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     Character and Superpower Directory

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    Margot Balcourt-Pendleton
    Margot Balcourt-Pendleton
    Aurors In-Training
    Aurors In-Training

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    Character and Superpower Directory Empty
    PostSubject: Character and Superpower Directory   Character and Superpower Directory EmptySat Oct 22, 2016 1:02 pm


    Brooke Astrid // Shapeshifting
    Scarlett Waters // Brain Manipulation

    Heroes (13)

    Arthur Silverstone // Precognition
    Brandon Everett // Life-Force Control
    Connor O'Shea // Object Manipulation
    Daphne Plunkett // Subconscious Control
    Florentina Clarence // Mimicry
    Isabela Ruiz Sandoval // Telumkinesis
    Lucy Waters // Water Manipulation
    Madison Bishop // Telekinesis
    Margot Balcourt-Pendleton // Illusions
    Melody Bishop // Telekinesis
    Serafina Richardson // Power Negation
    Tybalt Wunsch // Telepathy
    Violet Lynch // Pyrokinesis
    Amanda Darlington
    Marius Lee

    Sidekicks (11)

    Amber Carter // Air Manipulation
    Amerix Skye // Sleep Manipulation
    Basti Velasquez // Umbrakinesis
    Ceyal Kalhoun // Sound Manipulation
    Gabriel Long // Healing
    Hazel Johnson // Emotion Control
    Kaleah Page // Zoolingualism
    Melody Lovegood // Transparent Vision
    Stephen Han // Photokinesis
    Tiberius Solanio // Chaos Manipulation
    William Clarence // Omnilingualism
    Aurora Jackson
    Freya Karlsson
    James Watson
    Martin Walker
    Samantha Crawley
    Tristan Astley
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    Character and Superpower Directory

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