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     Gabriel Amos Long

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    Gabriel Long
    Gabriel Long
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    PostSubject: Gabriel Amos Long   Gabriel Amos Long EmptyMon May 09, 2016 6:02 am

    Gabriel Amos Long Season-4-of--glee-


    Full Name: Gabriel Amos Long
    Age: 21
    Date of birth: 5 May 1996
    Birthplace: Hillsborough San Mateo CouJanty, California
    Current location: Merlin’s Academy
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Auror
    Year in University: 3rd


    Hair colour and style: Black. If he’s just cut it, it’s short and neat, without him needing to do anything. However, once it grows longer, he tends to gel it up into spikes. If he’s running late or has run out of gel, his hair hangs low and creates a fringe, something he hates.

    Eye colour: Brown.

    Height: 5 foot 11 and still growing. He’ll be about 6 foot 1 when he’s finished.

    Body type: Fit and rather toned from all the sport he does.

    Dress sense: It can go either way, really, depending on his mood. Most of the time, he wears plain t-shirts and jeans topped with a hoodie if cold. On occasion, he does put on plaid collared t-shirts. If he needs to dress up for events, he can easily wear suits and ties, although he much prefers not to.


    [At least 3 each, with the exception of quirks; please try and give details and not just one or two words.]

      - The excitement of adventure and figuring out the unknown
      - Telling and listening to stories - the more details the better!
      - Getting tipsy once every so often (not drunk)
      - His girlfriend, duh
      - Chocolate
      - Savoury things
      - Rain
      - Sports
      - Music
      - Making jokes
      - Snow (cold weather)
      - Bacon ice cream

      - Not being in control of a situation he’s in
      - Things being messy
      - Corruption
      - Being bored
      - Long lectures in classrooms
      - People who are too tightly strung and can’t take a joke
      - Jokes that are distasteful (such as joking about serious matters like suicide or self-harm)
      - Writing long essays
      - Reading most fiction books
      - Plans being interrupted too many times
      - Sweets
      - Really hot days

    - He has a habit of clicking his tongue when annoyed at plans being changed, or he sighs really loudly to show he doesn’t like it
    - He likes pushing people’s buttons

      - Spontaneity isn’t something he’s particularly good at (in terms of going out plans and whatnot)
      - He isn’t a trend setter, and can sometimes fall to peer pressure because he doesn’t want to be seen as the ‘odd one out’
      - If left unchecked or unchallenged by people he respects, bad habits tend to ossify and can be impossible to change
      - Doesn’t listen to the advice of people unless he respects them (namely, his parents, Janina and some of his friends)
      - Rigid in his plans; when he’s unprepared to change plans he get get quite grumpy if something crops up that he hadn’t planned for. Of course, this is in terms of outings (like a sudden want to go to the zoo when the zoo wasn’t on the itinerary) and not things like not going somewhere because of sudden change of weather or other things out of his control.
      - Needy; Gab tends to need a minimum amount of times a day or he feels underappreciated and unloved

      - Quick-thinking and able to react very quickly to situations, although he doesn’t really enjoy differing from plans
      - Adventurous, and doesn’t mind trying new things as long as there are others trying it with him
      - Magic and wandwork; basically, he’s got a knack for picking up spells fast
      - Duelling, DADA, and Charms
      - Being diplomatic, since he tends to be able to reason things out
      - Planning and sticking to schedules (be it for work or for vacations)
      - He tends to be a very level-headed guy, preferring to weigh out the pros and cons before making a decision or doing anything
      - Bonhomie attitude
      - Adventurous; he enjoys discovering new things and trying new things, so long as they’re something planned
      - Helpful and considerate not just to people he knows, but strangers and whatnot; he’s the type to go over to help someone he doesn’t know carry things
      - Generous, although usually only towards his friends and people he at the very least knows
      - Loyal to a fault once you’ve earned his trust
    - Brave with a strong sense of justice, so he’s the type to get speak up instead of keeping quiet.

      - A good drink, although he doesn’t hold his alcohol well
      - Janina, because he loves her
      - Having to improvise; he hates this
      - Messy things, because he needs to clean and make it neat (he swears he doesn’t have OCD, though)
      - A good (action or adventure) movie
      - Factual theory; he’s not good with numbers, dates, or straight on dry facts
      - Maths
      - He would feel lost without his phone

    More Information

    Trigger warning for kidnapping and murder

    Gabriel was born on a windy day in a hospital in the wizarding world of America, and named after the angel himself, after Tulip fell in love with the name. Both parents came from English speaking families, and since both parents spoke different dialects, he grew up leaning bits of both Chinese and Cantonese, but he never really picked either up and has a typical ‘white person’ pronunciation of the words, rendering him mostly incorrect. However, he can understand more or less what’s being said.

    He doesn’t ever see his grandparents from his dad’s side since there is apparently a strain on their relationship, but his maternal grandparents spoil him and his siblings no end, since they are from a relatively well-to-do family. They often visit them in Hong Kong, and he’s familiar with the culture of that country. Growing up in the US, it was easy for him to adapt to the Western ways, so much so that he can easily flit between his different so-called personalities depending on who he is with.

    When he was 5, his parents gave birth to Autumn, his younger sister, and it was love from first sight. Never having really suffered from only-child syndrome, he took to his responsibilities as an older brother in stride. The two grew close, and despite having their own groups of friends (Gabriel attended a day-school center while Autumn was too young to go and instead had playdates with family friends), the pair was inseparable when together, with Gab being fiercely protective of his sister.

    The news of their mum’s latest pregnancy brought them joy, but then confusion with the addition of their father’s announcement - they were moving to the UK. For a while, Gabriel despised them for this decision, although, as the ever well-behaved child, said nothing to their faces. At 9, he already had close and best friends that he did not want to leave behind, and yet, that was what his parents were suggesting. And, more than suggesting, they had already made plans to do so.

    When, years later, he finally gave their explanations a chance and sat down to weigh the pros and cons of it all, he realised that they were right; it was for their own stability. There was none of that in the US, what with the government issues and all that was going on, and so the move to the UK was not only justified, but a smart thing. But at 9, he did not understand, and this sudden move was one of the things that resulted in his controlling tendencies when it came to plans.

    In any case, the move was difficult for him, although not as much for Autumn, and for a while he retreated, forlorn and missing the US and the home he had there. Trips to the US and Hong Kong were frequent but not the same, and he couldn’t help but feel lonely, even after his mum gave birth to his youngest brother, Brenton.

    But, two years later, when he started attending Hogwarts (sorted into Gryffindor) and met new people and made new friends and matured, he overcame this and saw it as just another thing in his life. Thriving in school and (most of) his studies, the most frequent reports his parents got from teachers were complaints that he was naughty or mischievous, but so happy that their son was back to normal, his parents did not reprimand him, and he got away with far more pranks than he should’ve been allowed to.

    He met Janina in his first year flying class. He had, apparently, a talent for the sport, for he had no qualms with the broomstick. Looking around, he saw a girl his age struggling, and moved over to offer her assistance. Her reaction was… less than pleasant, and Gab was slightly shocked, but retreated nevertheless, already intrigued by the Hufflepuff. Many days after this, he was out for a stroll when he saw something odd - the same witch sneaking towards an empty field, broom in hand.

    Watching from a distance, he was impressed with her tenacious attitude, and how she kept on trying. Eventually, she got in the air, and he couldn’t help but smile, watching as she got higher and higher. Just as he was about to turn and leave, he witnessed her lose control of the broom and come spiraling down to earth, and rushed forward as she crashed into the ground.

    A worried look on his expression, he glanced her over, but she didn’t seem too hurt, and a smirk touched his features. “So, you can fly after all,” he teased, offering her a hand up. She refused it, and it was then he let out a laugh. “No need to be so serious. I’m Gabriel. Let me join you the next time?” he added, and it was after some initial hesitation that she accepted, and the pair soon became best friends.

    It wasn’t until the start of his fourth year that he realised the feelings he felt towards her weren’t what was considered normal for a friendship; he realised he loved her - only, he had been seeing someone else on and off. Besides, with the way Janina was treating him, he was certain that she did not feel the same way. So, he dated other girls and tried to push thoughts away from liking her as anything more than a best friend.

    The turning point for this was in their sixth year. There was a Christmas ball, and he had one too many firewhiskey (smuggled in by some older years and passed out to friends). Slightly tipsy but not yet overly drunk, he was dancing with his date when she leaned in to kiss him. Despite having dated that particular witch before, his mind was only on one person - his best friend - and a slip of the tongue revealed this. Offended and hurt that her date refused to kiss her because he was thinking of someone else, she slapped him and stormed off.

    Downing another few firewhiskeys, Gabriel stumbled to the bathroom, suddenly feeling queasy, and threw up. The door opened, and he turned to find a rather livid Janina had stormed into the boys toilet, arms crossed and a lecture already leaving his lips. Stumbling to his feet, he leaned against the wall for support and turned to face his best friend. Despite the harsh words leaving her mouth, Gabriel could only think of one thing, and without thinking, he blurted, “You look beautiful tonight.”

    She froze, unsure how to react, and before Gab knew what he was doing, he had told her how he felt in a rambling, most inadequate way of confessing feelings ever. When he was done ranting, he awkwardly ran a hand though his hair and waited for the disapproval, only to be told in a very soft voice that she had felt the same about him.

    They got together the next day, when he was sober (and left with a raging headache), but till this day only their closest friends know the true story of how they got together.

    Unfortunately for them, both of them have always wanted the other to keep their last name, and when (not if, for Gabriel is certain that he can only love Janina) they get married, they will have double-barrelled surnames. Neither parents see anything wrong with this, but the pair, having grown up in Western countries and adopting Western norms as their own, have realised the implications of having their last name being Long-Wiwi. They have been teased by friends many times, but have decided that it’s an obstacle they will accomplish when the time comes.

    When he was 18, during the summer holidays, he was spending a day with his siblings, taking the both of them out for ice cream and just generally being an older brother. Brenton had begged to go to the beach, and against his usual ‘stick-to-the-plan’ attitude (which had involved the zoo), Gabriel agreed, and apparated them to the beach. Things had been going great and all, until, after trying to get some seagull poop out from his grossed out sister, he turned to make sure Brenton was still playing nearby, and couldn’t find his brother.

    Panic settled in, and, gripping Autumn’s hand tightly so that he didn’t lose her, too, Gabriel started a frantic search for Brenton, to no avail. A report was lodged with both the muggle police and aurors, and for two weeks the Long family sat around in apprehension and tense impatience, not being able to do anything other than wait for news. And then, sixteen days after his disappearance, Brenton’s body was found, strangled and dumped in a dense thicket of trees in a nearby park. No other trauma was found, and it was concluded that a psychopath had somehow lured the child away from the safety of the beach and killed him.

    Nobody was ever caught or prosecuted for the crime.

    Gabriel, feeling immense guilt for what had happened - for, in his mind, if he had just stuck to the plan, his brother would have been alive - had a change of mindset and decided to pursue becoming an auror instead of a dragon trainer. He didn’t want to just catch the bastard who murdered his youngest brother, but also prevent any sort of crime from happening.

    During the last term at Hogwarts, his girlfriend was his support pillar, and eventually the grieving period ended and Gabriel came out of it stronger than ever. Getting the acceptance letter, delivered by a black raven, was a surprise, but heart set on the course, he decided that Merlin’s was where he would go; finding out Janina had also been accepted there was amazing, and together, they started a new chapter of their lives.


       Name: Tulip Long (nee Lun)
       Age: 45
       Living or Deceased: Living
       Blood type/Species: Halfblood

       Name: Chen Long
       Age: 50
       Living or Deceased: Living
       Blood type/Species: Muggleborn

       Name: Brenton Long
       Age: 9 (at time of death)
       Living or Deceased: Deceased
       Blood type/Species: Halfblood

       Name: Autumn Long
       Age: 16
       Living or Deceased: Living
       Blood type/Species: Halfblood
       Etc: Student (6rd year Gryffindor)

       Name: Janina Wiwi
       Age: 21
       Living or Deceased: Living
       Blood type/Species: Halfblood

    Children: N/A

    Family History

    Chen was a muggleborn from China, growing up with financial instability; his parents weren’t the richest, though they worked hard to earn money and send him to school. When it was discovered he was magical, they thought it would be a good idea to use that to gain some extra income for his University. However, when they realised he would have to go to a school for ‘his kind’, they retreated a little, and left the decision up to the 11 year old, who, in the end, decided to pursue after his own people and left, much to the disappointment of his parents. He went to a nearby wizarding school, placed in a house similar to Slytherin. It was this point that he changed the order of his name around to make it easier for his classmates.

    After graduating, he decided to leave the wizarding world in pursuit of a better paying job in the muggle world. For the first few years, he worked odds and ends, doing janitor work at an oil company until he found a way to worm his way up the chain. He was later moved to Taiwan when the company relocated.

    Meanwhile, Tulip grew up in Hong Kong in one of the richer halfblood families there. She had everything she needed and lived comfortably, so much so that her parents were able to send her to Beaubaxtons, where she was placed in a Ravenclaw-like house. She easily topped all her classes and graduated with high marks, moving on to University to study Potioneering, one of her passions in life. After University, though, she decided to take a gap year to travel, and ended up going to Taiwan, backpacking around the country.

    They two met at a Lantern Festival, when Tulip bumped into Chen in a lone alley after the event was over, and Tulip automatically reached for her wand for protection. Upon noticing she was also a magical folk, Chen swore he meant her no harm, and also took out his wand to show her he was just like her. They ended up in a nearby pub, drinking and talking till the early morning. They became firm friends, and stayed in touch even when Tulip when back to Hong Kong to work, visiting each other on weekends and the like.

    Eventually, the two fell in love and started dating, before Chen proposed and they finally got married five years after they first met. Tulip moved to Taiwan where she continued her Potioneering work. A few months after the wedding, Chen was promoted - however, with the promotion came the news that they would have to migrate to the US, to go with a startup project they were doing there. Both Chen and Tulip discussed it and decided it was to be a new chapter in their lives, and so migrated to Hillsborough San Mateo County, California. It was here that Tulip fell pregnant and gave birth to their first child, Gabriel, a short while after their arrival.

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Spruce, Dragon heartstring, 11 inches
    Broomstick: The latest one
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Why you chose your major: To make a difference. Oh, wow. That’s so cliche, isn’t it? It’s true, though; I want to be one of those people that sees something wrong with the world and does shit instead of sitting around lamenting about how cruel it is. Because, I’ve seen it firsthand, and I know it’s bad, and I know I can do something about it. So, if not me, then who?

    Name: Poppy
    Age: 8
    Living or Deceased: Living
    Species: Owl


    OOC Alias: Melanie
    Best Way To Contact: PM or catch me in CB Smile
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    Gabriel Amos Long Welcom11

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    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Gabriel Amos Long

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