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     Humphrey Williams

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    Humphrey Williams
    Humphrey Williams
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Humphrey Williams   Humphrey Williams EmptyFri Nov 21, 2014 12:04 pm


    Full name: Humphrey Stephen Williams
    Age: 18 Years Old
    D.O.B: 18th November
    Birthplace: Bath, England
    Current location: York, England.
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Student
    Major: Dragon-Training
    Year in University: Will be starting his Year One with the coming school year.


    Hair colour: Dirty Blonde
    Hair style: Medium length for guys and messy/wavy
    Height: 6'1
    Eye colour: Brown
    Freckles: None
    Beauty spot: Not sure if it can be called a beauty spot, but he has a small scar on his right cheek from an accident his first time riding a broomstick. The scar is cross-shaped.
    Body type: Leanly muscular
    Dress sense: Tries to be comfortable when possible and is almost always in jeans and t-shirts when not in school uniform.


    Likes: Piano, good books and poetry, writing, taking long walks by himself, and satirical humor. Also enjoys astronomy, simply gazing up at the stars and picking out constellations and different things. Classic Rock, Classical, and some random alternative artists that he enjoys playing and listening to. Flying on his broomstick, enjoys the freedom of it.
    Dislikes: People who talk incessantly, rap and pop music he hates with a passion, dislikes being in crowds and tries to avoid them whenever possible. The drama young people often create for no real reason. Talented and smart people who slack off and waste their potential.
    Quirks: Is often humming bits of music to himself. Always, no matter where he goes, has to have a notebook and pen or pencil on him, even if it is just shrunk and hiding in his pocket. Tends to seek out places to be alone more often than other people.
    Flaws: Not good at making friends, often loses track of time when reading, writing, or playing piano. Always tries to do things on his own, hates asking for help. Sometimes he makes sarcastic comments without thinking and lands himself in trouble.
    Strengths: Creative thinking, gets along well with all sorts of animals and creatures, confident, self-reliant, and flying on his broomstick.
    Weaknesses: Potions, can be overly reluctant to ask for help, gets lost in his own world sometimes, and his low tolerance for drama and teenage idiocy can sometimes get him into trouble.

    More Information

    Humphrey's family history is not remarkable or unusual in any way, really. His mother was a pureblood witch named Janine, who despite the disdain from her family who chose to disown her after learning she married a muggle lived like anyone else. She worked as a Healer in St. Mungo's. The father, Gregory simply fell for a girl who he later found out was a witch, but that didn't scare him away from her in the slightest. Humphrey was an only child, and his father had no family; so, aside from relations on his mother's side who refused to acknowledge his existence. All he had were his parents.

    At the age of five, a vicious werewolf attacked their home. Humphrey's first real memories are of the attack, and he remembers watching his parents get ripped apart by the beast. Thinking he was next, the young boy had tried to run but was run down and bitten three times. One bite was on the left side of his chest, a second just above the hip on the left, and the third and final bite was on his right thigh. Eventually somebody heard the commotion and found the boy lying in his own blood. He was rushed to St. Mungo's and ended up surviving, though forever changed and cursed to live the life of a werewolf.

    After the accident he was taken in at an orphanage in Bath, and as he learned to deal with the transformations he gradually became more and more of a loner. When he was seven he started to play the piano and to write in addition to reading lots of books, those outlets helped him cope in some ways with what he went through. Slowly though, he started to develop an unhealthy view of himself because his memories of the monster that tore apart his parents still haunted him. He was careful to make sure he was well away from any humans whenever he transformed, but he still feared what he might do.

    The first time he manifested magic was when he was nine, and he accidentally changed the color of his pyjamas while in bed. Luckily he was able to hide what had happened from the muggles he lived with, but he knew then that he would one day end up going to Hogwarts. Humphrey started to work as a paperboy so he could save up money for when that day came. When he was eleven, the boy was not surprised to receive the acceptance letter to Hogwarts and eagerly went to gather his school things and get ready. Hogwarts was even more amazing than he expected.

    Although he refrained from making many friendships while at the school, Humphrey excelled in all his classes. He loved also taking long walks through the forest and around the grounds and the black lake, some nights he would also go up to the astronomy tower sneakily and spend time stargazing. Far too quickly his years at Hogwarts was over, but to his surprise he found himself accepted at Merlin's Academy. He began to eagerly await the day he started at the new school.

    Father: Gregory Williams (deceased)
    Mother: Janine Williams (deceased) (neƩ Saban)
    Siblings: None
    Spouse: None
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None
    Children: None

    Other: Grandmother Christina Saban, Grandfather Harold Saban, Aunt Matilda Saban. (None of them contact him though, or even consider him a real part of their family)

    Wand: Maple, slightly springy, 11 3/4 inches, Dragon Heartstring Core
    Broomstick: Nimbus 2000
    Pets: N/A
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Ravenclaw
    Why you chose your major: It is a major that Humphrey thinks he could do well in, as he's always had an affinity for animals. Has always thought dragons were remarkable creatures and looks forward to the opportunity of working with them.


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    Dorian Ashworth

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    Humphrey Williams

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