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     License to Chill (Study) [Parker & Lilliana]

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    Lilliana Noel

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    License to Chill (Study) [Parker & Lilliana] Empty
    PostSubject: License to Chill (Study) [Parker & Lilliana]   License to Chill (Study) [Parker & Lilliana] EmptyTue Feb 10, 2015 9:46 pm

    Lilliana smiled softly as the grass tickled the bare soles of her feet; when she had taken off her shoes she honestly wasn't sure, but it wasn't long after they had settled down. The atmosphere was much warmer than it was a few days ago, a sign that Spring truly around the corner. There was a gentle breeze blowing and everything was peaceful.

    On her left was a pile of books - or multiple, really - consisting of personal stuff, textbooks, and notebooks. On her right sat her friend (and it amazed her to be able to say this with certainty), Parker. Somehow, and she wasn't quite certain exactly, they had decided to spend one afternoon studying together. Now, the fellow Healer-in-training had seemed like a nice guy, and ever since bumping into him in the corridor, Lily had taking a liking to him. He wasn't the prying kind, and almost as afraid of crowds as she was - although she expected not for the same reasons.

    So, on a Friday afternoon, after all classes had finished, they had made their way outdoors, to a quiet field. It had taken a bit of adjusting, what with both of them having babies to take care off, thanks to Aria and her class. But it had all worked out, and both babies were asleep in prams under the shade of the trees. In all honesty, Lilliana didn't mind as much as some others did; she found that she had quite a knack for taking care of Stephanie Noel (which was what she had named her child). Somehow, mothering just came for her, which she supposed was lucky. The last thing she needed was more stress. Already the Ministry had been hounding after her for the past week, and she was at her wits end trying to get them to understand that she simply was not interested in working for or with them.

    Somewhere near her, hidden and out of sight, Bella was also relaxing in the warmth of the Spring sun, keeping a watchful eye on her mistress in case anything happened. But as long as the house elf was out of sight and her nose was buried in her text book, Lily was happy, feeling like just any ordinary person; this was something that happened so rarely that whenever it did, even if just more a mere few seconds, she treasured it fully.

    With a little stretch, she turned to take a sip of water, when a small cry caught her attention. It had been coming from not her girl, but the baby that Parker had been assigned, and despite this she stood up at once. "Do you to do it, or may I?" she asked, glancing towards the man with a small smile.
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    Parker Emery
    Parker Emery
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    License to Chill (Study) [Parker & Lilliana] Empty
    PostSubject: Re: License to Chill (Study) [Parker & Lilliana]   License to Chill (Study) [Parker & Lilliana] EmptyWed Feb 18, 2015 12:12 am

    Parker briefly closed his eyes as the cool breeze blew over his face and gently parted his hair. Sitting in the grass so far from most everyone else, in comfortable silence with Lily was... peaceful. He didn't remember the last time he had felt like this. Even with the fake baby he now had to care for, and being somewhat close to the lake, he felt good.

    A lot of it might have been because Lily was so easy to be around, their forming friendship had been as natural as most of those he'd made back at Hogwarts. As easily overwhelmed as he'd been lately, sitting with her in classes or having short conversation in the hall seemed to quiet down a lot of the noise in his head. It was odd. But for the moment, he didn't want to think about those things. He just wanted to sit against this tree like he had been doing and enjoy the moment for what it was. Books and notes surrounding them, fresh spring air in their noses.

    But this was interrupted by his fake-baby starting to cry. He turned his attention towards where it laid (he had absolutely refused to name it, they were human-looking enough as it was and didn't need any more humanizing aspects). Parker looked up to Lily, who had automatically stood to respond. "Oh, erm, feel free if you'd like?" He didn't want her to feel responsible for his little project too, but honestly didn't mind if she so insisted. It seemed to come rather naturally to her anyways.
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    License to Chill (Study) [Parker & Lilliana]

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