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     Andrew Leon Doholov

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    Andrew Doholov
    Andrew Doholov
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    PostSubject: Andrew Leon Doholov   Andrew Leon Doholov EmptySun Mar 08, 2015 3:29 am


    Full name: Andrew Leon Doholov 
    Age: 20
    D.O.B: (Day and month) August 12
    Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russia 
    Current location: Nottingham, England 
    Blood status: Pureblood 
    Occupation:  N/A
    Major: Healer 
    Year in University: Second Year


    Andrew Leon Doholov 13601410

    Hair style: Hard to describe but perfect 
    Body type: Hot 
    Dress sense: Impeccably sharp, usually in the form of a button up with slacks or jeans, but occasionally goes for his more natural Henley sweater or vee-neck 


    Likes: English speaking, Quidditch, reading, board games, card games, mind challenges, working out, spending time with his sister, reading to his babushka, partying, the club scene, shopping, talking about Quidditch
    Dislikes: Bad weather, small crowds, little group gatherings, talking politics with his father, talking about his future, heavy illnesses, drawing, fall  
    Quirks: Scrunches his when angry, his resting face tends to always fall into a smirk, sticks his tongue out when he thinks
    Flaws: Quick to snap, too curious for his own good, very driven
    Strengths: Speaking English, Potioneering, Flying, Charms, Divination
    Weaknesses: Terrible vision (wears contacts or glasses but if he forgets he's screwed), Astronomy, Arithmacy, boxers with funny logos on it, Honeydale's Tea, Honeyduke's Candy, burgers, scrunchies

    More Information

    Despite his family's name holding a terrible connotation in the Wizarding Community, Andrew and his younger by six years sister Viktoria, uphold the Pureblood name with grace and dignity. They do not cow under the disapproval of other's merely raise a brow and give the disapproving ones a look of distaste themselves. However, Andrew is not so pureblood that he thinks of blood purity as an issue, he's a very kind youth.

    He attended Durmstrang and his sister Beauxbatons, even though they are six years apart, Andrew loves Viktoria and they maintain a good relationship. His father and him not so much, Andrey Doholov wants Andrew to get in on the family business from his mother and Andrew's grandmother's side of the family which is a business of publishing. Andrew does love reading, but holds no desire to pursue a career in doing it. He'd rather dedicate his time to saving and improving lives. This was inspired by a boy in his year at Durmstrang he attended school with.

    Ulrich was not a squib but he may as well have been, the same year but a waif of a human, Andrew became friends with him in his fourth year of schooling. Andrew's outgoing with no partiality towards gender when it comes to dating or "other activities". Ulrich's parents were muggleborns and adamant that he do something muggleborn oriented once he was out of school. While visiting Ulrich the summer of their sixth year, Andrew was introduced to muggle technology at a Hospital after a drinking incident that involved him needing to visit there. That same summer he discovered his ability to transform into an animal; as it so turned out a horse. He was registered the following month.

    It was then that he got the motivation to become a Healer and integrate muggle techniques with wizarding ones. Although this is a stable job, his parents are on the fence about his pursuing it as a career. Andrew does not care. At all. He's happy and that's all that matters. In that way he's selfish, but he doesn't intend to be overly selfish. He just means to be happy and to not feel guilty for being happy. He wants others around him to share said joy.

    Now, the complications arise in his sexual orientation and relationships. He's bisexual but has had more relationships with women. Andrew's longest has been six months, which isn't the longest. He grows easily bored with people, but he's a driven man and goes out of his way to try and make things work. He's very flirty and touchy-feely, sometimes without intending to be. He values friendship, but not over what he tends to want from people. He especially loves challenges.


    Father: Andrey Doholov
    Mother: Isadora Doholov (neé Brutten)
    Siblings: Viktoria Doholov
    Children: NONE

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 11" Blood Wood, hair of unicorn core
    Broomstick: Swiftstick
    School that they went to: Durmstrang
    House they were in: House of Heart
    Why you chose your major: To help and serve others


    OOC Alias: Jay
    Best Way To Contact: Skype, email, blah
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    Dorian Ashworth

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    Andrew Leon Doholov

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