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     Fine Dinin' (James)

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    Kehlani Brisby
    Shop Owners/Workers
    Shop Owners/Workers

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    PostSubject: Fine Dinin' (James)    Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:20 am

    Kehlani had a routine; for all her abrasiveness and all the spontaneity that she was she preferred her days to not be messy. She liked knowing where things went and how they were supposed to go. She had a daily schedule she stuck to. It went as so: wake at dawn, run for an hour, write out new plans for Honeydale, read a chapter from the book of the month, get cleaned up, open up the shop, go around the shop to make sure all is alright with the employees, visit mom and dad via apparation, head to lunch somewhere, pick up more reading material, and then the rest of her day was all up to chance or choice really.

    It nearing the end of September; her biological mother's birthday. She usually sent a letter over through the post office. She was sure to make the letter extremely detailed and full of everything that had happened to her since the year before. Her mother got a once a year letter about how Kehlani's life was going on her birthday, when Lani was younger the letters were more frequent, but as she got older she realized it was purposeless.

    She got no letters back.

    There was a year she didn't even send one, and then she felt incredibly guilty and sent two the next year. It felt like her only connection to Jezebel Brisby; her biological mother. So today she needed to buy new stationary and talk to their tea suppliers about new items. She pulled her hair away from her face as she dressed that morning; today was a dressy kind of day since she wanted to get business done.

    By mid-day she was done with her errands and ready to eat, she was absolutely starved. Lani hated spending daytime alone, so although there were plenty of empty tables she searched around for one with only one occupant and approached the table with a bright smile.

    "Afternoon, fellow," she greeted the man, when her eyes met his, her eyes widened, "holy schmoly, you've got the bluest eyes I think I've ever seen. What's your name? And can I sit here?" She asked with a wan smile still adorning her face.
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    Fine Dinin' (James)

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