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     The Pureblood Handbook

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    Dorian Ashworth

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    PostSubject: The Pureblood Handbook   Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:32 pm

    The Pureblood Handbook
    which covers almost everything you need to know about being a Pureblood

    In our efforts to try and make the site as clear as possible, this handbook is designed to explain exactly what you CAN do as a pureblood and what isn't with CANON in the Harry Potter Universe. First let's start with listing the definition (based on the books and JK's interviews) within the world:

    Quote :
    Pure-blood is the term for wizards and witches who have a purely or approximately pure magical heritage. Traditionalist pure-bloods like to keep the generations "pure" by breeding with other pure-bloods. This means that there are no Muggles in their family trees, but this is rarely, if ever, true if families are traced back all the way, for if wizards didn't mate with Muggles, their race would die out.They are generally the ones who use the term "Mudblood", a term considered derogatory by the wizarding world. Mudblood means Muggle-born, suggesting they have dirty blood and thus have no right to be a witch/wizard. Pure-bloods who do not share these prejudices are considered "blood traitors" by the ones that do.

    Despite what is quoted above, we must remember that the timeline from this perspective is fourteen years ahead. While some might not enjoy using the term "mudblood" that is on the family to deside. "Blood traitors" is still used for the idea of a pureblood liking muggle objects, muggles, and doing things that are not expected of purebloods.

    Also, it is important to know that they are traditionalist, meaning that children from a young age are taught to be proper students, people, and have manners suited more towards high society than lower class. Usually wealthy through business, they tend to do well for themselves, and usually marry based on what can be brought to the table in terms of power. Arranged marriages are common even in the 21st century and are expected to be just like a business. A family grows in power through history and unions created through this.

    It goes without saying that not all pureblood families are wealthy. The older the family and the more traditional, the more power the family name carries in wizarding society. Other families such as the Weasleys are seen as a lower status for their fondness of muggles, and little interest in creating pureblood connections. As in any life, networking is key, having connections can provide profitable lives, jobs, and a key at the center of society.

    It is important to note that despite being a pureblood, and having certain advantages, in no way does this mean a character does not need to work to be successful. Work is still needed and not everything should be just handed over. (Be realistic when having an outcome for your character).

    Lastly, while the older families are traditionalist, keep it mind that it is still all right to have a pureblood character that has conflicting opinions when it comes to society. There can be purebloods that love muggle things, society, etc. This may be how a family has chosen to feel, throughout the years, and are therefore branching out in regards to marriages. If this is not the case, and a character's family still holds to strict, pureblood beliefs, expect backlash for that character.

    If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to PM any admins with your inquiries.
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    The Pureblood Handbook

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