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     Through It All (William)

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    Amber Carter
    Amber Carter
    Healer In-Training
    Healer In-Training

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    Through It All (William) Empty
    PostSubject: Through It All (William)   Through It All (William) EmptyMon Aug 15, 2016 6:23 pm

    Through It All (William) Amber10

    Amber slid the hood of her tunic over her head, pulling it lower to shield her face from the wind as she continued onwards, urging her horse to move faster, faster, faster. The further away and sooner she got from the castle the better. She felt like an absolute fool, and as the tears threatened to fall, she set her lips in a grim purse and gave the reigns another shake.

    William. Her dear William.

    Shaking her head to clear it of any thoughts, she slumped down in her saddle. It wasn't her horse - as a handmaiden, she couldn't afford one - but if William had ever loved her, if his murmured words all those nights meant anything at all, he would forgive her for stealing one of his. He had many, after all, as a Lord-in-waiting.

    Hours later, when the horse was too exhausted to continue and her grief too much for her to continue with a straight head, she slowed down and came to a stop by an inn. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she dismounted, giving the beast a pat as she began to lead it towards the stables. The door to the entrance flew open before she got far, though, and her heart gave a lurch of relief as she saw the familiar face of her childhood best friend rushing towards her.

    Lost in the embrace of Emilia, Amber finally let herself cry, the silent tears turning into sobs as she allowed her friend to comfort her. No words were exchanged, but the gentle patting and stroking of her hair told her that Em was there for her, despite everything.

    Later that evening, they sat together in silence, bowl of hot broth held tightly in both girls' hands. The pub was eerily silent; there was not a peep from any of the people there. Amber let out a shaky breath, and took a long drink, letting the food fill her up. She hadn’t realised how hungry she was, and the broth felt delicious. It wasn’t the food she had been given in the palace, but she wanted nothing more to do with that life, and the change was a good one.

    A gentle hand on her arm told her that Emilia was trying to get her attention and she turned, looking quizzically at her friend. With a smile, Emilia glanced towards the stairs and then up, bringing her two hands together as though praying and placing it against her cheek, tilting her head to rest on them and closing her eyes.

    Sleep. It took a moment for Amber to register the notion, but then she offered a small, tentative smile and nodded. Sleep would be good. She was tired - and not just physically - and rest before the long journey tomorrow to where Emilia stayed would do her good. But, even as she drained her bowl and stood, she felt a pang of sadness echoing inside her. In her letter, Em had promised to take care of Amber, to bring her back to her village and find her a job.

    But who would want to hire a deaf girl? If her deafness, caused by that damned accident, could drive away even the man who swore he would love her no matter what, what hopes had she that she would find work?

    She voiced none of this to her best friend, however, instead allowing herself to be led upstairs to her room. Throwing a couple of logs into the fireplace - it was going to be a cold night - she stripped. Taking a quick bath, she changed into something more comfortable, and slid into bed. Drawing the blankets up tight to block out the remaining cold, she closed her eyes and let herself drift off, the warmth soothing her worn and tired body. But no amount of heat, not the fire burning nearby or the comfort of a friend, could warm her heart.

    ~Hope is the drug that helps us forget the odds are always against us~
    Through It All (William) Hermione-corfield-gabbe-gif
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    William Clarence
    William Clarence

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    PostSubject: Re: Through It All (William)   Through It All (William) EmptyThu Aug 18, 2016 7:22 am

    Through It All (William) Tumblr_nkcoayCXRM1sp020zo1_500
    It was the next day when William noticed one of his horses missing. Normally, someone stealing what was his would vex him terribly- though this time, he knew who it was, and more importantly, why. It was the 'why' of the situation that he told no one of the missing horse- he doubted anyone would really notice, except perhaps the stable hands. Though he need not worry much about them, for according to his family- they didn't actually matter much.

    The why? It boiled down to jealousy, in the end. Jealousy and lust from a girl that he did not love. A girl with a cruel streak, unbeknownst to most. She hid that cruel streak with a veil of sweetness- a pretty girl could get away with anything if she had a pretty enough smile. And how she had fooled everyone. And at one point- he'd even lusted over her.

    That was until he met his sister's handmaiden, Amber. And consequently, when all the trouble began.

    Two weeks had passed and much had happened. His sister, disfigured, father- furious, and for all he knew, the engagement, as much as he had detested it- still on.

    And it got to the point where he simply couldn't deal with looking at the scars on his sister's face, or the ring on his fiancé's finger, the disappointment on his father's face…

    Thinking of Amber- her gorgeous eyes and sweet smile, pale blonde hair that curled so perfectly- calmed him more than anyone else could. It was her that he thought of when he readied his horse in the dead of night and galloped away in pursuit of her.

    He never looked back at his life before. He needed a new start, a fresh start with the one that he loved- to get away from his envious fiancé- to forget the guilt of his injured sister.

    It took a while- so long that time seemed to blend together- day and night, day again. He'd no clue of the day of the week, or even the time- all he wanted was to find Amber.

    After a while of questions, of riding, hunting- he stood outside of the house in which he believed his love resided. He breathed deeply, taking a moment- hoping that his efforts had prevailed and that all of this wasn't for nothing. He raised his fist and knocked on the door, holding his breath.
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    Through It All (William)

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