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     Nova Elise Foreman

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    Nova Foreman
    Nova Foreman
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Nova Elise Foreman   Nova Elise Foreman EmptyFri Apr 03, 2015 6:27 am

    Full name: Nova Elise Foreman
    Age: 18
    D.O.B: August 15
    Birthplace: Uppsala, Sweden
    Current location: Merlin's Academy
    Blood status: Muggleborn
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Dragon Training
    Year in University: First year

    Nova Elise Foreman Her__in_a_city__by_m0thyyku-d4db75s
    Nova Elise Foreman In_that_city__her__by_m0thyyku-d4dkqkj
    Hair style: It's always kept short and she never does anything beyond repositioning a few strands.  The color is rarely subject to change, as she prefers white, but the occasional dark grey streak is thrown in from time to time.
    Body type: Rather thin, but not quite fit and lacking curves, almost boyish-looking.  She has very little body strength.
    Dress sense:  Nova spends about as much time on her clothing as on her hair, aiming for a simple tomboy style with very few bright colors.  On a typical basis she wears only one or two hues, or just several shades of grey, black, and white.


    - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
    This book played a key part in her childhood, allowing her to finally identify the magnificent creature she had seen in the Swedish mountains as a Swedish Short-snout dragon.  Her parents happily bought the book for her even though it would have no practical use until her third year.  To this day it remains her favorite thing to read.
    - Calm music, especially piano, and ambient noises.
    Daniel, Nova's father, picked up playing the piano around the time of her birth, so she grew up on the sound of those keys.  In her later years she decided to put some effort into learning that skill, and eventually she started developing a liking for playing Joe Hisaishi's music.
    - Writing by hand and calligraphy.
    With the ever-growing technological world, Nova found that she enjoyed handwriting more so than typing.  The elegance of calligraphy caught her eye as a young teen, and under the influence of the old-fashioned Hogwarts she began to practice it.
    - Simplicity, peace, and order
    Nova rises early every other morning to meditate in whatever quiet place she can find, though she prefers near the Sapphire Lake.  During this period of time she also journals, setting out before her the possibilities of the day.  Her in-class notes take on the same appearance: clean, precise lettering with no smudges

    - Strong scents of any kind, abnormally sweet ones in particular.
    Nova discovered, much to her dismay, that her nose was especially sensitive after entering a perfume boutique with her mother.
    - Anything incredibly dirty, even with only dust.
    First of all, she's allergic to dust, and her excuse for hating dirtiness is simply that it is "impure."
    - People who have no regard for their education and responsibilities.
    For Nova, learning is fun, a wonderful experience.  Those who disregard it are wasting their lives and ruining their future opportunities.
    - Physical activities
    Anything that requires the forceful use of her full body for an extended period of time is a no-go for Nova, besides swimming.  She doesn't mind if others exercise around her, but if they attempt to drag her into their things, she'll most likely leave.

    - Nova is prone to talking herself through things, notably when alone, a habit she does not feel needs to be purged.
    - At times when her mind wanders, she will often think of amusing happenstances and either laugh or smile to herself as a result, but will quickly catch herself if in a social setting.
    - When anxious, she tends to bite the inside of her mouth or drum with her fingers on whatever surface she can find.

    - Nova possesses a very vivid imagination, allowing her to easily develop ideas and content.
    - She thinks through what she wants to be made vocal more than some people, which prevents her from saying most rude or offensive things.  In addition, many consider her a good listener because of her thoughtful input and willingness to stay quiet.
    - In most situations she can remain calm and act as a peaceful mediator when tensions rise.
    - Academically Nova is quite successful, though never at the top of her class.  Without much effort she can retain fairly high grades, unless it depends on her physical ability.

    - Nova does not stress over many things, leading her to avoid pressing things she should do.  This comes into play especially with her schoolwork, but by completing it last-minute she is able to obtain satisfactory grades.
    - In group discussions that have no specific order, she suffers because her mind has to recite what she's going to say before actually saying it, and she hesitates when others are not speaking so as not to accidentally interrupt someone else.
    - She is unconcerned with tardiness and late projects, yet fears discipline.  Her parents believed that this habit had been dispelled at Hogwarts when she received detention for a late homework, but it still persists to this day.
    - Nova can be overly-skeptical when told things as facts, the distrust caused by her former best friend's joking tendencies.

    More Information
    Nova's parents shared a deep love for travel.  Having met in an oddball market in India, Daniel was entranced by Angelica's ability to adapt to the culture, especially so after he discovered she had only arrived there the previous week.  They exchanged contact information after spending hours discussing the innumerable wonders of the world over tea and coffee, then regretfully parted ways.  In the months following their encounter, they e-mailed back and forth, familiarizing with each other, until the point that they decided to meet again.

    When the two finally started dating officially, it came as no surprise that Angelica was quick to learn all she could about her boyfriend, while disclosing information about herself in turn.  After a year of traveling together throughout mainland Europe, they contacted each of their parents, Angelica's in Italy and Daniel's in Canada, to announce their engagement.  However, with neither of them being ones to plan ahead, the questions they were bombarded with were enough to sway them away from a rushed marriage.

    Eighteen months later, Angelica adopted Daniel's last name and the two honeymooned in Japan after a traditional ceremony.  Within two years of marriage while traveling, Angelica sprung it on Daniel that she wanted a child, a prospect he had never considered before.  For a week they discussed the notion: the pros and cons of traveling with an infant, the responsibilities they would have as parents.  They decided to attempt it, trying for months with no success.  As they became desperate, they consulted a doctor in America, and were told that Angelica was infertile.  Without the possibility of a biological child, they looked into adopting, but both were uncomfortable with the idea.  Instead, they persisted and continued to try on their own.

    Finally, after a full year of barren hope, Angelica tested positive.  From what they knew, the false results had been an error on the doctor's part, and Angelica was indeed fertile, now pregnant.  Two months before Nova's birth, the Foremans finally decided to settle in a small apartment in Uppsala, Sweden, which seemed the perfect place to raise their child.  And with polite, helpful neighbors, it was.  Nova had a troublesome birth, arriving via c-section rather than naturally.  This reflected her early childhood, as she was one to throw tantrums and insist on being with her parents at all times.

    From age six to ten, the three traveled extensively, as if Angelica and David were trying to make up for lost time.  They visited Lima, Tokyo, Istanbul, Sydney, even Moscow, until finally journeying back to where it had all began: the small market in India.  For every summer they returned to Sweden, spending longer periods of time back home in the hopes that Nova would feel better.  The girl had much trouble with change, denying her parents of true joy when traveling as her discomfort manifested as an uncomfortable sickness of the stomach.  However, there were no problems when at home in Sweden.

    An out-of-the-way summer hiking trip to the northwestern side of Sweden resulted in a chance encounter with a Swedish Short-snout, and at age eight, Nova was entranced by the creature, how its silvery blue hide shimmered as it spewed fire to make short work of its prey.  Since that moment of awe, nothing compared to the power and grace of dragons.  Their sheer size was enough to instill a paralyzing wonder in the viewer, and their breath was like that of a furnace, with smoke that lingered for days.  That memory would never slip from Nova's mind.

    The first time the Foremans knew that Nova was not normal was when, at age nine, she burnt her cereal after being told she couldn't put sugar in it.  Amusing though it may be, that was the beginning of a period of time in which Nova had no confidence in herself and was afraid to try anything new.  In her mind, all the strangers could tell that she was different, they just knew somehow.

    In contrast to her parents, the young Nova could not entirely handle the stress of a constantly changing environment, especially with the uncertainty of what she was, prompting Daniel and Angelica to find a more permanent residence until their daughter went to university.  They did hours, days of research, attempting to discover what school on earth would offer classes suited to... whatever Nova was.  In their eyes, her abilities partially stripped her of what they perceived as normal humanity, and thus she had no real reason to attend a regular school.  But between the incident with the dragon and Nova's "accidents," Daniel and Angelica were left clueless.

    As she grew older, Nova became less opposed to change, starting to take more after her parents.  When the Foremans moved to England, ten-year-old Nova embraced the chance to make permanent friends, blossoming in the environment after only a week of hesitation.  An odd thing happened before her eleventh birthday, however, when the family was visited by the headmaster of a school called Hogwarts.  It was explained that Nova was in fact capable of magic, qualifying her to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alongside others her age.  Cautiously, Angelica and Daniel agreed, sending Nova on the start of her journey with magic.

    Being put in Gryffindor was somewhat of a surprise, as Nova had never considered herself to be very brave, but with the knowledge that being a Gryffindor was more than that she was satisfied.  Through her years at Hogwarts, Nova forged several deep friendships, most notably with Eve Wilson, a Hufflepuff in the same year.  She spent every summer back in Sweden, always begging her parents to take her hiking once more, in hopes that the dragon might be seen again, but every time they relented and drove up to the mountains, there was no Swedish Short-snout.

    In her final year at Hogwarts, Nova was at a loss when asked what university she wished to attend, having little knowledge of ones geared toward magic folk.  Her best friend was going to one in far-off Australia, leaving Nova to decide for herself.  Fortunately, MAE came in at the perfect time, and so her future was set.

    As a result of her constant traveling, Nova speaks bits and pieces of several languages, and is almost fluent in Swedish.  Her mother is Italian, and did not hesitate to teach her daughter some of her native language, but Nova is most comfortable speaking English.

    Father: Daniel Foreman
    Mother: Angelica Foreman (neé Santoro)
    Siblings: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)
    Wand: Blackthorn, 11 ½ inches, dragon heartstring core
    Broomstick: Firebolt Supreme
    Pets: N/A
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Why you chose your major: "There's nothing else I would rather do."
    Nova clings to the notion that dragons are beautiful creatures with a certain mystique to them, and sees no reason to start studying something she knows nothing about.  Until this point, she has all but dedicated her life to dragons.

    OOC Alias: Apollo
    Best Way To Contact: PM, or the CB.

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    Dorian Ashworth

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    Nova Foreman
    Nova Foreman
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    Nova Elise Foreman

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