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     Cassana Emalia Rose

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    Cassana Brennham
    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Cassana Emalia Rose    Cassana Emalia Rose  EmptyWed Dec 31, 2014 1:42 pm


    Full name: Cassana Emalia Rose
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: (Day and month) August 14
    Birthplace: New York City, New York
    Current location: Merlin's Academy
    Blood status: Pureblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Potioneering
    Year in University: First Year

    Cassana Emalia Rose  Tumblr_loybzuj0am1qemmm7
    Hair style: Curly, wavy
    Body type: Petite
    Dress sense: Dresses


    Likes: Candy, books, adventures, studying, new people, muggle movies, running, magic, sunsets, dancing, writing,
    Dislikes: Unprovoked rudeness, bullying, frogs, slugs,
    Quirks: Easily zones out, clumsy
    Flaws: Hot-tempered, determined, easily trusts
    Strengths: Spells, Potions, learning, muggle movie trivia, candy distinction, befriending people
    Weaknesses: Klutziness, flying, forgetfulness, friends, family, books, her passions,

    More Information

    Cassana or Cassie was born to Macen and Idna Rose, when her older sister, Gabriella was five. Macen was a pureblood who was born in Boston and attended Tituba's Academy for Gifted Children in Salem, Massachusetts at the age of 12. A school created for children with magical powers and houses named after the "witches" hung in the trials; the House of Goode specialized in Defense Against the Dark Magic (DAtDA) and Soothsaying (Divination), the House of Colony specialized in Astronomy and Herbology, the House of Tituba in Flying and Transformations (Transfigurations), and the House of Osborne specialized in Potions and Spells (Charms). In America the prejudices for blood purity is a rarity and so when Macen met Idna Faulter, a Beauxbatons witch, there was no objects.

    Although five years is not a great age gap, Gabriella was a self-sufficient girl who was not around for much of Cassie's life. Gabriella, instead of choosing to go to school in America, moved to the United Kingdom to attend Hogwarts and lived with their uncle Maxwell Faulter. While Cassie and her parents stayed in New York and had Cassie take the flight out to Salem for her schooling. Cassie didn't mind Gabriella's absence, she got the occasional letter, the pretty gifts, and grew herself to be independent. She found she had a knack for running to combat her love for candy and sweets and growing up ended up slightly forgetful (incidents like her being stores with glass ornaments and decorations in which she tripped on nothing and broke at least two shelf worth of glass figurines). She tends to start to do something then forgets what she's doing.

    She's a writer and so she's often in a dream-land in which she's creating intricate stories and plots. She chose Potions because when she was fourteen her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and not many spells can cure that. Neither did potions but it did a better job helping her than any other. She would visit hospitals, mostly magic, and see how greatly potions changed people's life. Her mother is still alive, but changed to appreciating all she had. She was inspired. When she graduated at seventeen from TAfGC she chose to be a Potioneer, after a year of searching for the right school to do so, she found that overseas was best. She packed her bags and applied for Merlin's Academy for Excellence.

    She's excited to meet new people and make new memories, but mostly to make her dream of becoming a Potioner come true; she's open to adventures and new experiences all the time.


    Since entering Merlin's Academy, Cassana has had a truly wild-ride. She still plans on becoming a Potioneer, her heart is just more dead-set on accomplishing this dream. She's made a best-friend, someone who really completes her in Brooke Astrid (née Walters). They started off as roommates in dormitories to sharing an apartment in Avalon. She would also meet two other people she would develop very close friendships with: Tess Holmes and Parker Emery.

    In regards to Tess she thinks very highly of the brunette; who has seen her at her worst and helped her develop more as a person. Parker Emery is just about the sweetest boy she's ever come in contact with and truly she loves the two of them dearly.

    Some big events that happened since entering Merlin's; her sister being disowned from the family, having a boyfriend, Daniel, and breaking up with said boyfriend on her birthday to marry Devin Brennham. At first she was hell-bent on hating Devin for the rest of their shared lives, but as time passed and more things happened including basically spending no time with her friends due their busy lives (Brooke, after a terrible accident, vacationing alone elsewhere, Parker off on vacation, Tess being a fairy princess of the sort) she began to forgive him. It really wasn't anything either of them control.

    And now at the dawn of her Third Year at Merlin's, she's beginning to feel the tugs of something more for her husband, something far too familiar and yet new and good all at once. Whatever this school year brings, she's excited to experience it with everyone at her side!


    Father: Macen Rose
    Mother: Idna Rose (neé Faulter)
    Half-Sibling(s): Gabriella Rose
    Spouse: Devin Brennham
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 12", elm wood, core of dragon's bone
    Broomstick: Oakshaft '79
    Pets: French bulldog named Max, Owl named Yule
    School that they went to: Tituba's Academy for Gifted Children in Salem, MA
    House they were in: the House of Osborne
    Why you chose your major: She wants to be a Potioneer for the Ministry to help creatures and others


    OOC Alias: Jay
    Best Way To Contact: OR

    UPDATED: 12/20/2015

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    Dorian Ashworth

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    PostSubject: Re: Cassana Emalia Rose    Cassana Emalia Rose  EmptyThu Jan 01, 2015 12:19 pm


    Please make sure you claim your pureblood history, and face claim under claims Smile
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    Cassana Brennham
    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

    Posts : 199

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    PostSubject: Re: Cassana Emalia Rose    Cassana Emalia Rose  EmptyMon Jan 19, 2015 12:25 pm

    Cassana's Timeline
    to fix later
    Pre-Merlin Academy for Excellence
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    Cassana Emalia Rose

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