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     Adrienne Kang

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    Adrienne Kang
    Adrienne Kang
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    PostSubject: Adrienne Kang   Adrienne Kang EmptyWed Mar 04, 2015 6:05 pm


    Full name: Adrienne Kang
    Age: 1819
    D.O.B: (Day and month) December 1st
    Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
    Current location: A small coven-village in Norfolk, England
    Blood status: Mixedblood (Half-Vampire)
    Occupation: Junior Volunteer at the Ministry of Magic
    Major: Auror-in-training
    Year in University: First year. Second Year.


    image 1
    image 2

    Hair style: Black. In a grown out bob sort of style. Usually fairly messy or unbrushed looking (but styles well when she wants to). If it’s long enough, she pulls it into a short, messy ponytail as the base of her neck.
    Eye colour: Green / Hazel
    Body type: Around 5’6”. Fairly slim, but healthy looking though she’s not too active. Freckles all over, and sometimes has really obvious bags under her eyes.
    Dress sense: Simple and usually in black, greys, whites. Has a few brightly coloured statement pieces (skirts / shoes / bags). Doesn’t accessorize often or a lot. Occasionally likes to spend the time to do her makeup all nice. Has a few parasols and hats.


    Likes: quidditch, flying, heights, hippogriffs, birds, east and south asian dragon breeds (the “nice ones” she calls them), the wind in her hair, other creatures, nighttime
    Dislikes: herbology, most bugs, sitting around not doing anything, being told what to do
    Quirks: even just a night of not sleeping well can make the bags under her eyes very noticeable, would prefer to fly just about anywhere even if it's a decent walking distance, if its long enough she twirls her hair around one of her fingers when bored
    Strengths: high flying and flying tricks, very go-with-the-flow and easy going when it comes to friends and spending time with people, very determined to get her way and work hard for it
    Weaknesses: not actually that great at quidditch, strong sunlight, some food and metal allergies

    More Information

    Adrienne’s mother, Fai, was a halfblood witch born and raised in Thailand. Coming from a comfortably well-off home, Fai did a lot of travelling throughout Eastern and Western Europe as a young adult, doing whatever it was she fancied. Her parents didn’t exactly approve of her fairly reckless travels, but they never went out of their way to try to bring her back home because she always made a point to tell them how much she was learning out in the world and how much it would help her later on in life.

    She went hostel to hostel, bar to bar all over the continent for almost a year before meeting a young wizard by the name of Codey in wizarding London. It was just like most of her other one-night ventures, until she discovered she was pregnant a few weeks later. By then it was far too late to try to track down the wizard, with her now in Romania and nearing the end of her trip. Getting rid of the child was a thought that had occurred to her, but she knew if her parents found out it would be even worse than if she kept it.

    Fai stayed in one of the smaller villages of Romania for a few days longer than she initially planned so she could try to figure out what to do upon her return home. On her last night there, however, while walking back to where she was staying after a nice dinner out, she was viciously attacked by a rogue vampire. She awoke in her bed the following morning with intense pain throughout her body, but no physical marks to show for it. She wasn’t sure the attack had even happened at first until she started to feel the obvious changes in herself throughout her next few days of travel that fully hit her once in Lebanon. Panic stricken, she sought out the prominent vampire covens in the area, and was able to receive some aid from them in terms of basic necessities and knowledge for her new terms of survival.

    Things would have been difficult enough to return home pregnant, but to also return home a creature… well, Fai knew that would be too much for her parents. And she was right. Right after her return back to Thailand and registering with the Ministry there, her parents disowned her.

    She was able to live off what savings she still had left before seeking out work that she was actually able to do (as the laws weren’t nearly as accepting as they’d been in many other places she’d visited during her travels). The work she was able to find was always temporary and almost never paid well. Financially, she struggled greatly throughout her pregnancy. The struggle continued as Adrienne grew up, but the young witch never grew up thinking anything held her back. Fai wanted to give her the best life she possibly could despite their half-shared affliction.

    When Adrienne approached eleven years old, Fai reached out to schools from some of the neighboring countries that could potentially provide aid in terms of finances and special services for Adrienne. The cheapest of the options given to her was India’s Academy of Sorcery, where Adrienne spent her first year at school. It was a difficult transition culturally, but as she learned more English and got more accustomed, she grew to love it. While Adrienne enjoyed her first year among friends of all kinds, her mother was able to finally secure herself a job within the creature-human relations department of the Thai Ministry of Magic. Fai was now bringing in a far more significant income and decided that she wanted Adrienne to go to the prestigious Chinese Institute of Magical Arts now that she could better afford it. The news was heartbreaking to Adrienne, who threw fit after fit all summer long before finally accepting that her mother wasn’t going to change her mind.

    The adjustment there was another extremely difficult one. And despite the cultural, linguistic, and study-habit barriers, Adrienne thrived. She missed her old friends, but it didn’t keep her from trying to make new ones - ones that have stayed by her side ever since. Loyal and true, similar to the rest of the house they had been sorted into.

    In her third year, after her mother had been promoted and was able to buy her that nice, new broom she always wanted, Adrienne learned about her talent with flying. She wasn’t the best at Quidditch or the other regional sport, but in daring winter-time competitions between friends and enemies alike, she was able to test her skills in high-flying where one showed off tricks and risky maneuvers while flying as high as possible. She impressed the older-years with her daring and was even able to make some money through bets.

    The next few years went by without problem until 6th year when she fell from her broom and sustained severe injuries that kept her bedridden for half the year. This allowed her the time to focus more on her studies. She had never been a poor student, but an average one with so much potential if she only put in the effort. It was around this time that major issues were starting to build regarding Thailand’s creature rights movement. And early on in Adrienne’s seventh year, a dispute between her mother’s department and one of their major opponents ended in her mother getting  irreversibly cursed and placed into the hospital until the holidays when Adrienne could visit her.

    During Adrienne’s visit, she found out that the healers didn’t know how long her mother could live, but her mother expressed that she didn’t want such news to get in the way of Adrienne’s success. She wanted Adrienne to get into a good school and find her father - someone her mother had previously said she didn’t know.

    It was difficult to return to school, leaving her mother behind but taking the baggage of all she was told. But she promised to her mother she would work hard and get into a good academy to study. Adrienne didn’t know what she wanted to do besides the feeling that she wanted to do it all. And so she would study as such. The difficulties of such paid off with the letter from Merlin’s - a prestigious English Academy that she had never heard of before despite all her research.

    Relaying the news to her mother, they were able to arrange and early release from the hospital to spend the summer together on the English countryside where a little known vampire coven had agreed to take care of Adrienne’s mother while she attended Merlin’s.


    Father: Codey Ellingston
    Mother: Fai Kang

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 10” cypress, phoenix tail feather, springy
    Broomstick: Skylight - F3 Series (reaches decent speeds, but handles excellently at extreme heights)
    Pets: Brahminy Kite that is named Candy
    School that they went to: India’s Academy of Sorcery for her first year, and then the Chinese Institute of Magical Arts for the rest of her school years.
    House they were in: Houses akin to Gryffindor. Centered around a sense of adventure, and good for those that are headstrong and know where their hearts lie.
    Other: She speaks fluent Thai and English, and knows conversational Mandarin Chinese. Wants to be Minster of Magic.


    OOC Alias: Taylor
    Best Way To Contact: PM, email, or skype

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    Dorian Ashworth

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    Adrienne Kang
    Adrienne Kang
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    PostSubject: Timeline   Adrienne Kang EmptyFri Mar 13, 2015 9:34 pm

    First Year
    (Auror-In-Training, 18 years old)

    First Term (Sept/Oct/Nov):
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    Adrienne Kang

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