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     Take the Cake (Devana)

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    Cassana Brennham
    Potioneers In-Training
    Potioneers In-Training

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    PostSubject: Take the Cake (Devana)    Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:55 pm

    Following her husband's lovely second-proposal (how they were someday going to explain the rocky nature of their relationship to their children, yes they were having children that much she knew for certain and she was sure she could convince him if his mind was set otherwise, she didn't know), Cassana was caught in the whirlwind of excitement set for a formal someday wedding. Cassana pulled her hair into a high ponytail as she stared at herself in the mirror. She frowned and pulled her hair back out of the ponytail and pulled off the outfit she was wearing. What she had been wearing was a pair of blue jeans and black eve-neck long sleeve shirt to go with black combat boots and a black leather jacket. Instead she changed into a much more traditionally spring outfit consisting of a dress with a floral pattern on the skirt with the top being an ivory color, cream colored heels, a denim jacket, quickly curled her hair, and slid on quick jewelry to compliment the dress. Of course all next to her engagement ring.

    As she exited her bedroom, she brought her little brown satchel full of her wedding planner notes. Such included ideas and doodles in the margin spaces from Brooke, most of which about them hosting something totally Disney themed (which seemed good in theory and her parents argued it was tacky and unacceptable, also making it a good idea, but she had yet to bring it up to Devin). Besides, Disney to Cassie felt more like Brooke and Joe's thing. Regardless of the fact that Disney also was Cassie and Brooke's thing. Cassie argued in a gentle tease that Devin and Cassie (Devana) needed their own theme. She had yet to contact Tess about her wedding planning, but she truly wondered what her pureblood friend had been up to in the past months. She winced, feeling guilty over the fact that she'd been somewhat of a ghost of a friend these past few months to almost all her friends.

    She shook the thoughts from her head as she continuously looked over the empty page with the title: WEDDING SONGS. She wanted 'Close to You' by the Carpenters but the cover version by Olivia Ong, and 'Oh No!' by Mindy Gledhill to play at some point, but when she didn't know. She heaved a heavy sigh, feeling the slightest bit off-put by all the planning that still needed to be done. She tapped a pen against the notebook before calling out: "Devin! Hurry up, we've got an appointment for 1430 and we can't miss it if we want to be considered as 'prime tasters', so c'mooonnn." She whined as she kicked her feet against the ground, pouting mostly over the other things and not at all over being late. They actually weren't very far from the place, so the walk wasn't even going to be in the slightest bit painful or long. But she was annoyed at her own behavior and she was having problems articulating that. She was still pouting by the time Devin emerged from his room.
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    Take the Cake (Devana)

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