin   Eleni Annaliese Griffin EmptyThu May 12, 2016 2:31 am

    Eleni Annaliese Griffin D8ec1663399fc0cc7fa372b19c47bd88


    Full name:  Eleni Annaliese Griffin
    Age: 21
    Date of birth: August 18
    Birthplace: Barry Manor, South Wales, United Kingdom
    Current location: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Healing/Potioneering
    Year in University: First Year


    Hair style and colour: Blonde, curly,
    Eye colour: Blue-grey
    Height: 4’11”
    Body type: Healthy but curvy
    Dress sense:  More elegant/professional; never wears pants (only dresses/skirts)


    - Potions
    - Formal balls and galas
    - Helping others
    - Sweets
    - Pastels
    - Fluffy animals
    - Romance and detective novels (guilty pleasure)

    - Violence
    - History of Magic
    - Loud/Messy explosions
    - Sour foods
    - Reptiles and amphibians
    - Black (it’s a depressing color)
    - Flying

    - She always adds three scoops of sugar and stirs 30 times counter clockwise when she prepares tea for herself.
    - She always has to color-coordinate her outfits, so she’s gotten very good at charms and transfiguration, but she still prefers potions to wandwork.
    - She loves bows and flowers and putting things in her hair.
    - She has a secret love for all things Lolita and cutesy.
    - She does have a temper when she gets angry. It’s part of being the only child and spoiled.
    - She took a class while travelling and found out her Animagus form, becoming a fennec fox.

    - She tends to stick to herself most times.
    - She’s a bit obsessive and a bit of a control freak.
    - She can be very proper and one might even say prudish.

    - Healing
    - Relating to people and calming them down
    - Potions

    - Defense
    - Stress
    - She loves sweets, but isn’t allowed to have them often since she has to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    More Information

    Eleni was born the only child to a wealthy pureblood heir from France and a muggle-born wizard in Southern Wales. She was raised as a proper pureblood “princess” for most of her life due to her mother's upbringing in pureblood society. Her parents were happily married up until she was six years old.

    They had gone on a summer holiday and the manor they stayed at had a lake with a small island in the middle of it. Eleni convinced her mother (which means she threw a tantrum) to take her on a picnic on the island despite the small prediction of rain. While they were on the island, a storm came up and they tried to cross the lake in their rowboat. However, the winds were too strong and the rowboat ended up capsizing. Tiny Eleni was swept away in the currents and found a mile and a half away, unconscious and soaking wet two days later. Her mother had drowned in the deep waters. After she was found, Eleni became very sick and almost died of pneumonia that summer. Since then, she’s had a severe phobia of deep water and boats.

    After the funeral, her father was practically non-existent in her life. He was off philandering around the continent and leaving the maids to raise and tutor Eleni. She attended Hogwarts, being sorted into Slytherin house, but had a hard time making friends due to her studious nature and isolated childhood. In her free time, she would often be in an abandoned classroom working on improving different potions, but never really took it seriously until her seventh year where they could create a potion for extra credit on their NEWTS.

    Her father didn’t show up to her graduation, choosing instead to send her a present via owl post after she returned home to the manor. She stayed there for a couple of years before deciding to travel around Europe. She did so until she was 20 then came back to Wales to decide what to do with her life. She always found healing fascinating and she loved potions, so she thought about a mastery in Potions, but she didn’t have a sponsor. She’d heard of a university for the magical beings and after a bit of research, applied to be a double major between healing and potions, wanting to specialize in healing potions.


    Name: Calliope Marie Griffin nee Durand
    Age: 26
    Living or Deceased: Deceased (Age 26- Drowning)
    Blood type/Species: Pureblood Witch

    Name: Cassius Blaise Griffin
    Age: 49
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type/Species: Muggle-born Wizard

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Dragon Heartstring, Willow, 10 ¾ inches
    Broomstick: N/A
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Slytherin
    Why you chose your major: Eleni always had a knack for healing, having been fascinated by the effects of curses on the human body from even a young age. She was adequate at healing spells if she practiced them enough, but her true talent lay with potions.


    Name: Sir Purrsian
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Species: Cat (Chocolate Persian)
    Quirks: Named thusly because of a white patch of fur on his muzzle that looks like a mustache and a white ring of fur around his eye like a monocle

    Name: Jolly
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Species: Cat (Chocolate Persian)
    Quirks: Named because of his happy disposition and love of snuggling.

    Name: Spec
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Species: Great Horned Owl
    Quirks: Named because the markings around his eyes look like glasses


    OOC Alias: Lexi
    Best Way To Contact: (PM, email, Skype, etc) Skype (PM for username) before Email before PM

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    Codey Ellingston
    Codey Ellingston

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    PostSubject: Re: Eleni Annaliese Griffin   Eleni Annaliese Griffin EmptyFri May 13, 2016 8:13 am

    Eleni Annaliese Griffin Welcom11

    Eleni Annaliese Griffin CODEY_zpsf118e1ff
    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Eleni Annaliese Griffin

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