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     Amerix Skye

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    Amerix Skye
    Amerix Skye
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    PostSubject: Amerix Skye   Amerix Skye EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 10:59 pm


    Full name: Amerix Korali Skye
    Age: 20
    D.O.B: 05 May 1994
    Birthplace: Switzerland
    Current location: Merlin’s Academy
    Blood status: Half-blood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Auror
    Year in University: First year.


    Amerix Skye F8c697d62d379a9b5cdea03d7ea6fdc4

    Hair style: Long and thick with natural waves.
    Body type: Slim.
    Dress sense:  Prefers casual clothing (jeans and t-shirt) but likes to dress up every once in a while as long as it is comfortable and modest.


    - Having her alone and quiet time when she can do what she wants
    - Reading and singing in the shower.
    - Journaling
    - Solving jigsaw puzzles

    - Confrontations
    - When people make decisions concerning her without her knowledge
    - Being interrupted when she is concentrating on something

    - She is a thinker and likes analysing things before acting or saying them out
    - She needs to do something with her fingers while sitting still i.e. fiddling with pens when listening to lectures

    - She tends to jump to conclusions and form assumptions before finding out the real facts. This sometimes leads to conflict and disagreements.
    - She has a very low self-confidence level and is always second guessing and doubting herself and her abilities.
    - She is quite shy and timid and causing her to miss opportunities because she doesn’t take a step forward.
    - Amerix doesn’t work well under pressure or stress

    - Amerix is very loyal and will defend her friends at any cost
    - Is a good listener and will not interrupt when someone is explaining things or unloading their burdens. She is quite intuitive and sensitive, knowing when to speak and when to be silent.
    - Is a peacemaker. Can listen to both sides of the argument and provide a solution.
    - She has an uncanny tolerance level so it takes a lot to get her upset or angry.

    - She has trust issues and so doesn’t make friends very easily. As such, when thrown in a situation where there are a lot of people she doesn’t know, she becomes the outsider, the one that is left out. It takes a long time to gain her trust but once you have it, you have a very loyal friend for life.
    - Because of her low self-confidence, her spells are not very strong and she performs poorly when people are looking at her and expecting results.
    - Her high tolerance level combined with her dislike for confrontations leads to her being bullied and not saying anything about it. People notice this and take advantage of her.
    - She tends to follow rules and instructions, especially the ones her parents give. This leads to her obeying her parents even if she doesn’t really like their decision.

    More Information

    Both Orfeld and Jemima are Aurors. They met when he was 28 and she 27 and they had to work together to investigate a crime. At first, they disliked each other’s style of working and way of thinking but soon realised that they worked quite well together when they had to track down and apprehend a dark wizard. They fell in love and had a small marriage ceremony two years later.

    Amerix was born a year after their marriage. She grew up with a lot of love from her parents although they were very strict with her, setting rules and guideline that, if broken, would result in some form of punishment although it was never physical punishment. They always had time for her and were never too busy to listen to her. They taught her life as well as moral principles.

    Two years later, Jemima was assigned to investigate the crimes of a dark a wizard. She found him in a maze of tunnels and caves and tried to apprehend him. He injured her with a spell before help could arrive to overpower him. The healers tried their best to restore her but she was left unable to conceive or bear any children making Amerix the only child.
    Because of this, Amerix grew up not having very good social skills. She was a girl of little words, only speaking when necessary. Her parents doted on her as she was he only child. She was quite a spoiled child but she never was a brat. Even as a young child, her parents noticed that she would think a lot. Often, they would find her staring into space just thinking about anything and everything.

    At eleven years of age, she received a letter of acceptance to the local wizarding school. It was then that the bullying started. She didn’t know why the resident bully decided to pick her out of the many other students at the school to bully. Perhaps it was because she was always alone, always quiet, always withdrawn into herself. For the first couple of weeks, she did try to make friends but her poor social skills caused awkward moments. She only had a handful of friends that she could fully trust and even then, it took a lot of effort on their part to pull her out of her shell an make her comfortable to be with them. The rest of the students were her acquaintances, just knowing her name and other general details but not knowing her fully.

    She began to develop trust issues when a boy under the guise of ‘liking her’ began to try and get close to her. She naïvely believed him and confided most of her secrets to him. He then proceeded to spill everything to his buddies as well as fabricate stories of how intimate they were. His buddies sent howlers throughout the school announcing these made up stories. It made the bullying and teasing escalate but she didn’t report it to the headmaster deciding instead to tolerate them because she didn’t want to make it worse if they ever found out she told on them.

    When her boyfriend of two and a half-years cheated on her behind he back, she promised herself to not trust anybody ever again until they could prove they were reliable. She purposely avoided any sort of romantic relations, not wanting to be hurt again. She still kept close to the small group of friends she could trust. They would comfort her whenever she got bullied. They tried convincing her to report to the headmaster but she stubbornly refused.

    She channelled all her energy into completing her studies as best as she could. She completed both her O.W.L and N.E.W.T with O’s and E’s. She decided to work in her favourite bookshop and teach herself English to prepare to enter MAE since she was only fluent in German, Italian and French as those are the national language of Switzerland. When she turned 20, she enrolled in MAE with a major in Auror.



    Mother: Jemima Skye (nee Karin)
    Father: Orfeld Skye
    Siblings: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Pine, 10 and a half inches, Unicorn Hair
    Broomstick: None
    Pets: No pets
    School that they went to: Switzerland based wizarding school
    House they were in: Ravenclaw
    Why you chose your major:

    Amerix had grown up being bullied often in school. Her timidity, shyness and dislike for confrontations made her an easy target because she didn’t report the abuse to the principle. No one dared to stand up for her or protect her in fear of attracting the bully’s hatred and getting themselves bullied in return. She had always wished someone had defended her.

    When she graduated from the wizarding school in Switzerland, she decided to major in Auror so that she could protect other people from suffering through the same things she did. Also, she wanted to improve her flaw of not being able to work under stress or pressure and thought that the training Auror’s had to go through would help her with this flaw. Another main reason is that both her parents are Aurors and at least one of their parents are Aurors so she decided to continue that line.


    OOC Alias: Lydia Jean
    Best Way To Contact: PM Amerix Skye

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    Dorian Ashworth

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    PostSubject: Re: Amerix Skye   Amerix Skye EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 11:04 pm

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    Amerix Skye

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