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     Teagan Finn

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    Teagan Finn
    Teagan Finn

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    Full name: Teagan Merelyn Finn
    Age: 25
    D.O.B: September 15th
    Birthplace: A small village in Egypt
    Current location: Merlin’s Academy
    Blood status: Halfblood
    Occupation: Professor at Merlin’s Academy


    Teagan Finn 510
    Hair style: Long and wavy. Sometimes curly
    Body type: Slender with some curves in the right places
    Dress sense: She tends to dress fashion forward, yet not too flashy. Her taste is bold, jewel tones, with more of a focus on aesthetic and unique cuts rather than revealing or overly complicated. She’s comfortable in professional attire, which she wears for teaching. Though she does enjoy lounging around in comfortable clothes when appropriate  


    Likes: Adventure. Challenges. New experiences. Learning
    Dislikes: Feeling caged. Monotony
    Quirks: She is usually seen with a small quill stuck in her hair that doubles as a pin. When lost in thought, she worries at her lip
    Flaws: As much as she tries to deny it, she is a sucker for hope. While she is friendly with many, she rarely opens up fully
    Strengths: Not afraid of being an individual. Intelligence. Creativity. Curiosity
    Weaknesses: Her father. Doesn’t expect much from others in regards to relationships

    More Information

    Looking at Teagan, many can see that she is not strictly English. While her mother came from a family of witches and wizards in England, her father was a muggle Archeologist from Egypt. They met while her mother was down there on missions as a Cursebreaker, and they quickly fell in love. Sean was very accepting of the wizarding world when he and Gwyneth wed, and looked forward to the family they would have. Unfortunately, only a few years after Teagan was born, her mother fell victim to a very nasty curse that took her within a week. Heartbroken and lost, her father moved them to London, so that young Teagan might be closer to her magical family. As the years went on, his relationship with his daughter grew more distant. Because of this, Teagan was eager to go to Hogwarts when she came of age. She loved her father, but the constant look of hurt in his eyes when he saw her was too much for the young witch.

    At school, Teagan was sorted into Gryffindor, like her mother. Once surrounded by kids her own age, she found that she was able to move amongst them rather easily. She was friendly with most, and they were pleasant in return, but she rarely made deep connections. This was okay, for the most part, until she reached the age where many of her peers were beginning relationships. Teagan had a few boyfriends here and there, like any normal teenager, but nothing remotely like the relationships she read about in books.

    When graduation came, she vowed to focus on her studies. She was surprised to receive an invitation to a university later that day, and one she’d never heard of. Having nothing to lose, she immediately accepted. Her university career started that day, and she was rather shocked by how much she enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere of a university campus. The classes were difficult, but she found a wonderful mentor to help her through the Cursebreaking program. Professor Hammond had taught her mother when she’d attended Merlin’s Academy, and Teagan was his prize student while she was there.

    After graduation, she spent a few years freelancing around the world. Curious about her father’s culture, she spent most of her time in Egypt. One morning, she received an owl, informing her that Hammond had passed away. Merlin’s Academy was requesting that she take up his position at the university. Unsure if it was the right thing to do, for her, she accepted.


    Father: Sean Finn
    Mother: Gwyneth Finn (neé Kaine)
    Siblings: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
    Children: N/A

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: 9” Cherry wood, Thestral tail hair core
    Broomstick: Moontrimmer
    Pets: Smokey grey shorthaired cat named Kitiara
    School that they went to: Hogwarts
    House they were in: Gryffindor
    Other: She always wears a ring in the shape of an ankh. It was her mother's, before she passed, and was given to her as a graduation gift by her father. She never takes it off


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    Best Way To Contact: PM
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    Teagan Finn

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