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     Violet Lynch

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    Violet Lynch
    Violet Lynch
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Violet Lynch   Violet Lynch EmptyTue May 10, 2016 7:53 am

    Violet Lynch Tumblr_mwn55iKNXE1qii19yo1_500


    Full name: Violet Elise Lynch
    Age: 18
    Date of birth: August 6th
    Birthplace: Paris, France
    Current location: London, England
    Blood status: Half-blood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Dragon-Training
    Year in University: First year


    Hair style and colour: Light brown, long, straight
    Eye colour: Brown
    Height: 5 foot 3
    Body type: Rather thin
    Dress sense: Generally casual, dresses. It depends on the occasion


    [At least 3 each, with the exception of quirks; please try and give details and not just one or two words.]

    -Dragons and snakes- fire, destruction, danger, she found it exhilarating. Plus her ability to communicate with snakes helps considerably
    -Potions- as a hobbie- it was useful to have a knowledge of potions
    -Sarcasm- it helped her weed out those that weren't worthy of her attention
    -Cigarettes- they relaxed her
    -Her pet snake Lilith

    -People- they annoyed her to no end. Always needing those mundane things like love and care
    -Extremely emotional people- crying, laughing, anger, people needed to learn to control themselves
    -Rules- she thought of them more for guidelines, for other people, never for herself

    -Cracks her knuckles occasionally

    -She smokes
    -Can sometimes take actions too far

    - She's a true individual
    -Generally thinks before she acts (though in some cases…)
    -Confident (probably overly confident)

    -Talking to people without scaring them
    -Bitter attitude
    -Lacks empathy and has never truly 'connected' with someone
    -No mercy

    More Information

    Violet is the only child of Clemence and Etienne Lynch. She grew up in Paris and attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, as her mother did before her. She'd always been different to others her age. She didn't take an interest in fashion, friendships or popularity, or anything like that. Instead, she grew to love the dark arts, snakes (unsurprisingly, as it was revealed to her that she was a parsel mouth at a rather young age, in a way that probably wasn't the most appropriate). As she grew, she learned more and more about being a parsel mouth, having fun terrifying the girls at Beauxbatons in horrible ways.

    Her parents had always been concerned with her disinterest in socialising with others, and they'd hoped that boarding school would help. Unfortunately, their hopes were unfounded. On top of that, Clemence and Etienne had been having marital issues, eventually divorcing. That, oddly, didn't bother Violet in the slightest. In fact, it meant that she just got two of everything.

    After graduating, she travelled for a year, needing time to find what she was actually interested. She found her teachers trying to push her into government careers, like becoming an auror or something like that. No, that wasn't for her, not at all. If anything, she'd be in trouble with the aurors more often than not. But travelling was good. She found, while in Egypt, dragon handlers. And, mesmerised by what those people did for work, well, it was certainly the direction that she wanted to go. So she did.


    Name: Clemence Lynch (nee Green)
    Age: 48
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type/Species: Witch (half blood)

    Name: Etienne Lynch
    Age: 50
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Blood type/Species: Muggle

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Cedar, dragon heartstring, 15 inches, unyielding
    Broomstick: Firebolt Supreme
    School that they went to: Beauxbatons
    House they were in: The equivalent of Hufflepuff (oddly enough)
    Why you chose your major: Violet had always been fascinated with dragons. And learning to train them would be, quite possibly, one of the greatest acquisition

    Name: Lilith
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Species: Snake (Red-bellied black snake)


    OOC Alias: Maddie
    Best Way To Contact: PM
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    Scarlett Waters
    Scarlett Waters

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    PostSubject: Re: Violet Lynch   Violet Lynch EmptyThu May 19, 2016 5:13 am

    Violet Lynch Welcom11
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    Violet Lynch

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