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     Lipstick Stains (Open)

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    Blythe Arden

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    PostSubject: Lipstick Stains (Open)   Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:30 am

    The girl lifted the lipstick stained bottle to her lips, a smile appearing across her face as she did so. She loved this place, mostly because of the various varieties of alcohol they offered but also because of the dark atmosphere they carried about them. Most pubs and taverns were dark and murky and that was why Blythe so often found herself in them. She was a lover of the dark places, a lover of mysteries and most of all, a lover of the alcohol and the boys that came with it. Blythe never escaped a night of drinking without having some fun with a random guy and tonight, surely would be no different.

    The ginger ran her fingers tenderly through her hair allowing it to softly fall and kiss her shoulders once more. She looked around once, twice and noticed that barely anyone was there. This night was already boring. Certainly someone interestingly hot would come alone, or at least that was the woman's hopes. A night of drinking wasn't fun if you couldn't be escorted back to some guys room.

    Blythe sighed her thin fingers tapping on the bar as she started on her second bottle of Firewhiskey. The night was young, still plenty of time. She glanced up to the clock and saw that it was only nearing midnight.

    The woman was glad to be out of Hogwarts and in University. She no longer had to pay people to get alcohol and she no longer had to figure out ways of stealing it either. She was old enough, even if she didn't look it, to simply walk in and order it. It was a delight really. She tried everything from Firewhiskey to spiked Butterbeer to just regular Muggle alcohols such as Tequila and Rum. She didn't have a favourite alcohol, typically they were based off her mood and tonight was a good one meaning she wasn't exactly looking to get wasted.

    At the sound of wind rushing outdoors, she realised the door had opened meaning someone had entered. A small smile curled on her face as her blue eyes stayed forward with every hope that whoever entered would be in need of some fun.
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    Isaac Crenshaw

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    PostSubject: Re: Lipstick Stains (Open)   Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:39 pm

    Isaac had enjoyed his classes at Hogwarts, and the same held true for Merlin's Academy so far. The teachers were excellent, and he already felt like he was learning a lot. However, as he had expected being in corridors and classes had triggered some of his social anxieties. He'd learned long ago how to cope with it, but after his break from it after graduating Hogwarts remembering to use some of the methods had been challenging. Some of them were as simple as breathing, or counting in his mind to keep it from focusing on being so close to other people. Others were a little more complex, like trying to go into one of his favorite memories, and once he had calmed down bringing himself back to the present. Another option now that he was an adult was to have one or two drinks. His purpose wasn't to get drunk or meet girls, really. Although, thinking about it, he wouldn't mind if he did meet someone. His goal was more to relax, which was why he had chosen the Black Cauldron Pub as it seemed a little less busy.

    When he walked in, he realized that it was a little darker than he had expected. It reminded him more of what the Hog's Head had looked like than The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. Not to be deterred though, he continued in and scanned the room. Walking up to the bar, he took a seat and waited for the barman to come and take his order. He asked for a Firewhiskey, and told him that once he'd finished that to bring a simple butterbeer. Isaac reached into his pocket and pulled out the coins to pay for them both. Leaning back, he stretched a little and yawned. It was about midnight, which really wasn't that late for him. For whatever reason, he'd always been a bit of a night owl. Once his Firewhiskey was brought he took a few sips, enjoying the slight burn before a small warm glow in his stomach bloomed. That had hit the spot.

    A little curious as to who else was here, his eyes scanned the room and eventually settled on a redhead who looked about his age. The girl looked pretty, and Isaac considered whether or not he should go over there. On the one hand, he didn't really want to do anything stupid or make a fool of himself. But, it couldn't hurt to go over and just talk could it? After all, he needed friends here, if nothing else came out of talking with her. Finishing his Firewhiskey with a long, slow drink, he waited for the butterbeer he had ordered before walking over to where the girl was sitting. "Do you mind if I sit down, Miss?" he asked politely.
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    Lipstick Stains (Open)

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