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     A Brit and His Tea (Parker)

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    Humphrey Williams
    Humphrey Williams
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    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    A Brit and His Tea (Parker) Empty
    PostSubject: A Brit and His Tea (Parker)   A Brit and His Tea (Parker) EmptySat Dec 06, 2014 10:32 pm

    A proper Englishman always had to have tea, and Humphrey found he was starting to run low when he checked his supply. Tutting, he felt slightly shocked at low he'd let himself get without even noticing. "After all, a Brit and his tea are two things that should never be separated. Time to head into Avalon." he said quietly to himself. While he was shopping in Avalon the last time he'd noticed a tea shop, Honeydale, Honeybee, something like that. It had looked rather inviting but he didn't go in at the time because he needed to get all his school shopping out of the way. This would give him an excuse to explore it though, and if what he saw from looking in the windows was anything to judge by, Humphrey had a feeling he would enjoy it immensely. As today was a Saturday, he had plenty of time to spend in the shop. Most of his homework he'd completed on Friday night, and the small amount was left he was sure he could finish either later tonight or Sunday without a problem.

    Wrapping up in a leather jacket, a comfortable black tee, a pair of navy jeans, and his signature blue converse on his feet, Humphrey made his way out of the castle. The werewolf found himself whistling as a tune as he started walking across the grounds, and then on the path leading from the school to Avalon once he'd walked past the gate. One nice thing at Merlin's, as opposed to Hogwarts, was that the students were allowed to leave the campus. They didn't always, because many were busy with heavy course loads, but he was someone who liked to explore and it wasn't the first time he'd left in the short time he'd been here. So far he was enjoying the school, and was surprisingly starting to feel at home in his little dorm.

    Before twenty minutes had passed he was walking into the little village, still quite warm in his favorite coat despite the light chill in the September air. Soon he was walking into the Honeydale Tea Shop, and breathed deeply of the lovely aromas. There was loose leaf tea, the regular kind in bags, and even a few plants here and there. Some of those were probably magically altered so they could grow in this climate, if he had to guess. Walking around the shop, he found that he was having a difficult time deciding what to buy because everything smelled and looked so wonderful. Searching the store, he found a young man who looked like he worked there and gave him a wave. "Umm, hello. I was wondering if you any tea recommendations. All of these look so good I'm having trouble picking one." he told the man with a smile.
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    Parker Emery
    Parker Emery
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    Healer In-Training

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    A Brit and His Tea (Parker) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: A Brit and His Tea (Parker)   A Brit and His Tea (Parker) EmptyMon Dec 22, 2014 5:29 pm

    ((OOC: Sorry this took so long! I had finals and then my winter break just started!!))

    Parker had just started his new job at the tea shop the previous week, so there was still a lot he was learning and trying to get used to. He'd never been able to work a proper job back home over the holidays given the fact that he didn't graduate from muggle high school. And even if he had gotten a job, he was sure there were a lot of differences between how muggle and magical shops were run anyway.

    His shift so far that day had not been going well at all, despite all his best efforts. Within the first hour, he tripped and would have spilled an entire party's drinks if there weren't anti-spill charms on the cups. It was embarrassing as all hell given how many people were in the shop for the weekend, but the feeling was eased by the shop owners kindness and patience. Instead of him continuing to serve customers, she instead moved him back to the register to help those that were just purchasing tea products instead of drinking and dining there.

    He loved that part of the store most, always fragrant and full of life with all the little magically maintained tea-plants. Since there weren't any customers that looked like they needed any help at that moment, Parker just busied himself by restocking the cabinets with products from the back as well as by arranging the displays on the front counter.

    Parker was adjusting the front of his uniform shirt back near the register when someone around his age - probably a classmate - entered the store. He seemed to enjoy the atmosphere just as much as Parker did. After looking around for a short bit the blond looked up and waved over to him. Parker strolled over while tucking in the back of his shirt.

    "Umm, hello. I was wondering if you any tea recommendations. All of these look so good I'm having trouble picking one."

    Parker 'hmm'd' to himself in thought before responding in his rather heavy Irish accent. "Well, what kinds of teas d'ya like? We've got a lot to choose from. Fruity, woody, herb teas, several kinds of special enchanted brands as well! Personally, though, I like black and green teas."
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    A Brit and His Tea (Parker)

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