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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to inactivity, Merlin's Academy is no longer a Harry Potter RP site. It is being used for CASUAL, CLEAN RP of ANY TOPIC among friends. If you wish to join, however, please feel free; we would love to make new friends. Thanks to everyone who made MAE what it was before, and we wish you all lots of love and a great life up ahead. <3

~Lor, Mads, Lyd, and Mel~

Merlin's Academy for Excellence

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~Month: September~

Year: 2017

~Season: Autumn~

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     Admin Pledge

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    Codey Ellingston
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    PostSubject: Admin Pledge   Admin Pledge EmptySun May 08, 2016 4:59 am

    As administrators and moderators of Merlin’s Academy, our job is to ensure that MAE is a safe and friendly site for all. Therefore, as your admins, we pledge to the following, and we ask that if you ever feel one of us are breaking the rules, to PM us with your concerns and any evidence you may have. We will look into all claims thoroughly, so please don’t make up falsehoods. Repeat abuse with false reports may lead to the reporter being banned. We are human, however, and so we ask for your understanding if we make any mistakes.

    1) There will be NO favouritism.

    We treat all members equally, whether they are new to RPing or close friends. This means that everyone will have to follow the rules and the same consequences will be dealt to anyone who breaks them. Not only that, but the process for application and other claims will be the same for everyone; no shortcuts will be allowed for anyone.

    2) We will ensure that CB is a safe place for people and that topics brought up will be ones that everyone in the chatbox at the time can participate in.

    Of course, individual plotting is allowed - and encouraged - but if there are 4 people in the chatbox and two are dominating the conversation, leaving others out, we will ask you to change topic and take your conversations elsewhere. Likewise, we will also do our best to make sure everyone is included.

    3) There will impartiality on our part.

    We will respect people as individuals and not let anything - writing style, country of origins, or religion - play a part in how we deal with people.

    4) There will be NO abuse of power.

    We are here to ensure that things run smoothly, not run a dictatorship. This means that we are here to, in a sense, serve you guys and ensure you all are having fun in a safe environment. Of course, since we do have friends on the site we may jest around about things like banning or kicking them, but this will only be done in good humour; if both parties aren’t finding it funny, then we will stop.

    This doesn’t mean that we won’t take action should any rules be broken or concerns are raised; this means we will not go ‘power-crazy’ and start controlling things for the sake of controlling.

    Admin Pledge CODEY_zpsf118e1ff
    This masterpiece was made by the ever-talented Alley! <3

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    Admin Pledge

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