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     Lesson One: Regional Traits

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    Vincent Trason
    Vincent Trason

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    PostSubject: Lesson One: Regional Traits   Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:07 pm

    Vincent rolled his shoulders back as he grinned at the sight before him. Lina had decided that Lucca was too pale for his own good, and packed a picnic basket for them to have breakfast in the park by their home. Since his next class wasn't until the afternoon, he accompanied them. He found that Lucca at four years old had a talent for hitting the football on the mark, he felt his heart swell every time Lucca made a goal and turned back at him with his bright eyes. It was times like these that he missed Nyla the most; yes, she had broken his heart, but it was all thanks to her that he had this miracle child. This beautiful one of a kind son that he wouldn't trade for the world. On the weekends he had Lina drop Lucca off out of fear that his heart would speak before his mind and he'd beg for his ex-wife back. He knew that if he did go back to Nyla, it wouldn't be because he loved her again but because he missed her.

    "Vince," Lina started pointing to the watch he bought her for her birthday, "your next class starts soon, no?" He nodded giving a sigh, and bent down to lift his son into the sky, delighted by his squeals of joy.

    "Gotta go now little buddy," he informed him as he set him back down, kissing his forehead briefly.

    "You'll be back by dinner right?" Lucca asked, staring up at him with shining hazel eyes.

    "Of course, be good for Lina and your tutor alright?" His son nodded and waved as Vincent started back towards the building with the fireplace where he Floo'd in while Lina drove the two. He announced his office, and changed into the spare work outfit he kept in there, feeling only the slightest bit weighed down by the memory of Nyla. He straightened his tie and let out a sigh of relief realizing that he still had five minutes to spare.

    "Morning class," he greeted them, "can anybody tell me what a dragon's regional placement has on it's biology? Or can someone tell me how the two correlate to each other?"
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    Violet Lynch
    Violet Lynch
    Dragon Trainers In-Training
    Dragon Trainers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Re: Lesson One: Regional Traits   Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:47 pm

    Violet had discovered that the classroom was open when she arrived. Naturally, she walked in and took a seat at the back of the classroom and readied her things for the lesson as she waited for the professor to come to class. She didn't really pay any attention to her surroundings, preferring to wait silently, absorbed in her class reading.  

    The professor walked in not long after she had taken her seat, greeting the class with a question.

    "Can anybody tell me what a dragon's regional placement has on it's biology? Or can someone tell me how the two correlate to each other?"

    "I suppose, like all species, over time, they evolve to have specific traits that allow them to thrive in the environment that they live in." she answered "For example, if a dragon species have lived on top of mountains for enough generations, you'd expect them to have typically larger lungs in order to cope with the thinner atmosphere. And so on," she answered.
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    Lesson One: Regional Traits

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