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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to inactivity, Merlin's Academy is no longer a Harry Potter RP site. It is being used for CASUAL, CLEAN RP of ANY TOPIC among friends. If you wish to join, however, please feel free; we would love to make new friends. Thanks to everyone who made MAE what it was before, and we wish you all lots of love and a great life up ahead. <3

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     The Professor Handbook

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    Teagan Finn

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    PostSubject: The Professor Handbook   Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:10 am

    For a university to run properly, we need Professors! Choosing to become a professor is no small matter. It requires diligence, an open mind, and LOTS of creativity. Especially since this site is largely based in original work. If you decide that your character would like to teach at Merlin’s Academy for Excellence, simply fill out a job application HERE. Here are a few things you need to know about being a profressor:
    • First things first: your character needs to be at least 25 years old to be a professor at Merlin's Academy.

    • This site works on a timeline of 4 months Real Life = 1 year In Game. Each year in game will consist of three lessons, one month (RL) each, with the fourth month (RL) being summertime. For classes, this means that you will be teaching three separate lessons throughout the year.  

    • Each student at Merlin’s Academy must spend four years in study to graduate and become professionals in their field. This means that you will have four levels of your course to teach. This affects your lessons, in that if you have a student that begins as a first year, and takes your class every lesson they are in school, they will be with you twelve times. Keep this in mind for your lesson planning. You should not be teaching something a final year student would learn when you are with first years.

    • Classes need to be posted up within the first week of the month. The sooner you have it up, the sooner students arrive, and the sooner you may start the lesson.

    • Your classes need to be closed at the end of each month (Real Life). If you are unable to close your lesson(s) for any reason, please contact an Admin early (or at the end of the month). We can simply close them for you.

    • As a Professor, you are expected to post one class per lesson. If you are unable to do so for any reason, we ask that you contact an Admin, even if you have already put a notice in the Away Thread. This will allow us to respond to questions from other users regarding your class, or take any other steps necessary. If you are absent for more two lessons in a row (even if it is the third of one year and the first of the next), you will automatically forfeit your position, to make way for other users who may be interested. If, at a later date, you wish to request that position again (if it is open), that is perfectly fine and encouraged.

    • Since this university, and the classes there in, do not exist in the canon Harry Potter world, most of this is going to depend on your own creativity. Please use this opportunity to expand your writing, character creation, and personal skills. If you ever need any assistance or support, the admins/mods are ALWAYS here to help!
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    The Professor Handbook

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