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     A Brief History of Merlin's Academy for Excellence

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    Dorian Ashworth

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    PostSubject: A Brief History of Merlin's Academy for Excellence    Mon Nov 03, 2014 2:13 am

    Merlin’s Academy for Excellence is a prestigious university that is considered the oldest and greatest university of the wizarding world. It was founded 1065, by Merlin himself, an alumnae of Hogwarts. He found himself frustrated over education being so limited and ending once the student reached eighteen. Originally, Auror work was concentrated on the idea of lords and ladies instead of actual government, and healing work was based on herbal medicine that was passed down through generations. This frustrated Merlin, who found himself escaping to the muggle world instead to find true fulfillment in his magical career, and would later become the most famous wizard of all time.

    It was in his later years that he decided to begin a university that was based on skilled careers that would broaden the scope of education and create a new labor force within the community. Merlin’s Academy for Excellence began with just a few families. Despite his tolerance for muggleborns, the majority of it’s alumnus were pureblood males, who’s academic performance promised them a position within the school. As Merlin disappeared, and was assumed long dead, everyone knew that his biggest regret was not being able to enforce the idea of magical tolerance within his school, not just between muggleborns, but with gender as well.

    In 1600 St. Mungos Hospital formed, all thanks to Mungo Bonham, a graduate of Merlin’s Academy. It relied heavily on the university to educate the newly skilled position of Healer, and bring order within the society of the wizarding world. Merlin’s Academy thus began to concentrate more on the art of Potioneering and Healing work, as the basis of it’s education.

    Courses for Aurors and Dragoneers did not come to the university until the beginning of the 18th century, under Ulick Gamp. With the election of the first Minister of Magic, the wizarding world was beginning to come together under a democratic republic, relying on the societies vote to create a more unified government, and away from feudal perspective. Gamp had the onerous job of policing a fractious and frightened community adjusting to the imposition of the International Statute of Secrecy. His greatest legacy was to found the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Under him, the career of Auror was born and training was run under the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, until the 19th century when more specialized career began under Merlin’s Academy.

    It wasn't until the 20th century that the first muggleborn was accepted into Merlin’s Academy. It was a historical moment, and something Merlin himself was rumored to have been part of. James Robards was the first student to go to Merlin’s Academy as a Healer, and soon enough the doors were open for all kinds of students. In 1962, the first woman was allowed to attend Merlin’s academy, and 1985 saw the first creature admitted, making it a fully integrated campus.

    The reason Merlin’s academy is considered prestigious is because of it’s high expectations. The school itself remains a secret and there is no application process. Rather, on the day of graduation, when grades are released, a black crow is said to appear at the window of the student and deliver their invitation to the school. The university is kept a secret, for the moment the student reads it, he must decide whether to accept it or not. If accepted, a seal is created, one that prevents the invitee from being able to speak of the acceptance. The Academy can only be spoken about to those that have attended themselves. At the beginning of the year, there is a ball that all new students, alumnus, and professors attend. This is an opportunity  to network and rub elbows with people of all ages, and form connections that could last a lifetime.The process for applying for a major relies largely on the majority of ‘Outstanding's that a student achieves. If they make the grades, then they are able to choose the major in which they want and begin lessons immediately.

    Today the school remains largely synonymous with the pureblood community, for their long history of sending their best to the Academy. Yet, it’s important to note that every year there has been a growing population of mixed blood students within the school, as well as muggleborns.
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    A Brief History of Merlin's Academy for Excellence

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