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     Quick Fixes (All-Years)

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    Maitland Ritter
    Maitland Ritter

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    Quick Fixes (All-Years) Empty
    PostSubject: Quick Fixes (All-Years)   Quick Fixes (All-Years) EmptyFri Dec 18, 2015 10:17 pm

    Maitland felt all different kinds of confused. One part of him was extremely happy to hear the news that Edenlia and him were having a boy. The other part of him was terribly, and disgustingly horrified. She was out of the first trimester and that meant unless some sort of freak accident occurred, in seven months Maitland was going to be a father. It was such a cold shock to his system, it made him shiver almost that he was going to be a father. It wasn't as if having a child was bad for him, he thought, he was thirty now; there was no way around it. Having a child now meant he would still be alive to see his grandchildren, and maybe if he was lucky (or super unlucky) he could see his grandchildren's children. It was exciting and nervous-ing.

    But didn't that perfectly sum up parenthood?

    He shook the thoughts out of his head and gave a heavy sigh. He entered his Spell Damage Classroom with a sense of professionalism despite his deep inner turmoil.

    "Good morning class, today I'm going to present you each with a damage through magic; I want you to assess the type of damage and inform me which way would be best to solve. As a refresher for types of damage," he trailed off, he waved his wand over the chalkboard so his handwriting appeared, "please read and remember the following."

    On the Chalkboard:
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    Parker Emery
    Parker Emery
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    Quick Fixes (All-Years) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Quick Fixes (All-Years)   Quick Fixes (All-Years) EmptyTue Dec 29, 2015 10:34 pm

    While Parker's time abroad had allowed him plenty of opportunities for hands on experiences with real people dealing with real afflictions, he strangely looked forward to returning to a traditional classroom environment. Having worked around other wixen that were far more educated and skilled than him, Parker knew he had a long ways to go before he would actually be ready to be a Healer...

    It would also be nice to see his professors again, especially those like Maitland, whom he had grown very close to over the past year or so. Entering class with bright eyes and still-obvious tan, Parker took a seat towards the front of the classroom and followed along with the brief review lecture regarding spell damage types.

    He had to think hard about what the professor was asking. When faced with any injury, it was usually fairly straight forward what action would need to be taken given the specific symptoms presented. However, actually classifying those things into their conceptual categories took a bit of textbook memorization. Parker raised his hand, and when called upon tried to give his best response.

    "Well, one of the things that's important to consider is the severity of typical jinxes as compared to hexes or curses, or other kinds of spells," he began. "Using visual cues, like what's written on the board, along with knowledge of what the afflicted's symptoms are, you can determine how serious their condition is and how they need to be dealt with in order to ensure the best results." Parker wanted to cringe, sounding like he pulled that right from the textbook, but he hoped he was at least on the right track.

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    Quick Fixes (All-Years)

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