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     Carmilla Fürstenberg

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    PostSubject: Carmilla Fürstenberg   Carmilla Fürstenberg EmptySat May 07, 2016 1:07 pm

    Carmilla Fürstenberg Camilla-belle-editorial-sananaz-dot-com


    Full name: Born Fabrizia Marietta Alagona, currently going by Carmilla Fürstenberg
    Previously held identities: Fabrizia Marietta Alagona (1896-1902), Fabrizia Di Pisa (1902-1904), Sofia Basco (1904-1906), Amélie Fleury (1906-1911), Elizabeth Clearington (1911-1914), Marietta (1914-1945), Colette Vernon (1945-1968), Winona Jacobson (1968-1999)
    Age: 130, physical age is 28
    D.O.B: 6 August 1896
    Birthplace: Naples, Italy
    Current location: England
    Blood status: Muggleborn
    Occupation: Auror & Professor


    Hair style: Straight, brown hair which she often ties up in a ponytail during field work. Outside her job, she likes to wear her hair loose.
    Body type: Athletic.
    Dress sense: Most days, Carmilla prefers to be practical by wearing comfortable shirts, slacks and boots. There are days, however, when Carmilla needs to utilise her looks in order to get information. On such days, she wears little black dresses reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn's style, and she makes sure to wear extra mascara in order to play up the innocent, doe-eyed look which often gets men talking and women into trusting her.


    - Jewellery; she particularly treasures the very first locket she had stolen, which contained a love letter from the baron's noble (and married) mistress.
    - Secrets; she likes to collect them and use them as leverage—especially against people in positions of power.
    - Alcoholic drinks infused with blood; Carmilla could never say no to a good drink, and she often uses alcohol (without blood, of course) to make other people feel comfortable and drunk enough to spill their secrets.
    - Dancing; it's a good way to pickpocket someone (and occasionally de-stress).
    - Muggle books about vampires; they're quite entertaining sometimes
    - Animals and magical creatures; Carmilla has always had a soft spot for them, especially for cats, as she believes they've got much in common—a strong, basic need to survive in a ruthless world.
    - Old, gothic churches; she likes entering them for the irony of being a vampire and not burning.

    - Sunlight; what sort of vampire would like the sun? Though Carmilla has a ring enchanted to let her walk under the sun for a short amount of time, it still hurts her skin and weakens her.
    - Spoilt children (who eventually grow up to become greedy monsters); she believes they are far too weak and entitled to survive in the world.
    - Werewolves, and to an extent, some dogs. The non-barking ones (Basenji) are tolerable, though.
    - Rules; she hated them in the Criminal Underworld, she still hates them in the 'right side of the law'
    - People who are incredibly moralistic and preachy.

    - Theatrical; though Carmilla was a thief and con artist, she had a penchant for creating dramatic situations and favouring them over more practical plans.
    - Incredibly inquisitive and curious about everything. She likes learning about everything, from the explanations behind 'mysteries' to the inner workings of modern-day technology, and will not stop until she gets her answers.
    - Flirtatious; it's both a conning tactic and a way to pass the time.

    - Impractical; she sometimes lacks common sense due to her desire for adventure and theatricality.
    - Overconfident; years of being a vampire has made her apathetic towards the idea of endangering herself and messing up her plans.
    - Ruthless; though she had put her years of being a criminal behind her, she is not above 'serving justice' if she thinks the person deserves it.
    - Too individualistic; it is a trait that makes it difficult for her to follow rules and empathise with other people.
    - Selfish; in the end, her decision to become an Auror is not out of a heroic idealism as much as it was out of self-preservation.

    - Acting and subtlety; Carmilla is a highly skilled con artist and years of having to blend in with society has honed her acting talent.
    - Creativity; her childhood love of books plus her experiences as a con artist has made her rather creative—especially when it comes to telling lies and making plans.
    - Charismatic; she is good at figuring out what people want to hear, even if she is not too good at empathising with and understanding the emotions behind people's desires.
    - Detail-oriented; though she is capable of seeing the bigger picture, it is her sharp attention to detail that has made her a brilliant (former) con artist and even one-time spy.
    - Eidetic memory; she remembers everything and can even completely memorise maps if she wanted. This helps whenever she needs to make a quick getaway or figure out other ways to do her mission.
    - Perceptive—good artists observe, great artists perceive and come up with quick analyses.
    - Agility and strength; which comes from being a vampire.
    - Languages; years of moving around the continent had Carmilla learning various languages. She speaks fluent Italian, English and French, advanced German, intermediate Latin and Ancient Greek and basic Spanish.

    - Human blood; she is a vampire, after all.
    - Listening; Carmilla is stubborn and has difficulties heeding warnings, rules, and other sorts of things.
    - Emotional; despite her cunning and thieving skills, she is ruled by her emotions and is therefore prone to outbursts and impulsive decisions.
    - Parties; it is hard to resist losing herself in a party.
    - Wounds and injuries; it is rather difficult for her to deal with such problems as she is used to being stronger than humans and therefore invulnerable most of the time.
    - Adrenaline junkie; this makes her vulnerable to indulgence and recklessness.
    - The sun; see dislikes.
    - Fire; though vampires have increased strength and agility, fire is one of their weaknesses.

    More Information

    Trigger warning for abuse, torture, slavery and rape.

    She was born to the sort of family that went to church on Sundays and collected money from their brothels, enslaved orphans and 'partner' churches for the rest of the week. Their hands, bejewelled with rings bought with their fief's money, clutched at rosaries as they murmured prayers and wished their neighbours peace. Dressed in her finest Sunday clothes, Fabrizia was already a part of a farce at the tender age of four, and this was perhaps why she would grow up to be so theatrical.

    Her childhood was spent surrounded by butlers and maids, with a personal one who dressed her in muslin and pearls. Her father, a wealthy conte, was barely at home, and her mother was too busy throwing and attending parties. Boredom made Fabrizia turn to books, and it was due to her interest in the classics that she learned how to speak English, Latin and Ancient Greek. Her governess, seeing huge potential in her, taught her not just French, Spanish and etiquette but also world history and philosophy, and at the tender age of fourteen Fabrizia was considered by her siblings to be quite a bluestocking.

    Her parents, however, had different plans for her. Due to the political conflicts happening in Europe, Constantino wished to strengthen his hold on the criminal underworld, and he can only do so by marrying off his eldest daughter to the son of a Sicilian underworld leader. Thus Fabrizia was introduced to Mario Di Pisa, a twenty-six-year-old man who enjoyed torturing cats and, eventually, people. Mario immediately disliked Fabrizia—he had heard about her literary interests, and there was talk amongst the household staff about Fabrizia showing signs of being a 'figlia del demone' (daughter of the devil). Thinking that a marriage with her would bring him misfortune, Mario set fire to the altar at the Alagona estate and framed Fabrizia.

    The plan backfired on Mario. Eager to get rid of a possibly demonic child, Constantino hastened the engagement, and set for Fabrizia to be married as soon as she turned sixteen. On the night of the engagement party, when Fabrizia went to the garden to escape the festivities, she was approached by a woman who claimed that she was a witch. Enraged and insulted by such a claim, Fabrizia slapped the woman and ran back to the party. Many times after that incident, she saw the woman following her outside the church and during rides around the park, but Fabrizia was never left alone by her personal maids. For once, she was glad of her parents' protectiveness.

    Time flew by quickly, however, and soon she was left in the care of Mario Di Pisa as his wife. Though he was too frightened of her to harm her physically, he made a laughingstock out of her during parties by making fun of her interest in being educated. Mario also preferred the bug-ridden beds of his favourite whores and mistresses, while Fabrizia was left alone to raise their daughter Carmina. Tired of being mistreated by Mario, Fabrizia began to sneak out at night. She wore a different identity for each tavern and gathered various secrets from drunken gossips, until her identity was discovered by a Alessandro Verde, a tavern regular.

    Blackmail was the first idea Alessandro had in mind upon recognising Fabrizia, but taking on an apprentice seemed more interesting than playing with the mysterious wife of Di Pisa. Fabrizia began her lessons by eavesdropping on customers—no pickpocketing, as they needed those customers to come back—but she was given more difficult tasks and tests eventually, such as distracting market vendors and shopkeepers in order to quickly swipe some valuables. When Fabrizia became skilled enough to steal necklaces during a dance, Alessandro proposed that they leave Sicily for good and head to Cosenza. Fabrizia happily agreed and brought Carmina with her, knowing that her daughter would only live a miserable life with the Di Pisa's.

    The travelling 'family' lived on money from their con jobs, moving from one region to another until they eventually had to move to France to escape enemies and the law. In France, the pair made connections in the criminal underworld, and Fabrizia was eventually hailed as one of the best con artists they ever met. A force to reckon with, Fabrizia's other activities in France included stealing from high-security places, forging documents and handling smuggling operations.

    At twenty-five, Fabrizia's life as a criminal was a success. She and Alessandro had a good partnership, and Carmina, now eight years old, was growing up to be quite an intelligent sweetheart. However, though she never saw the strange woman from the party ever again, unexplainable things still happened around her, and they occurred the most whenever she was feeling extreme emotions (or adrenaline). Picture frames would fall to the floor, law enforcers pursuing her would trip on something invisible. Since she wasn't hounded by her family's fundamentalism anymore, Fabrizia began to seek out answers, until she met Beatrice Valtat, a witch who explained to her who she was, and why she was capable of doing what Mario called 'demonic things'.

    Since Fabrizia felt she was too old to attend Beauxbatons, Beatrice functioned as her mentor and guide to the wizarding world. Though Beatrice tried to stop her from pursuing the path of a criminal, Fabrizia couldn't stop—she was already in too deep, and besides, magic made her jobs much easier for her. Thinking the least she could do was to help Fabrizia know how to protect herself, Beatrice focused on teaching combative and defensive magic. Her new skills made Fabrizia overconfident in her con jobs, and this would eventually be her downfall.

    On the 24th of December in 1914, Fabrizia and Alessandro set to con a small group who weren't a part of the underworld. The group had been killing women from various brothels and were upsetting the status quo in the criminal world. Before the pair could complete the job, the tables turned on them—the group turned out to be a vampire clan, and they had kidnapped Carmina. Right in front of Fabrizia, Carmina was sexually violated and murdered. Alessandro, who immediately tried to fight the vampires, was fed on mercilessly by the newly turned ones, and when they discovered that Fabrizia was a witch, they decided to turn her as well and make her into one of their slaves.

    The vampire clan forced her story out of her, and through Fabrizia, they established a connection with the Di Pisa clan. Fabrizia, who they had decided to call 'Marietta' as a show of dominance, began to feed on humans the senior vampires killed, but her very first murder was when they forced her to kill Mario Di Pisa. Pushing her into an angry, vengeful state was one of the very first steps towards Fabrizia's moral corruption, as she never murdered anyone despite being a thief, con artist and smuggler. She then served the vampire clan as their slave throughout the two world wars, until the defeat of the Axis powers in 1945 rendered the Di Pisa and vampire clan powerless in France. Along with a couple of other slaves, Fabrizia used the opportunity to escape and seek refugee status in the wizarding UK.

    Most vampires with a criminal past wouldn't have been accepted into the community, but the Ministry saw Fabrizia as a valuable asset. In exchange for protection, Fabrizia would have to train as an Auror in Merlin's Academy of Excellence and eventually serve the Ministry and the country. After five years in university, she began work as an Intelligence Officer, gathering information on various criminal groups all over Britain. Though she had not heard about the vampire clan in a long time, she had a feeling that they were still alive and hiding somewhere, and that someday she may have to face them again.


    Father: Constantino Alagona
    Mother: Pauline Alagona (née de Saint-Marie)
    Siblings: Giuliano Alagona, Pedro Alagona, Maria Cristina Alagona
    Spouse: Mario Di Pisa (deceased)
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Alessandro Verde (deceased),
    Children: Carmina Di Pisa (deceased)

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Spruce, dragon heartstring, 11 inches
    Broomstick: Does not fly
    Pets: Holly, a three-year-old snowy owl
    School that they went to: No proper secondary education (see 'more information'), but was an Auror-in-Training at Merlin's Academy for Excellence
    House they were in: N/A


    OOC Alias: Lor
    Best Way To Contact: PM, please.

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